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Choosing the best pool heat pump in 2023: a complete guide

Si vous êtes sur cette page, c’est que vous souhaitez vous équiper d’une pompe à chaleur performante et économique pour profiter pleinement de votre piscine, ... Read more

Our opinion on the majestic pool heat pump

Like "Racer", Majestic is a brand owned by Cash Piscines, a company founded in the early 2000's that offers equipment and supplies for swimming pools. Read more


Poolex is a French brand specializing in the production and marketing of heating equipment for swimming pools, including an interesting range of pumps for swimming pools. Read more

thermor pool heat pump : our opinion

Thermor is one of the 16 brands of Atlantic, an international group of French origin that designs, manufactures and markets thermal comfort equipment for the residential and commercial markets. Read more

Our opinion on the racer pool heat pump

The "Racer" brand is owned by Cash Piscines, a company created in 2000 that has about a hundred stores specialized in swimming pool equipment. Read more

Bestway pool heat pump : our opinion

Bestway is a Chinese brand created in 1994 in Shanghai that offers freestanding pools, tubular pools, inflatable spas and a range of other products. Read more

New aid for heat pumps in 2023: heading for geothermal energy?

In December 2022 the French government showed its ever increasing desire to develop renewable energy in the country. It also wished to ... Read more

Airton (Starlight) heat pump: reviews and prices (2023)

Airton is a French brand that is part of the Starlight company, a subsidiary of the MIH group. It offers air conditioning and heating solutions. Read more

Dimplex heat pump: reviews and prices (2023)

Dimplex is a German brand owned by a British group that offers heating, cooling and ventilation solutions. The Glen Dimplex Group ... Read more

Airwell heat pump: reviews and prices (2023)

Airwell is a French brand that has been on the market for over 75 years, specializing in heating, cooling and ventilation solutions... Read more

Arkteos heat pump : reviews and prices 2023

After having made the beautiful days of the Guérande economy for a long time with the manufacture of heat pumps in the 1990s, the AJ Tech brand ... Read more

Heat pump & Decennial Warranty : Operation

In the field of construction in France, the ten-year guarantee is an obligation for all professionals. It is a mandatory insurance. The ten-year warranty ... Read more

Heat pump that is not powerful enough: What to do?

With the multiplication of state aid for the installation of heat pumps, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and want to offer you the best possible solution. Read more

Heat pump at 1 euro : Scam 2023

Despite a stop to this very famous aid, the offers of heat pumps at 1 euro continue to multiply on the web, and ... Read more

MaPrimeRénov Yellow: the great FAQ!

To meet the challenges of global warming, ensure the country's energy sovereignty and improve the comfort and quality of life of households, the state ... Read more

Why can't an air-to-water heat pump provide air conditioning?

If you're looking for a heat pump to provide your heating, you may be thinking of killing two birds with one stone and saving yourself some money. Read more

MaPrimeRénov Violet: the great FAQ!

MaPrimeRénov is a state scheme created by the Agence Nationale de l'Habitat (ANAH) to replace the Crédit d'Impôt pour le Transition Energétique (CITE) and the ... Read more

Chaffoteaux (Ariston) heat pump: reviews and prices 2023

Chaffoteaux is a century-old French brand with a long history in heating, including some important inventions in the mid-20th century. The manufacturer has been ... Read more

Bosch heat pump: reviews and prices 2023

Bosch is a member of the select club of Deutsche Qualität, which includes companies that are known for the reliability, robustness and performance of their products. Read more

Auer heat pump : reviews and prices 2023

More than a hundred years of experience, an ecological turn negotiated in the 1990s, relatively high COPs, and an "Origine France Garantie" certification that is unprecedented in the industry. Read more

Beko heat pump dryer : Our opinion

Among the brands of dryers the most present on the web or in supermarkets, the Beko brand is unmistakable in terms of dryers. Read more

Toshiba heat pump: reviews and prices 2023

Technologies exclusive to the Japanese brand, a river and complete documentation in free access, a particularly reactive after-sales service, heat pumps in the design ... Read more

Wood and pellet stove STÛV : Reviews & Prices

Wood heating appears to be an ideal solution in the face of changing energy policies and the need to limit the consumption of fossil fuels... Read more

AUSTROFLAMM wood and pellet stove : our opinion 2023

Electricity and gas prices have been rising steadily in recent years. One of the reasons for this is the global energy crisis. In order to keep warm in ... Read more

Saunier Duval heat pump: advice and price 2023

Saunier Duval is first and foremost a manufacturer of heat pumps in France, in the famous Nantes factory of the company founded in 1907 by the ... Read more

Mitsubishi Heat Pump: Reviews and Prices (2023)

Regularly ranked in the top 5 heat pump brands in terms of sales volume in France, Mitsubishi Electric is a safe bet. Read more

JUSTUS wood and pellet stove : our opinion

To face the energy crisis, wood heating is an advantageous alternative to electric and gas heating. It is a green solution that is in line with ... Read more

Heat pump comparison: 10 split models under the microscope

To help you choose a heat pump model, here is a comparison of 10 of the most popular split heat pump models. Read more

Japanese heat pump : TOP 5 Air Water

It is well known that the Japanese are excellent manufacturers. The reputation of their car brands is well known, like Mazda, Toyota or ... Read more

What is the purpose of kraft paper on glass wool?

When you insulate the attic or walls in your house in renovation, you use glass wool in roll it is the most effective. Read more