Bestway pool heat pump : our opinion

Bestway is a Chinese brand created in 1994 in Shanghai that offers self-supporting pools, tubular pools, inflatable spas and a range of materials and equipment for residential pools, including heat pumps for small pools.

Thanks to its practical products and aggressive pricing policy, Bestway now dominates the global market for outdoor leisure products, with a market share of 35 %. The company employs 10,000 people in its five manufacturing plants and sells its products in more than 110 countries worldwide. It also has 12 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Australia.

These heat pumps marketed under the name Bestway are the products of a Belgian group House of Duratech, active in pool lighting and all types of pool accessories, which markets these pool heat pumps under the name Hot Splash or Sunspring. The technical data is the same, and it is a question of naming.

In the following lines you will find an objective opinion on Bestway / Hotsplash Sunspring products

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Aesthetics of Bestway pool heat pumps

From a distance, the Bestway / Hotsplash pool heat pumps look more like a stylish Bluetooth speaker than an old-fashioned heat pump. We're looking at a modern, high-tech, cylinder-shaped design in a beautiful dark gray chrome that contrasts nicely with a beautiful blue. For once, these heat pumps will flatter your exterior.

Even the "mini" model, intended for above-ground pools, has a nice design, again featuring a small sound enclosure. Sunspring's are a little larger but still pleasing to the eye.

Performance of Bestway pool heat pumps

Bestway focuses more on above-ground pools, wading pools, pool accessories (covers, ladders, etc.), beach toys, air mattresses and inflatable spas. Its range of pool heat pumps is relatively small, with three main models available in Western Europe.

#1 Bestway Hot Water Pool Heat Pump or Hot Splash

Bestway claims that this is the smallest heat pump plug & play in the world, and we want to believe it, as it is only 290 x 310 x 370 mm for about fifteen kilograms. 

This heat pump is obviously designed for small above ground pools and inflatable spas. It develops a power of 3.75 kW and increases the temperature very slowly, from 1 to 3° C per 24 hours on a small pool of less than 12 m3. As a reminder, the time it takes for the temperature to rise depends on several factors: 

  • The volume of water in the pool;
  • The power of the pool heat pump ;
  • Initial water temperature;
  • The desired water temperature ; 
  • Climate;
  • Wind exposure;
  • The type of pool (covered or not, material, etc.).
Technical specificationsHS40
Min. air temperature to start10° C
Heating capacity A27 / W263.75 kW
Heating capacity A10 / W261.85 kW
COP for A25 / W255.73
COP for A15 / W253.74
Noise level at 10 m55 dB(A)

User reviews of the Bestway Hot Water /Hotsplash

Users have various opinions about this device, but overall they are quite positive. The elements below summarize the positive and negative points of the Bestway Hot Water pool heat pump.

Positive points of the Bestway Hot Water
  • Works efficiently to heat pool water
  • Less noisy than you might think
  • Low power consumption
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to connect to the pool water
Negative points of the Bestway Hot Water
  • Not suitable for large pools
  • The controller is not very user-friendly
  • Some users have had difficulty adjusting the water temperature

#2 Sunspring 10 Pool Heat Pump from Bestway

This is the brand's flagship model. This heat pump develops 10.1 kW and efficiently heats pools of up to 30 m3 with a COP that oscillates between 4.5 and 5.6, which is very good. The temperature increase time is similar to the previous model, i.e. one to three degree(s) every 24 hours. Here is a concrete example:

  • Swimming pool of 25 m³;
  • Initial water temperature: 15 °C ;
  • Desired temperature: 28°C, i.e. a temperature difference of 13°C (28 - 15);
  • Heat pump capacity: 10.1 kW ;
  • Heating time : 24/24 ;
  • Climatic conditions: moderate climate (from April to August);
  • Wind: weak ;
  • Indoor pool;
  • Pool: standard (without overflow).

To calculate the time to reach the desired temperature, the following formula must be applied: Time of temperature increase (hours) = Volume (m3) x temperature difference (desired temperature - initial temperature) x 1.5] / pump output 10.1 kW, which gives us 48 hours.

#3 Sunspring 7 Pool Heat Pump from Bestway

The Sunspring 7 model is simply a version of the light of the Sunspring 10 heat pump. This heat pump has a power of 6.7 kW, and is therefore suitable for pools of less than 20 m3. Here again, the COP is estimated at between 5 and 6. In concrete terms, you only pay for one fifth or one sixth of the kilowatts delivered to the pool.

The acoustics of Bestway pool heat pumps

The Sunspring heat pumps are relatively quiet, which is not the case with the small Hot Splash model: 

  • The pocket-sized Hot Splash, designed for small above-ground pools and inflatable spas, produces 55 db(A) at 10 meters, which is as much as a modern dishwasher, the noise of car traffic at 15 meters from the road, or the noise of a normal conversation in a nearby room;
  • The Sunspring 10 pool heat pump produces 40 db(A) at 10 meters, the same as a low-speed electric fan or a quiet conversation;
  • The Sunspring 7 produces 37 db(A), as much as the background noise of a library or the noise of a laptop computer at a safe distance.

The price of Bestway pool heat pumps

Bestway heat pumps are offered at attractive prices, but it is important to keep in mind that they are designed for small pools (Sunspring range), or even for small above-ground pools or inflatable spas:

  • The Bestway Hot Splash heat pump is offered at 449 € (above ground pool up to 12 m3);
  • The Bestway Sunspring 7 PAC is sold at approximately 970 € (pools up to 20 m3);
  • The Bestway Sunspring 10 PAC is sold at 1 220 € (pools up to 30 m3).

Although these models are in a configuration Plug & PlayIf you're looking for a professional installer, we recommend that you use one. Feel free to use the tool below to generate three quotes from professional installers near you.

Availability of Bestway pool heat pumps

Bestway markets its products in more than 110 countries around the world and has 12 subsidiaries in Europe. You should therefore not have any trouble finding its references, especially in Switzerland where the brand is very present. Note: the French e-shop Bestway Store does not offer the brand's PACs online.

Bestway heat pumps are available on Amazon, CDiscount, ManoMano and many other online shops specializing in the pool industry.

Control of Bestway pool heat pumps

The Hot Water / Hot Splash heat pump is powered by an electronic controller that allows you to set the pool water temperature in real time, operate the heat pump with a timer and monitor the operation of the heat pump.

The control knobs are used to adjust the water temperature and the start/stop button is used to start and stop the heat pump. The LED indicators show the operation of the heat pump and the parameter lock prevents accidental changes.

Control elementFunction
Electronic controllerRegulates the temperature of the pool water in real time
Retains settings in the event of a power failure
Allows the heat pump to be operated with a timer
Adjustment buttonsAllows you to adjust the temperature of the pool water
On/Off buttonAllows the heat pump to be started and stopped
LED indicatorsIndicates the operation of the heat pump and the fan
Flashes when the heat pump is not using the compressor or fan
Locking the parametersLocks settings after 5 seconds to prevent accidental changes
ScreenDisplays the pool water temperature in real time
Displays error messages in case of operating problems

The installation of a timer between the heat pump and the outlet is best done by a professional!

Dimensions of Bestway pool heat pumps

Since they are designed for small pools, or even just above-ground pools or inflatable spas (as in the case of the Hot Splash), Bestway heat pumps are compact: 

Heat pump modelDimensions (L x W x H)Weight
Bestway Hot Splash290 x 310 x 370 mm15 kg
Bestway Sunspring 7458 x 472 x 530 mm29 kg
Bestway Sunspring 10458 x 472 x 750 mm37 kg

The Hot Splash is the smallest and lightest, while the Sunspring 7 and 10 models are larger and heavier, but still compact and suitable for small pools, above-ground pools or inflatable spas.

In addition, the heat pump should be placed on a solid, flat base and should be located at least 2 meters from the pool. It is also recommended to leave a free space of at least 1.5 meters in front of the fan to avoid any obstruction.

Accessories for Bestway pool heat pumps

Bestway PACs are equipped with a 32 mm nominal diameter inlet and outlet water connection for connection to your pool filtration system. For Sunspring hose nozzle DN 32/ DN 38

Data sheets :

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