Help for the PAC Air Air ? Is it possible ?

Help for the PAC Air Air ? Is it possible ?

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There has been a lot of talk about subsidies for heat pumps in France lately. The government has large subsidy programs for citizens who want to save energy. But the air-to-air heat pump is not on the same level as all the others.

In brief, here are the possible aids for an air-to-air heat pump:

  • Habiter Mieux Sérénité, within the framework of a "package of work" (35% of energy savings, up to 50% of the price of the work)
  • VAT reduced to 10%
  • Energy bonus: about 1500€.

Generally speaking, the air-to-air heat pump has been excluded from most aid programs for several years, but it is possible to benefit from them under certain conditions

Reminder on the air-to-air heat pump

There are 4 main types of heat pumps: the Air-Water heat pump, the Sol-Water heat pump, the Water-Water heat pump and finally the Air-Air heat pump which interests us (and others too but less popular)

It is a heat pump that captures calories in the outside air through an outdoor unit containing an evaporator and a compressor. These calories are condensed on the air at the level of the indoor unit via the refrigerant, which makes it possible to return the energy to the air of the interior room.

However, the air-to-air system is less conducive to heat exchange than a system using water, which is due in particular to the large difference in heat capacity between air and water. The efficiency of an air heating system is therefore questionable and contested, and the aids are reduced.

Habiter Mieux Sérénité: assistance for air-to-air heat pumps

It is a bonus distributed by the Anah, National Housing Agency. It is subject to several conditions, the first of which is the state of your "resources". Your income must be very modest or modest, depending on their scale This means less than 50k€ per year for a family of 4 in Paris (IDF), and less than 40k€ in the provinces.

Then there is a condition of energy gain. You will have to prove that you make significant energy savings with your work. So, you can't just install a PAC Air Air, because it will not be enough to prove that. You will have to think about changing your insulation, either the attic, or the walls, or change the windows. It is a whole that must represent an energy saving of 35% compared to before.

the work must be done by a professional RGE.

You have not taken out an eco PTZ loan for 5 years

The house is more than 15 years old

So: if you are in category :

=> very modest: 50% of the work HT supported, max. 15k€ (+ premium 10%)

=> modest: 35% of the work HT supported, max 10.5k€ (+ premium 10%)

In practice it will be complicated to obtain it. The PAC Air Water or Geo are favored in the framework of the energy transition.

VAT reduced to 10%

The PAC air air is not eligible for the rate at 5.5% as would be the other types of PAC. However you can benefit from the reduced rate at 10%. More info on the official website

This will allow you to skip the excess tax and give you a discount of 10%.

The Energy bonus or CEE bonus: a small bonus from your electricity supplier

If the air-to-air heat pump has a power of less than 12kW and shows a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) greater than or equal to 3.9, then you can receive a small boost called CEE premium. It is the DGEC which grants you the bonus at the base (Directorate General Energy Climate).

Electricity suppliers whose sales exceed a certain threshold are obliged to promote renewable energy to the public and will also be obliged to buy back these CEE premiums at the end of the year to meet the energy requirements. Buying back a certain amount of CEE premium allows them to prove a certain amount of kWh saved.

The CEE works by periods to which are associated a certain number of KWhc to save. We will enter the 5th period on January 1st, 2022 and until the end of 2025, with objectives always revised upwards (obligations 3 or 4 times more important in terms of obligation CEE for the energy suppliers)

For a PAC Air air, count about 1500€ in your pocket for the premium. This will be equivalent for your supplier to a saving of KWhc which can vary between 5000 kWhc and several tens of thousands of KWhc according to the climates and the heated surfaces (knowing that the national objectives are counted in TWhc...a lot!)

NB: the KWhc is the Killowattheure cumac = cumulative discounted, a unit specific to the CEE to say that we save a certain number of kWh each year that fades with time and wear of the machine.

More information on the KWh cumac certificates for Air to Air heat pumps on the EEC form

This is called the Energy bonus, and in general it is around 1500€ at EDF for example for a PAC Air Air

If you want to know EVERYTHING about financial aid in connection with energy improvement work in old buildings (renovation) then I advise you to download this PDF which is a 23-page digest illustrating perfectly all the financial aid for heat pumps and other energy renovation work, and which deals in particular with the air-to-air heat pump on page