Chappee Heat Pump Manual

We warmly welcome you to our page dedicated to Chappée heat pump instructions! Our goal is to provide you with quick and convenient access to all the information you need to install, start up and maintain your Chappée heat pump.

Chappée, a brand renowned for its know-how and innovations, offers a wide selection of heat pumps suitable for a variety of needs and types of homes. Chappée heat pumps, equipped with high-performance technology, represent an ecological and economical solution for heating your home and providing domestic hot water.

In this section, you will find all the operating and installation instructions for the various Chappée heat pump models. These guides will help you step by step through the installation and commissioning process of your unit, ensuring that you get the most out of its capabilities and longevity.

Please feel free to consult and download the instructions for your Chappée heat pump model. We hope you find these resources helpful in getting the most out of your environmentally friendly, high-performance heating system. We wish you a pleasant reading and a great experience with your Chappée heat pump!

Chappee Heat Pump Manual - Eria-N multi-C
Chappee Heat Pump Manual - ERIA-S PLUS duo
Chappee Heat Pump Manual - ERia-One E/H