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Jolly mec is a modern industry that offers a variety of home heating solutions. But it is also an original name that should appeal to women :). This company has been revealed to the public by several of its products, and in particular its pellet stove. A real innovation in the world of heating, it is very efficient, and stands out on the market through its characteristics. What to remember about it?

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Jolly guy, the giant of Telgate: history and specialty

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The Jolly mec brand is a brand whose history dates back to 1968. It was founded by Emilio Manenti, who established it in Telgate, a region of Lombardy located in the Italian arctic. Originally, when it was created, its purpose was to provide the population with efficient fireplaces capable of heating the radiators in a home.

Over time, however, the vision of Jolly mec has evolved considerably, and in addition to the fireplaces, in the years following his creation, he designed and developed many other installations. These were mainly heating installations and had the capacity to heat a whole house. They were varied and came in all sorts of models to meet all heating needs. 

In the 2000s, the brand took on a whole new dimension with the development of more modern heating solutions such as pellet stoves. The brand gained a large share of the national and international market. Its products marked "made in Italy", in addition to being synonymous with good performance and quality, are a reference in the world. What is its specialty today?

Specialty of the brand Jolly mec

To this day, Jolly mec remains a firm that continues to operate in the home heating sector. However, its specialty is the design of versatile heating solutions. In fact, unlike most brands, Jolly mec offers a heater whose function is not limited only to the diffusion of warm air in a home. This is a real innovation that propels the Jolly mec brand far into the home heating industry.

The Jolly mec pellet stove, a remarkable achievement of the brand

The Jolly mec pellet stove is a wooden equipment manufactured by Jolly mec. Based on advanced technology, it ensures optimal diffusion of warm air in the home where it is installed. Its greatest feature is that in it the combustion is provided by a fuel other than conventional logs. It is the pellets. This gives it specific properties.

Jolly mec offers several models of its pellet stove, which may seem identical at first glance, but they differ from each other in many ways. For example, power, efficiency, configuration, etc. Regardless of the model considered, the Jolly mec pellet stove is an amazing and very efficient machine. It includes a humidifier that refreshes the air and cleans it for a relaxing and natural atmosphere. You need it for sure!

What are the special features of the Jolly mec pellet stove?

The particularities of the Jolly mec pellet stove with regard to various variables are highlighted in the sections below.

The aesthetics of the pellet stove jolly mec

The pellet stove jolly man regardless of the cut considered is a very beautiful machine. It has a refined design, both soft and atypical. Its rectangular cut with carefully clean lines forces admiration and enhances its aesthetics. It is covered on the outside with a thin glass film that allows the flames to be seen during the combustion of the pellets. This contributes to the illumination of the room where the stove is located and accentuates its decoration, especially when it is dark.

In addition to this, the pellet stove jolly mec has an excellent finish and comes in several colors. From white to black, creamy white, burgundy, and mixtures of these colors, all color needs are met. This pellet stove is also made of materials such as soapstone, steel and ceramic, which are naturally known for their charm. In terms of aesthetics, the jolly mec pellet stove undeniably breaks all records.

The performance of the Jolly mec pellet stove

When it comes to performance, Jolly mec has also done a remarkable job. In fact, the Jolly mec pellet stove can, depending on the model chosen, provide up to 24 KW of power. This allows it to provide a direct thermal power and an indirect thermal power of up to 3.6 KW and 20.4 KW respectively. It is then indicated for the optimal heating of a dwelling, and this, even if it is large.

Apart from that, the jolly mec pellet stove has an energy class of up to A++. Similarly, its index exceeds for some models, the value 132. This is not common in the world of heating and testifies to its efficiency.

Finally, another remarkable aspect of the pellet stove in terms of performance is its efficiency. Indeed, at the minimum and nominal heat outputs, its efficiency is between 90 % and 95%. This allows you to save a considerable amount of energy and take full advantage of the device.

The acoustics of the Jolly mec pellet stove

The Jolly mec pellet stove has a "silence/silent" function that allows it to operate silently. When this function is activated, the ventilation is switched off. As a result, you do not hear any noise and enjoy unparalleled comfort for relaxation and rest. It is undoubtedly a function that will please you even if it does not allow the stove to deliver high power. You should know that even when the "silence" function is deactivated, the average acoustic emission is 20 dB.

The price of the pellet stove Jolly mec

The price of the pellet stove Jolly mec is between 1820 EUR and 6168 EUR. It varies mainly according to the models considered and their powers. You can see below, the average price before and with tax of the main models of pellet stoves Jolly mec.

Version of the pellet stove Jolly mec consideredAverage price excluding taxesAverage price with taxes.
ARTEA 5140 EUR6168 EUR
DORY3510 EUR4005 EUR

The regulation of the pellet stove Jolly mec

Jolly mec has provided two solutions for the regulation of its pellet stove: the radio control and the telephone control. The multilanguage remote control can be used anywhere and allows you to regulate the stove even if you are not near the stove. The same applies to the telephone control, which works via a WIFI network.

The size of the Jolly mec pellet stove

The average height of the Jolly mec pellet stove is estimated at 107.6 cm, while its width and depth are 49 cm and 53.5 cm respectively. These dimensions may seem large, but the Jolly mec pellet stove is not at all bulky. In a home, it is not at all imposing.

In conclusion, the Jolly mec pellet stove is an outstanding home heating solution. It is very efficient and contributes to the production of hot water in the home where it is used. In addition, it is quiet, does not clutter and is easily adjustable, for very competitive prices. Do not hesitate to adopt it!

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