Lidl launches solar panels: an energy revolution at a low price

A solar balcony kit accessible to all

The hard discount chain Lidl surprises once again by offering a solar panel kit for the balcony. This device, with a power of 150 W and accompanied by a scalable Parkside micro-inverter, will be marketed at 199 € in German sales outlets from May 17, 2023. No date has been communicated concerning the availability of the product in France.

Why opt for a balcony solar panel?

Balcony solar panels are an effective and economical solution for people living in apartments or small houses. Easy to install and to connect oneself, they make it possible to cover the basic consumption of a housing while carrying out energy savings. Balcony solar kits are therefore an interesting option for those who wish to participate in the energy transition without investing in more expensive or restrictive installations.

A diversified and responsible offer at Lidl

This initiative is part of the company's global approach to expanding its catalog while offering sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. By launching this solar balcony kit, Lidl clearly shows its willingness to contribute to the energy transition and to make renewable energies accessible to as many people as possible.

Eco-responsible stores

Lidl is not only marketing eco-responsible products, but is also implementing initiatives to limit its environmental impact. For example, some stores have already been equipped with solar panels on their roofs to reduce their dependence on the electricity grid, such as the one in Chilly-Mazarin, in Essonne. Other initiatives include the installation of green facades and large windows to promote natural lighting in the stores.

Questions and limits about the Lidl solar panel kit

The marketing of this solar balcony kit at a very attractive price raises some questions. Indeed, it is legitimate to wonder if the quality of the product will be up to the task and if the announced performances will be at the level of the consumers' expectations.

A strategic choice for Lidl?

It is possible that this foray into renewable energy is above all a strategic choice for Lidl. The company is constantly seeking to innovate and offer new products to its customers. By entering this new market, Lidl intends to make its mark and consolidate its position as leader among hard discounters. However, we will have to wait for the first feedback from consumers to judge the quality of the product and the effectiveness of this strategy.

Things to remember

  • Lidl will soon market a 150 W solar panel kit for balconies at 199 €.with a scalable Parkside microinverter in its German sales outlets.
  • This scheme will allow individuals to access affordable renewable energy solutions and participate in the energy transition.
  • The company is also committed to an eco-responsible approach and seeks to limit its environmental impact by equipping some of its stores with solar panels or green facades.
  • However, the marketing of this solar kit raises questions about its quality and its real performance.