Our opinion on the majestic pool heat pump

Like "Racer", Majestic is a brand owned by Cash Piscines, a company founded in the early 2000's that offers pool equipment. With more than 120 points of sale in France and a powerful e-commerce website, Cash Piscine is a reference for pool owners.

Majestic mainly offers pool heat pumps (made by Hayward), filtration pumps, sand filters, pool lighting equipment, electrolysers, pH regulators and various accessories (connection kits, covers, O-rings, sockets, etc.).

The Majestic range of swimming pool heat pumps is composed of three references available in several powers: 

  • The Majestic X-Ter pool heat pump;
  • The Majestic Inverter pool heat pump;
  • The Majestic Full Inverter pool heat pump.

Aesthetics of Majestic pool heat pumps

Majestic has chosen to apply the "Dark" mode to its entire range of pool heat pumps. The three models are in dark gray (Inverter model) or chrome black (X-Ter and Full Inverter), with a relatively aggressive design that contrasts with the bland and tasteless design of the Racer heat pumps, another brand exclusive to Cash Piscines.

The X-Ter and Full Inverter models have the usual rectangular shape of heat pump outdoor units, with a "racy" finish that gives them a certain character. The Inverter model can also be described as stealthy, in that the control panel and the fan blend into the ABS bodywork. The PAC X-Ter is less conventional, with the appearance of a vertical safe.

Overall, Majestic pool heat pumps will not spoil the aesthetics of your home, and can even contribute to the decor if you have opted for a minimalist, modern or industrial style.

Performance of Majestic pool heat pumps

Let's review the performance indicators of the three Majestic brand pool heat pump models.

#1 Majestic X-Ter Pool Heat Pump

This reversible model (heating in autumn/spring and cooling in case of scorching temperatures) is the most complete of Majestic. It is offered in several variations: 

  • Single-phase power supply 7 kW, 10 kW, 15 kW and 21 kW, for pools with a surface area of between 33 and 145 m3 ;
  • Three-phase power supply 21 kW, for ponds with a surface area of between 100 and 145 m3.

In terms of energy efficiency, the COP is an excellent 5 to 7 for 15° C ambient temperature and 26° C water temperature, and between 6 and 15 for 27° C ambient temperature and 27° C water temperature. 

In concrete terms, for every 1 kW consumed, the X-Ter heat pump gives back between 5 and 15 kW in the form of heat, which translates into significant energy savings. The energy efficiency of the X-Ter is mainly due to the "Full Inverter" technology, which allows the heat pump to regulate its power according to the temperature to be reached, unlike On-Off models which operate on peak consumption. The result: up to 80 % in energy savings.

Since the 21 kW version is available in both single and three-phase, here are some tips for making your choice: 

  1. The distance between the electrical installation and the pool heat pump If the distance between the electrical installation and the pool heat pump is large, a three-phase supply is preferable as it reduces power losses over long distances and the cost of installing a large-section electrical cable. On the other hand, if the distance is relatively short, a single-phase supply may be sufficient;
  2. Availability of power supply Check whether a three-phase power supply is available in the area where the pool heat pump is installed;
  3. Electricity consumption A three-phase pool heat pump will have a more balanced electrical consumption on the three phases, which can be advantageous for reducing the electricity bill and the strain on the electrical network.

Let's summarize the performance indicators of the X-Ter model in the following table:

7 kW10 kW15 kW21 kW Single-phase21 kW Three-phase
Types of poolsBuriedBuriedBuriedBuriedBuried
For pool of...33 - 50 m355 - 70 m375 - 100 m3100 - 145 m3100 - 145 m3
TechnologyFull InverterFull InverterFull InverterFull InverterFull Inverter
Power supplySingle-phaseSingle-phaseSingle-phaseSingle-phaseThree-phase
Material(s) of the exchangerTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitanium
PAC power7 kW10 kW15 kW21 kW21 kW
Performance (COP)Air 15°C - Water 26°C : 7.66~5.12Air 27°C - Water 27°C : 15.32~6.45Air 35°C - Water 27°C : 4.75~3.50Air 15°C - Water 26°C : 7.67~5.10Air 27°C - Water 27°C : 15.24~6.44Air 15°C - Water 26°C : 7.66~5.10Air 27°C - Water 27°C : 15.28~6.43Air 15°C - Water 26°C : 7.67~5.10Air 27°C - Water 27°C : 15.25~6.32Air 15°C - Water 26°C : 7.67~5.10Air 27°C - Water 27°C : 15.25~6.32

#2 Majestic Inverter pool heat pump

This model is offered in three heating capacities: 10 kW, 15 kW and 19 kW, for pools with a surface area of 20 to 120 m3. Like the X-Ter, this model has an interesting COP, between 4.2 and 12.5 (see table below). In short, for every 1 kW consumed, the pool heat pump delivers between 4.2 and 12.5 kW in heating power.

Unlike the X-Ter, which uses R32 gas, the Majestic Inverter uses R410A, which is slightly more polluting, more expensive and less efficient.

Models10 kW15 kW19 kW
Heating capacity: Air 27° C / Water 27° C
Performance (COP) Eco8812,5
Performance (COP) Full speed5,65,55,6
Heating capacity: Air 15°C / Water 26°C
Performance (COP) Eco5.85,87
Performance (COP) Full speed4.44,24,5
General data
Electrical power (kW)101519
Voltage (V)220 - 240 V~ 50 Hz / 1 PH
Rated current (A)8,211,916,3
Type of ventilation (rpm)500 – 650550 – 850450 - 650
Pond volume (m3)20 – 6030 – 10055 - 120

#3 Majestic Full Inverter pool heat pump

The main difference between the Majestic Inverter pool heat pump and the Majestic Full Inverter is their power control technology.

The Majestic Inverter is equipped with a variable speed compressor (or Inverter), which allows the power of the heat pump to be regulated according to the heating needs of the pool. This reduces power consumption and optimizes the performance of the heat pump... but the power regulation is not continuous. It is done in stages.

In contrast, the Majestic Full Inverter features even more advanced power control technology, with a variable speed compressor controlled by an electronic inverter. This allows the heat pump's power to be regulated continuously and in real time, for maximum optimization of power consumption and pool heating performance. This is reflected in the COP (see table below).

In addition, this technology allows for greater resistance to outside temperature variations, which is particularly useful for regions with large temperature differences.

Please note This model uses R32 gas, which is more economical, more efficient and less polluting than the R410A found in the Inverter model.

Models 6 kW9 kW12 kW19 kW
Heating capacity: Air 27°C / Water 26°C 
Power (COP) - ECO11,0412,7712,5711,08
Power (COP) - Full speed6,305,815,845,45
Heating capacity: Air 15°C / Water 26°C 
Power (COP) - ECO5,985,826,176,40
Power (COP) - Full speed4,694,534,524,40
General data
Recommended water flow rate (m3/h)3,103,804,907,30
Min-Max heating capacity1,62 – 7,332,18 – 8,971,97 – 11,662,85 – 17,06
Power supply (V)230 V~50Hz/1PH
Fan typeDC Inverter
Rotational speed (rpm)600-700600-800850-950600-850

The acoustics of Majestic pool heat pumps

Majestic's pool heat pumps are among the quietest on the market, with sound pressure levels at 10 meters that do not exceed 40 db(A) even on the most powerful models. For example, the X-Ter 21 kW is rated at 28 - 32 db(A) at 10 meters, which is the equivalent of a very quiet rural area at night, the noise produced by a laptop or external hard drive at a distance of one meter, or the sound of wind in tree leaves in a quiet area.

The price of Majestic pool heat pumps

Here are the prices announced by Cash Piscine for its exclusive Majestic brand pool heat pumps: 

  • Majestic X-Ter swimming pool heat pump: between 1 429 € and 3 795 € depending on the power;
  • Majestic Inverter pool heat pump: between 1 899 € and 2 899 € depending on the power;
  • Majestic Full Inverter pool heat pump: between 1 295 € and 2 345 € depending on the power.

As you can see, we remain on prices slightly below the market average. For comparison, the Aeromax 2 - 14 kW model from Thermor costs 5 942 €, against 2 795 € for the Majestic X-Ter 15 kW.

Availability of Majestic pool heat pumps

Like the Racer models, the Majestic pool heat pumps are available in 120 Cash Piscines outlets and on the website www.cash-piscines.com. You will sometimes find some references in specialized department stores such as Leroy Merlin.

Majestic pool heat pump control

The Majestic PACs have a control box on the front. The interface is quite intuitive, and the settings become child's play after a few uses. 

Majestic heat pumps are connected, and can therefore be controlled remotely via the mobile application. You will be able to turn on and off the heat pump, set the temperature and check the status of the equipment in real time.

All three models have three operating modes: Boost, Eco and Quiet.

Dimensions of Majestic pool heat pumps

The X-Ter model is relatively compact due to its particular shape (high), occupying a floor space of just 655 mm. This is not the case with the Inverter and Full Inverter models, whose dimensions are slightly larger than the market average.

PAC Majestic X-TerPAC Majestic InverterMajestic Full Inverter heat pump
Approx size (average of models) 655 x 655 x 7951068 x 445 x 7081040 x 425 x 615
Weight (kg)65 à 7675 à 9842 à 60

Note: the heat pump must have a free space behind (at least 50 cm) and in front (at least 4 m). Do not point the outlet towards the pool or a traffic area, as the equipment blows cold air.

Accessories for Majestic pool heat pumps

Majestic pool heat pumps are delivered with the following accessories: 

  • 1 Winter cover ;
  • 4 Anti-vibration rubber pads ;
  • 2 Evacuation connectors ;
  • 2 Water inlet and outlet connectors.

The By-Pass kit is standard only with the X-Ter model.

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