Our opinion on the Nordica wood stove

Nordica-Extraflame is a company that has been offering various innovative home heating solutions since the dawn of time. It enjoys an iron reputation and is well known on the market thanks to the finesse of its products.

One of the masterpieces for which it is particularly known is its wood stove. It is a real innovation in the home heating industry and is very popular because of its performance. Here are its main technical advantages.

Nordica-Extraflame: history and specialty

1. History of the Nordica-Extraflame brand

Nordica-Extraflame is a group created in 1968. Of Italian origin, it is the living symbol of the hard work and passion that characterizes the Italian Northeast. Since its foundation, the vision of the Nordica-Extraflame group has been innovation and the constant search for improvement.

Originally, Nordica-Extraflame offered only classic heating stoves. It was represented only in Italy and in some countries near it. Over the years, however, it has obtained significant market shares and the distribution of its products is made in more than fifty countries. The offer of the group has also evolved and it has made a remarkable explosion of range. It now offers diversified and advanced products with a high technological content. From rustic wood-burning stoves to wood-burning kitchens, modern pellet stoves, stoves with classic ovens, fireplaces and boilers, all the needs in terms of acquisition of domestic thermoproducts are met by the group.

The Nordica-Extraflame brand has numerous national and international certifications. Each product that it puts on the market complies with the standards concerning carbon dioxide emissions and is CE certified. Furthermore, it should be noted that the solutions offered by Nordica-Extraflame are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.

2. Specialty of the Nordica-Extraflame brand

Nordica-Extraflame is a brand that has specialized in the wood heating sector since its inception. This is a growing sector that continues to attract the interest of consumers. The main objective of the latter is to offer solutions for the production of renewable heat that are more economical than the available solutions (fossil fuels, electricity). The products of the wood heating sector are multiple and include utilities such as closed fireplaces, pellet boilers, fireplace inserts, stoves and wood stoves. These different products are available in various models at Nordica-Extraflame.

Nordica wood stove : presentation

The Nordica Group wood stove is a soft heating equipment that is declined in the appearance of a modern fireplace. It is designed to provide warm air in cold seasons and is suitable for both domestic and professional use. The Nordica wood stove, unlike many of its counterparts, is made of high quality materials, chosen with great care by experts in the field. It is ecological, functional and economical.

Popular for its design, it is offered in several colors and would be one of the easiest stoves to use. The characteristics of the Nordica wood stove with regard to various parameters, including aesthetics, performance, acoustics, selling price, mode of regulation and space requirements are presented in the following sections.

Nordica wood stove : aesthetic qualities

The Nordica wood stove has important aesthetic qualities. For starters, it has a clean cut with regular lines that commands attention. It is also available in an industrial and enamelled wood that is particularly attractive and shines at night. The finishes of the Nordica wood stove are made in several colors (burgundy, antracite black, parchment, natural stone, cappuccino, titanium) so that it matches the different shades used for the decoration of the home where it will be installed. Finally, regardless of the model considered, the Nordica wood stove has an opening in the front. The latter is covered with a transparent glass film that offers a wide view of the burning fire. In view of its many aesthetic qualities, the Nordica wood stove has without doubt everything it takes to charm its user, but also to enhance the appeal of a room.

Nordica wood stove : performance

Considered one of the most efficient wood stoves of its generation, the Nordica wood stove offers a rated heating power ranging from 4.5 KW to 16 KW. Therefore, it is an extremely versatile heating solution, as it can heat small houses, but also large and medium-sized houses. In fact, the Nordica wood stove has a heating volume ranging from 186 m3 to 481 m3, which corresponds to an area ranging from 80 m2 to 205 m2.

Apart from the rated heating power of the Nordica wood stove, another argument in favor of its performance is its efficiency. It varies from 81 % to 88.7 % depending on the model considered.

Nordica wood stove : acoustics

From an acoustic point of view, the Nordica-Extraflame brand has made remarkable efforts. Indeed, the Nordica wood stove is not very noisy. When it is turned on at low power, the acoustic emission varies, in general, between 5 dB and 8 dB. On the other hand, when it is used at high power levels, the acoustic emission can increase significantly. In this case in particular, it can go up to 20 dB.

Nordica wood stove : price

The price of Nordica wood stove changes from one model to another depending on parameters such as the efficiency and power of the stove. Generally, models with a high efficiency and power rating cost a little more than others. The average price before tax for each of the common Nordica stove models is shown in the following table.

Nordica wood stove modelAverage price excluding taxes
Nordica Candy wood stove1327,20 EUR
Wood stove Nordica Giulietta X1710 EUR
Wood burning stove Nordica Isetta Con Cerchi Evo2496 EUR
Wood stove Nordica Helga3120 EUR
Wood stove Nordica Forno Evo4299,60 EUR

Nordica wood stove : regulation

To facilitate the regulation of the Nordica wood stove, two specific applications have been developed by the brand Nordica-Extraflame. These are the Total Control 2.0 and Total Control applications. Compatible with tablets and smartphones, these applications allow you to control your Nordica wood stove via an internet connection. They offer functions such as:

  •  Checking the condition of the wood stove;
  •  The stop/start function;
  • Adjusting the temperature and heating power;
  • Weekly configuration of the chronothermostat.

The Total Control 2.0 and Total Control applications also allow you to receive notices and notifications about the activity of the wood stove.

Nordica wood stove : size

The Nordica wood stove is not bulky. Its dimensions, namely its width and height vary respectively from 250 mm to 537 mm and 540 mm to 1150 mm. It is not very imposing and will be even less remarkable than a refrigerator for example.

In conclusion, the Nordica wood stove is an innovative product that combines aesthetics, finesse and efficiency. It is efficient on many levels and provides significant power. It is silent and the models offered correspond to both large and small budgets.

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