Why buying pellets in March is the best decision for your next winter?

Spring is just around the corner, and with it concerns about our heating system become less pressing. And yet, it's precisely at this time of year that it's a good idea to plan ahead and buy your wood pellets for the coming winter.

Find out why March is the ideal month to stock up on pellets, and all the benefits that await you.

More attractive prices in early spring

One of the main reasons to buy pellets in March is that prices are often lower than at the height of the cold season. As demand is lower, suppliers tend to lower their prices significantly, enabling savvy consumers to save on their heating budget.

For example, it is not uncommon to see a difference of 10% to 20% between prices in March and those in the colder months.

Increased product availability

The low level of demand in March is also an advantage in terms of product availability. Ordering your wood pellets at this time of year means you'll have a much wider choice than during the winter, and can be sure of getting the quality that best meets your expectations. You'll also be less likely to face stock-outs or longer delivery times by buying your pellets in March, when they are often commonplace during the cold season.

Proper pellet storage management

Now let's look at a crucial point worth mentioning: pellet storage. To guarantee optimal combustion and avoid moisture problems, it's imperative to store your pellets in the right conditions. Buying your pellets in March means you can take the time you need to prepare your storage space with complete peace of mind. Here are a few tips to help you store your pellets properly:

  • Check that storage areas are watertight and clean;
  • Make sure ambient humidity does not exceed 15%;
  • Use pallets to avoid direct contact with the ground;

Tips for choosing the right pellets in March

Now that you're convinced of the advantages of buying your wood pellets in March, follow these recommendations to select the product best suited to your needs: Choose certified pellets, a guarantee of quality and high calorific value.

Labels are your best guarantee of pellet origin and technical characteristics (moisture content, calorific value, particle size, etc.).

There are a number of different standards on the market, but to be on the safe side, choose wood pellets with a label. They are generally subject to stricter controls and are a safe bet.

The final word: buy your pellets in March for a worry-free winter

To sum up, buying your wood pellets in March offers a number of advantages, both economic and practical. Anticipating your purchases will enable you to save on product prices, take advantage of better availability and calmly prepare your storage.

Don't forget to follow our advice on choosing and storing pellets, to ensure optimum thermal comfort over the coming winter. So why wait?

Fill up with pellets now, so you're ready to face the cold season when it returns. Then all you have to do is enjoy the comfort provided by this high-performance, environmentally-friendly heating system.

Julien G.

Juliena mechanical engineering graduate and specialist in climate engineering since 2009, has become a writer specializing in renewable energies, with expertise in heat pumps and photovoltaic solar panels for individual housing.
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