Our Opinion on the MCZ Pellet Stove

The MCZ pellet stove is one of the many wood heating solutions available today. It is known as a practical model of modern fireplace and ensures optimal heat distribution in a home. It is undoubtedly an interesting heating solution. However, like any human work, it is not without weaknesses and is sometimes subject to many questions. Discover here an objective opinion about it.


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History of the MCZ brand

MCZ is a brand of the MCZ group which entered the industry in the 1950s. It was founded by the Zanette family and was originally specialized only in the resale of building materials for housing. At that time it did not yet bear the name MCZ group. It was not until 25 years later, in 1975, that it was named MCZ group, which stands for Manufatti in Cemento Zanette (Zanette Concrete Products). Since then, over the years, it has been involved in the design of various products. These include fireplaces and barbecues (1982), closed fireplaces (1993), wooden stoves (1998), pellet stoves (2002), etc.

From 2002 to today, the group has formed numerous partnerships and acquired many brands. For example, the illustrious Brisach brand in 2017. During this period, in search of new skills, it has also recruited several members. This is the case of J.Corradi, Sergio Leoni and Cadel in 2013. This allowed him to conquer remarkable shares in the French market and establish his hegemony in the world. 

Specialty of the MCZ brand

The MCZ group is extremely versatile. Nevertheless, the specialty of the MCZ brand is wood heating. It offers various models of stoves, fireplaces and inserts fueled by wood, gas and also wood pellets. Its services are mainly aimed at the modern consumer who is sensitive to aesthetics, environmental protection and energy saving. One of its best products is the MCZ pellet stove which is very popular all over the world. It has contributed to the building of its reputation. 

The MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ pellet stove is a wood stove with a configuration similar to that of a modern fireplace. Used mainly in low temperatures, it ensures the distribution of warm air in the home where it is installed. Unlike conventional wood stoves, as indicated by its name, it is equipped with pellet technology. Therefore, instead of logs, the combustion in it is provided by wood pellets also called pellets.

MCZ offers its pellet stove in a variety of models with different power ratings, designs and dimensions. It has made it a truly intelligent device, both efficient and easy to use. Its main features are presented below. 

The aesthetics of the MCZ pellet stove

If there's one thing everyone agrees on about the MCZ pellet stove, it's its aesthetics. Designed to be an interior design tool, it comes in a beautiful rectangular shape and has an excellent finish. It is offered in a multitude of colors (stainless steel, white, burgundy, silver, black) to meet all needs. 

The front of the stove is partially covered by a glass film that allows a glimpse of the combustion chamber. This gives you an unusual view and lights up your home in no time when the stove is turned on. Better still, to keep it looking good, the glass front is made so that the stove's control panel remains invisible. 

In order to accentuate the aesthetics of the pellet stove, MCZ has also equipped it with a wireless sensor. It is not very noticeable, and allows you to truly appreciate even the most subtle aesthetic properties of the machine. Even if its timeless design is not very popular, because it remains very classic, it is undeniably one of the most beautiful pellet stoves currently available. 

The performance of the MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ pellet stove is an extremely efficient heating device. While some stoves are limited to 8 KW, the MCZ pellet stove can deliver up to 16 KW. This means that it can provide up to 600 m3 of heating volume. This makes it an extremely versatile heating solution. It can be used in both cloistered and large spaces. In principle, when set to its maximum output, the MCZ pellet stove can heat a house with an average area of 150 m². 

Another guarantee of the performance of the MCZ pellet stove is its efficiency. Indeed, this pellet stove offers an efficiency of up to 95%. This is due to the fact that pellets are a very good fuel because of their properties. It is dry, easy to pour, and causes little waste.

The acoustics of the MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ brand has made remarkable efforts in the area of acoustics. It has revitalized the world of wood heating with the "no air" technology with which it has equipped its stove. This is a mode of operation that causes the ventilation to stop completely and results in a total absence of noise for optimal comfort. It is certainly interesting, but can only be used at the first power. 

At the other power levels of the stove (2, 3, 4 or 5), another operating mode is used; the timer mode. It is not totally silent, but it is not noisy. In fact, in timer mode at power 2 or 3, the acoustic emission oscillates around 10 dB. At this level, the noise of the stove is not very noticeable. On the other hand, at power 4 or 5, when the pellet stove is at its best, in timer mode, the acoustic emission can reach 30 dB.

The price of the MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ pellet stove is offered in stores at varying prices depending on the version considered. In fact, MCZ declines its pellet stove in four versions namely: the version "air", the version "channelable", the version "Up or connection on top" and the version "star". For each of these versions, the average price before tax of the MCZ pellet stove is summarized below. 

Stove version consideredAverage price before tax
Air2600 EUR
Channelizable2880 EUR
Up3145 EUR
Star3500 EUR

The regulation of the MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ pellet stove is controlled by means of a remote control. This is sold with the stove and allows you to control it in the blink of an eye. The remote control offers many features and even allows remote modulation of the device. To control your stove, you don't have to be close to it. Even from a hundred meters away, you can modulate it without worry. Apart from the remote control, the stove can also be controlled using other tools. For example, a mobile application connected to a wifi network.

The size of the MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ pellet stove is not very large. Its average height is estimated at 104 cm, while its width is on average 53 cm. As a result, it is not very bulky. In an indoor space, it will even be a little less imposing than a dining table or a refrigerator. 

The MCZ pellet stove is an exceptional heating solution. It has an exceptional price-quality ratio and remains one of the most efficient machines of its generation. Don't hesitate to use it!

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