Pellet stove Ravelli dual 9 : Our Opinion

The Ravelli dual 9 pellet stove is one of the most efficient supplementary heating systems in the world. In fact, to meet the growing need to warm up in cooler weather, the Ravelli group has been creating an exceptional line of heating equipment for 20 years. It is therefore always to offer you more performance and convenience that it develops dual 9: the pellet stove that meets all expectations. 

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Reminder about the Ravelli brand

Ravelli is an Italian brand specialized in the manufacture of heating accessories such as : stoves, boilers, stoves, fireplaces. Since its birth, it has been working to make the best equipment by combining rigor and precision in its production chain. For this, from a simple network family and traditionalThe company has become a prestigious company recognized throughout the world.

Present in several countries, the group is aiming at a total expansion on the market by focusing on research and development. Thus, the models are developed by engineers who are open to new technologies. Innovation, reliability and durability are the criteria that all products must meet before being put on the market. Therefore, they all undergo careful control and verification in a test area.

Then they are sent to the laboratory, which examines their energy efficiency and safety. These tests are followed by the approval of European organizations that certify the functionality and performance. The dual 9 pellet stove does not escape these rules, which makes it a model that arouses strong impressions.

If you are already convinced that you are going to choose this pellet stove, it is probably a good idea. If you want to know more about the purchase price, including installation and connection, in your area, then you can fill out this form and you will quickly receive an offer for a Ravelli Dual 9 installed in your home.

Dual 9: the powerful model from Ravelli

Dual 9 is a pellet stove that essentially uses wood or wood chips for its pellets which are easily renewable and economical energies. It has a cast iron door and a cast iron top decorating the flame visible through its windows. Equipped with safety sensors and steel panelsThe heat exchange is done in such a way that the diffused heat is homogeneous. All this is done according to an ecological concept.

Other data also characterize these stoves, the point of which is summarized in this table:

Input thermal power in kWBetween 3.5 and 9.2 depending on the type
Dimensions H×W×D (mm)1080×460×562
Consumption per hour - Min : 0.7 kg/h- Max : 1.9 kg/h
Performance Between 90.3 % and 92.5 %
Tank capacity17 kg
Autonomy - Min : 9 am - Max : 11 pm
Installed capacity in service45 W
WeightBetween 140 and 150 kg approximately

Dual 9 is well known on the market. Users' opinions about it are many and varied.

Opinions on the dual 9 model

The Ravelli dual 9 pellet stove is a heating accessory with a large number of qualities. This is revealed in several points on which opinions are mixed.

In terms of aesthetics

The Ravelli dual 9 pellet stoves are designed with a very elegant design. The very sober and charming sometimes accompanied by a coat with perennial hue gives them an air sophisticated and very daring. This asset also allows them to blend in perfectly, as well in a simple decor as in a Scandinavian one. In addition, the flame visible from the window of the models gives them a great attraction aestheticin addition to providing you with a fun show.

In terms of performance

First of all, the stove is equipped with a thermal power from 3.5 to 9.2 kWwhich makes it very efficient. A little feeding is enough to keep the fire going, so the pellet combustion is very long. Thanks to the system hermeticThe stove takes in the air needed for combustion, while removing the air from the smoke through a duct. 

On the other hand, the stove has self-cleaning windows and fireplaces. They are also sealed at 100%This is a major achievement in terms of safety. In addition, the operating system is programmable via smartphone. This allows you to control the times at which it should be turned on and to monitor pellet consumption closely. 

This performance makes it a very good system economic and respectful of nature. This is why the Flamme verte labels have so quickly approved it.

Concerning acoustics

According to many users, dual 9 is one of the few stoves that guarantees the silence. In fact, pellet stoves usually diffuse heat through a blower that can generate slight noises. Ravelli has nevertheless invested in producing a line of silent stoves, without strong ventilation. Dual 9 is a real step in this direction.

In terms of size

The model is not bulky at all. It has a very small size: 1080×460×562 mmYou can place it in a corner of your room without being disturbed. In addition, it does not raise dust, so it does not bother. So you choose a natural comfort with this stove.

Depending on the price 

The price is variable depending on the type but ranges from 2500 € to 4000 €. To feed the stove, you will find pellets from 0.27 € / kg to 0.40 € / kg depending on the distributor. This does not represent a factor of brake or reluctance, because this model is a means of saving in the long term. Indeed, through the Hydro system, the stoves adequately meet the needs of hot water. 

Thus, you have the possibility to replace your traditional boiler by these stoves which are all the more practical. This allows you to reduce your expenses considerably, which makes its price quite normal.

Concerning the regulation

Stove control is possible in several ways, one of the most common being the Flow system. You can customize the degree of heat in each room as you wish. Ravelli dual 9 stoves give you effective control, so it's easy to match your heating power to your space. 


Ravelli dual 9 stoves are designed to meet your heating needs. They are simply the ideal solution when your usual heating system fails or loses power. Using them does not require much effort, they are very handy, efficient and safe. The value for money also lives up to expectations, making this a model that is sure to be talked about. 

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