Seguin wood stove : Notice + Price list (2023)

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As a heating system, the wood stove is currently a very popular solution for consumers. The craze for this system is explained by its character economic, ecological and friendly.

Among the different brands of wood stoves available on the market, the Seguin wood stove is a reference today. This product of Seguin Duteriez group has gained a place of choice among buyers thanks to its reliabilityhis performance and its design daring. But, does he deserve his notoriety?

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History of the Seguin brand

The Seguin Deturiez group, French creator of fireplaces and wood heating solutions, was born in the heart of Auvergnein Radan in 1985. After almost forty years of hard work, he is now a French leader in wood burning appliances : wood fireplaces, inserts, wood stoves, pellet stoves.

In addition, the group has a distribution network in forty countries besides France, where 150 dealers sell its products.

Seguin is distinguished by its dimension family, human and citizen. The group is very concerned about the environment and actively participates in environmental efforts. Among other things, it focuses on the recycling of industrial wastewater, the use of recycled paper, the implementation of ecological combustion techniques and the production of photovoltaic electricity. 

The speciality of the brand

The Seguin group has at heart to satisfy its customers. In this perspective, it never stops innovating its products and strives to offer the best customer services.

Research is financed by the Seguin group, with the objective of improving the performance and efficiency of the appliances offered by the brand. The group is notably the first brand to launch on the market heating appliances the double combustion fireplacethe four glass fireplace and mobile applications for controlling stoves or their log inserts. 

Seguin is also associated with international companies, in particular Vermont Castings in Canada, specialist in cast iron stoves, and with the Danish HWAM specialist in steel wood stoves.

Seguin is proud to have developed, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the company HWAM, the IHS SMARTCONTROL control accepted by thermal design offices in houses RT2012. This system has the particularity ofanalyze in real time the state of combustion in the device by measuring the temperature and composition of the smoke every 3 seconds. This allows to to manage the combustion in an optimal way by an intelligently controlled air intake.

In addition to reliable appliances, Seguin consumers also benefit from very good customer service. The dealers/installers are continuously trained on the products and their installation and processing techniques. This enables them to offer relevant advice on the best way to ensure the longevity of the devices and a better user experience.

Photo de poele-a-granules-invicta-lodi-10

Pellet stove Invicta Lodi 10

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Pellet stove MARINA 14kW

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LEANDRO 9 Pellet Stove Pack

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The Seguin wood stove : presentation

The wood stove is a heating system running on wood. The principle is simple, a fireplace fueled by logs spreads the heat in the house. The Seguin wood stove is ideally used as an auxiliary or secondary heating system. It is available in cast iron or in steel and is available in several formats and sizes. The Seguin brand offers three ranges: design, traditional or mixed, according to the tastes and needs of consumers.

The great reputation of Seguin wood stoves results from their economic and ecological character. Wood is a renewable source of energy, but also profitable compared to gas or electricity. Moreover, thanks to the technological innovation of double combustion, Seguin wood stoves are more efficient. With this system, the smoke from the primary combustion of wood is re-burned. The emission of greenhouse gases is thus reduced. To see the characteristics of the Seguin wood stove in more detail, the next sections will discuss aestheticsthe performance, acousticsthe price, regulation and finally clutter generated by the stove.

The aesthetics of the Seguin wood stove

Seguin wood stoves also owe their popularity to a authentic and traditional design. The contemporary lines of the design model bring a real cachet to a room. The authentic model brings warmth and conviviality to the house with a large window that lets glimpse the glowing logs.

But whatever the choice of design, the very discreet aesthetics of Seguin wood stoves fit perfectly into any decor: vintage, classic or modern. They can even be used as decorative pieces.

The performance of Seguin wood stoves

The wood stoves of the Seguin Deturiez group have a rated heating capacity ranging from 5kW to 20kW depending on the model chosen, ideal for a small apartment or a house of average size. The heating volume of the stove is between 115m3 and 230 m3which corresponds to a surface area ranging from 50m2 to 100m2. However, it should be noted that the performance of a stove depends on the geographical location of the house (altitude and climate of the region) and its insulation.

In addition, Seguin wood stoves offer a average yield of 76% and a dioxide emission of about 0.11%. They also meet the standards RT2012 and can therefore be installed in a new building.

Acoustics of the Seguin wood stove

The wood stove is not very noisy compared to a pellet stove, because it works by radiation. It produces a noise that varies between 45 to 50 dB. For reference, this corresponds to the noise of a washing machine. To compare, a vacuum cleaner produces a noise of 75dB and the noise generated by a car is 80dB. The sound intensity of a wood stove is then perfectly acceptable and can even bring a certain atmosphere to the room.

The price of the Seguin wood stove

The price of a Seguin stove differs depending on the model and its characteristics. The more powerful the model with a high output, the higher the price. To give you an idea of the price of Seguin wood stoves, here is a comparative table of prices excluding installation and accessories.

Seguin wood stove modelPrice excluding installation and accessories
Wood stove Jade1 392.00 € TTC
Wood stove Gibraltar2 583,60 € TTC
Wood stove Magellan4 018,80 € VAT INCLUDED
Wood stove Legacy2 806, 80 € TTC
Wood stove HWAM Seguin cast iron1 956,00 € INCLUDING VAT

The price of firewood to fuel the stove is also variable. The fluctuations are due to the geographical location, the time of year, the delivery and the quality of the wood. The price of a stere of wood (about 1m3 of wood) is on average 70€, bought from a professional.

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The regulation of the Seguin wood stove

A collaboration between the Seguin Group, Hwam and the University of Copenhagen has resulted in an electronic combustion control system for wood stoves and fireplaces. Thanks to the system IHS SmartControl™the wood stove can be controlled from a smartphone or a tablet via an application.

The application automatically manages the air intake and temperature. The user is also informed of the need to refuel the fire. The use of this system allows to reduce wood consumption by 50% and increase stove efficiency by 17%. Moreover, it is possible to program a night mode (reduced consumption) with the application.

It should be noted, however, that this application is not available on all Seguin wood stoves, some of which are manually controlled.

Dimensions of the Seguin wood stove

The Seguin wood stove is not very bulky. As a general rule, it is less remarkable than a refrigerator. The size of the Seguin wood stove varies depending on the model. The height varies between 58cm and 124cm while the width can vary from 47cm to 100cm.

In short, the Seguin wood stove is a very interesting choice in terms of supplementary heating. It is both reliable and efficient, but above all, it is a tool that meets current ecological standards. It is offered in several models and prices to satisfy all budgets and to fit into all interiors.