JUSTUS wood and pellet stove : our opinion

To face the energy crisis, wood heating is an advantageous alternative to electric and gas heating. It is a green solution that is perfectly aligned with concrete actions to protect the environment. 

The JUSTUS brand offers a variety of wood stoves to suit everyone's needs. But is it worth it? What are its features? Our opinion on the JUSTUS wood and pellet stoves.

History of the JUSTUS brand

The German brand JUSTUS was founded in 1837 under the name of "JUSTUS Hütte" as a company specializing in the mining and processing of iron ore. 

At the end of the 19the century, the establishment became one of the pioneer manufacturers of coal stoves. In the 1950s, he became a leader in the field by specializing in manufacture of oil and fuel stoves.  

To respond to the movement ecological which developed in Germany in the 90's, JUSTUS added the solid fuel heating such as wood in his collection. 

Today, the brand has become a reference in domestic wood heating. In addition to the stoves made of wood and to granulesIt also offers wood and wood-burning stoves. hydro granules as well as stoves with wood with accumulation.

Specialty of the JUSTUS brand of stoves

The JUSTUS brand distinguishes itself from its competitors by its many years of expertise in the field. Above all, it stands out for the performance and the excellent quality/price ratio of its products.

All JUSTUS wood-burning appliances offer a excellent environmental performance index. Best of all, they are all eligible for tax provisions. In addition, they meet German standards for operation, efficiency and emissions. JUSTUS brand stoves are even considered more environmentally friendly and economical than other brands. 

Another asset of the JUSTUS brand is the aesthetics of its stoves. It offers different shapes that adapt to each interior style using different materials. 

The different types of JUSTUS brand stoves

The JUSTUS brand offers different models of wood stoves to suit different tastes, needs and budgets. 

The wood stove

JUSTUS wood stoves comply with the EN 13 240 or EN 14 785 or EN 15 250 standard and have a high efficiency rate: about 80 % depending on the appliance. The latter indicates the capacity of the appliance to give back in terms of heating. 

JUSTUS wood stoves have an average carbon monoxide concentration of less than or equal to 0.30 %. The environmental performance index (EPI) is less than 1. 

JUSTUS wood stoves are adapted to today's homes in terms of design. They are available in a wide range of materials: steel, soapstone, golden sand, ceramic tile, earthenware tile...

The wood stove with accumulation

JUSTUS wood stoves offer greater efficiency and longer heating time. This technology uses a refractory mass that is located on the top of the stove. This refractory block accumulates heat during the entire combustion phase. This allows the unit to radiate heat for up to 10 hours after the stove is turned off. 

The hydro wood stove

The JUSTUS brand also currently makes it possible to couple a wood stove with the heating water exchanger. The technologies of the AQUA series from JUSTUS give the possibility to heat the room as well as the water that circulates from your central heating at the same time. 

A JUSTUS hydro wood stove represents well-being and comfort at a lower cost. It allows you to enjoy a cozy wood burning fireplace in your living room while taking care of the central heating and hot water in the whole house.  

The pellet stove

JUSTUS pellet stoves are renowned for their performance. It is a natural convection heater. Without a fan to propel the hot air into the room, the diffusion is smooth, even and quiet. Most JUSTUS pellet stoves also have an automatic cleaning function for the burner pot. 

The pellet stove JUSTUS is easy to use thanks to an intuitive handling and a remote control by remote control or via a smartphone. 

The hydro pellet stove

Hydro pellet stoves are practical and efficient. They represent both comfort and energy savings. JUSTUS hydro pellet stoves can be coupled with a solar heating system to save more energy.

Thermal performance and consumption of JUSTUS stoves

The experience of the JUSTUS company and the requirements it sets itself allow it to create devices that meet the needs of consumers in terms of both performance and consumption. 

For wood stoves

JUSTUS wood stoves have a heating capacity of 6.5 kW depending on the model. With an average efficiency of 80 %, the heating volume can reach up to 144 m3. They have an EPI of 0.50.

For hydro wood stoves

The heating capacity of the hydro wood stoves is 4.7 kW to 8.5 kW. The heating volume is about 200 m3. The efficiency is more than 80 % with a PEI of 0.4.

For wood-burning stoves

The wood-burning stoves have an output of 7.0 kW with an efficiency of over 75 %. Their heating volume is around 144 m3. Their EPI is 0.60.

For pellet stoves 

The power of JUSTUS pellet stoves varies from 2.5 to 8.0 kW. Their heating volume can go up to 200m3. Their efficiency is higher than 87 % and their EPI is 0.03.

For hydro pellet stoves

The hydro pellet stoves have an output of 2.5 to 9.4 kW. Their heating volume can reach 200m3. Their efficiency is higher than 90 % with a PEI of 0.00.

The performance of the most popular JUSTUS stove models:

ModelPerformanceHeating volumePowerCAI (performance index)
Agero80 %144 m3 maximum7 kW0,6
Faro Top 280 % 115 m3 maximum6.0 kW0,6
Meva78 %88 m3 maximum5.5 kW0,5
Austin 780 %144 m3 maximum7 kW0,5
Dias 78 %128 m3 maximum6.5 kW0,5

The advantages of the JUSTUS brand

The German brand JUSTUS offers wood and pellet stoves that are technologically advanced, ergonomic, economical, environmentally friendly and combustible. The experience and expertise of JUSTUS over many years has proven itself. 

From an aesthetic point of view, JUSTUS wood and pellet stoves have been able to follow all the style trends. The proof is in the original design and the different materials.

JUSTUS stoves prices

The prices of JUSTUS stoves vary according to each model. However, the price remains reasonable in relation to the performance offered by each stove.

The prices of JUSTUS stoves vary between €1,401 and €2,839 including tax, depending on the model chosen. Installation costs are not included in these prices. Average installation prices range from €500 to €1000. 

ModelPrice includes VAT
Agero 2.0From 1500 € onwards
Faro Top 2.0Starting at 1999 €.
MevaFrom 2174 € onwards
Austin 7 Starting at 2349 €.
Dias Starting at 2839 €.

JUSTUS stoves footprint

JUSTUS wood and pellet stoves are not bulky. The dimensions of JUSTUS wood stoves are sometimes no larger than those of large fireplaces. The Austin 7, one of the largest models of the JUSTUS brand, is 116 cm high, 120 cm wide and 56 cm deep. 

JUSTUS also designs models for small spaces. This is the case of the Canis with a height of 95 cm, a width of 50 cm and a depth of 53 cm.

ModelDimensions (HxWxD) 
Agero 2.081 x 128 x 45 cm
Faro Top 252 x 150 x 52 cm
Meva45,8 x 114 x 45,8 cm
Austin 7116 x 120 x 56 cm
Dias61 x 71 x 44 cm

Overall opinion on JUSTUS wood and pellet stoves

JUSTUS wood and pellet stoves combine performance, aesthetics and affordability. The brand manufactures stoves to suit all tastes and interior styles. They meet strict requirements in terms of operation, efficiency and emission. In short, JUSTUS wood and pellet stoves are economical, ecological and aesthetic.  

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