A mega solar panel factory under construction in Hambach

Holosolis announces the establishment of a factory for the production of photovoltaic panels in Moselle

The consortium Holosolis has announced the establishment of a photovoltaic panel mega-plant in Hambach, in the Communauté d'Agglomération Sarreguemines Confluences. The new plant will have a production capacity of 5 gigawatts per year at cruising speed, which is more than Europe's largest solar panel production site in Catania, Italy (3 GW). The project represents an investment of €700 million and is expected to create around 1,700 jobs.

An ambitious project for the development of solar energy in France

The Hambach photovoltaic panel production plant is an ambitious project that aims to strengthen the solar industry in France. This initiative is in line with the French government's desire to develop renewable energies and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The establishment of this plant in Hambach will also help to revitalize the Grand Est region, which will benefit from the economic spin-offs linked to the creation of jobs and the investments made by Holosolis.

Key features of the project:

  • A production capacity of 5 gigawatts per year
  • An investment of 700 million euros
  • The creation of 1700 jobs
  • A strategic location in the region Great East

A strategic choice for Holosolis and a positive impact on the local economy

For its establishment, Holosolis had put in competition 40 sites in six countries, including Germany, Spain, Portugal and Poland. The choice of Hambach demonstrates the attractiveness of the French territory and the competitiveness of the Grand Est region in terms of renewable energy. Indeed, the Hambach business park will benefit from a strong solar potential, a qualified workforce and adapted infrastructures.

The photovoltaic panel factory should be operational by 2025 and will create 1700 jobs by 2027. This project is excellent news for the Sarreguemines region, which will thus see its economic fabric strengthened and its reputation in the field of renewable energy increased.

Expected economic benefits for the region:

  • Strengthening the economic fabric local
  • Creation ofskilled jobs
  • Increase of attractiveness of the territory
  • Promotion of renewable energies

A project that replaces that of the Norwegian group REC Solar

The Holosolis project is a timely replacement for the Norwegian group REC Solar, which had initially planned to invest 680 million euros in a photovoltaic panel production unit in Hambach to produce 4 GW. This project was finally abandoned in 2022.

With the announcement of the establishment of the solar panel mega-plant in Hambach, the Grand Est region is asserting itself as a major player in the development of renewable energy in France and Europe. The Holosolis project will thus contribute to strengthening French leadership in the solar energy sector and to promoting the energy transition towards more environmentally friendly energy sources.