ZODIAC Z200 Heat Pump: Reviews of this Small Pool Heat Pump

Zodiac Pool Systems is an American-born brand that became a subsidiary of the Spanish Fluidra Zodiac Group in 2018.

Previously, this brand was called Zodiac Marine and Pool, and its star product was the famous Zodiac boat, which has become commonplace.

This brand is specialized in water treatment devices for swimming pools and in particular in swimming pool heat pumps for small and large pools.

Here, we will focus on the smallest model, the first in the Zodiac pool heat pump line: the Zodiac Z200, also known as the Zodiac Power or Everpac.

This relatively low power model is found in Switzerland around some private pools in the Lake Geneva region, which remains a rather temperate region, and also in other regions such as Geneva, the Valais, or Neuchâtel, but more rarely.

The picture above shows the outdoor block that contains the evaporator, compressor and expansion valve. It is placed somewhere around the pool. It is connected to a condenser whose role is, in contact with the water of the pool, to release the heat taken from the air.

Aesthetics of the Zodiac Z200 heat pump

  • The overall appearance is neat, with a rather modern product design
  • The color of the polypropylene frame is not necessarily the most aesthetic, however
  • The product will probably be marked by the years, in terms of appearance

Zodiac Z200 Performance

This model is available in 4 different power versions:

The Zodiac Z200 M2 or Zodiac Power 5M

The Zodiac Z200 M2 gives a power of 6,7 kW in full summer, with an excellent COP announced of 5,5. This means that these 6.7 kW of power brought to the water of the pool, actually costs only 1.2 kW of electricity on your bill. It is important to note that this performance is valid for air at 28°C, water at 28°C and an air humidity of 80%.

In mid-season, with air at 15°C, water at 26°C and 70% of humidity, the power drops to 4.8kW and the COP to 4.8, which is still good.

This Zodiac Z200 M2 version is comfortable for small pools up to 30m3*.

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* In all cases, we are talking about private pools with an isothermal cover.

The Zodiac Z200 M3 or Zodiac Power 7M

The Zodiac Z200 M3 develops a power of 9,3 kW in full summer, with a COP of 5, for an air at 28°C, a water at 28°C and an air humidity of 80%.

In mid-season, with air at 15°C, water at 26°C and 70% of humidity, the power drops to 7kW and the COP to 4.4, which is still good.

This Zodiac Z200 M3 version is comfortable for small pools up to 45m3.

The Zodiac Z200 M4 or Zodiac Power 9M

The Zodiac Z200 M4 develops a power of 11,5 kW in full summer, COP 5,1 for 28°C water, 28°C air, 80% humidity.

For 15°C water, 26°C air, 70% humidity, the power drops to 8.1kW and the COP to 4.

This Zodiac Z200 M4 version is comfortable for small pools up to 60m3.

The Zodiac Z200 M5 or Zodiac Power 11M

It develops 14,8kW for 28/28/80 with a COP of 4,8. Then in mid-season it offers 10.1kW. with a COP of 4.

This Zodiac Z200 M5 version is comfortable for small pools up to 70m3This is already a nice rectangular pool of about 10x5m with an average depth of about 1.5m.

The performance of the Zodiac Z200 can be adapted to a wide range of villa pools.
Although it is not the most ecological, this Swimming pool heat pump exists in Defrost version for each of the versions M2 to M5 which then become MD2 to MD5, which will allow the heat pump to operate down to -5°C outside, to extend the swimming season and ensure a defrosting of the evaporator if needed.


Even for the largest model, the Zodiac Z200 MD5, the sound pressure measured at 10m is given as 44dBA. This means that if the closest window to the neighbors is well over 10m away, or even slightly closer, the noise standard will be met, and your project will be accepted in terms of acoustics.

The smallest, the Zodiac Z200 M2, has a sound pressure level of 38dBA at 10m, which is quite quiet.

Starting current

The starting current ranges from 5,2A up to max. 13,4A, which will allow you to keep your electric meter which has a circuit breaker probably of a minimum of 15A or 20A.

The price of a Zodiac Z200

A Zodiac Z200 swimming pool heat pump is generally priced between CHF 1,800 for the Z200 M2 and CHF 4,000 for the Z200 M5.

It would be possible to do the installation by yourself. However, you can find professionals who will install it for you for CHF 2'000.00 to 3'000.00, excluding supplies.

If you are in France or Belgium, you can ask for a pro quote below, it's very fast! (not yet available for CH)


Zodiac is well represented throughout Europe. In Switzerland, many installers buy from official distributors in France.

In the French part of Switzerland, you have 3 retailers:

Alize Piscine Service in La Sarraz - VD - https://www.alizepiscine.ch/prestations/

Nicollier Piscines in Fully - VS - http://www.nicollier.ch/

Dream Life in Crissier - VD - https://www.dream-life-sarl.ch/

You can also buy it in some online shops, including this one for example:

Pamatrex.ch => https://www.pamatrex.ch/shop/fr/51-pompes-a-chaleur


Everything happens at the level of the box on top of the chassis, with a rather modern and intuitive digital screen, with a little practice.

The heat pump is in heating priority mode. This allows you to have water at the right temperature at all times. For this, the filtration pump must not be autonomous, but slaved to the heat pump. The filtration pump is powered by the heat pump. So when the heat pump has a demand for heat, it starts up and the filtration pump with it.

The Zodiac MD2-MD5 has an automatic defrosting by cycle inversion.


This pool heat pump has a very small footprint. Indeed, whatever the model M2 to M5 or MD2 to MD5 in Defrost, the dimensions are the same:

  • Height: 666mm (bottom of foot to top of frame)
  • Width : 840mm
  • Depth : 385mm

The pool water connections are located 110mm from the ground for the inlet, and 290mm higher for the outlet. All on the back side.

See the Zodiac Z200 footprint and technical data here

Thanks to its small size, it fits everywhere. It can be hidden more easily to preserve the aesthetics of the poolside.

Moreover, its weight of about 50 kg allows it to be placed on a wall with the help of optional support brackets.


The Zodiac Z200 comes with a protective winter cover and anti-vibration pads.

An optional remote control is available for added convenience. Wall brackets are also available for those who wish to wall-mount the Z200 and preserve the aesthetics of their pool environment. A PAC Net kit is also available for cleaning the heat pump from the outside.



The main advantage of the Zodiac Z200 is its small size. It is much smaller than its big sister the Z300.

It adapts to a wide range of typical villa ponds, thanks to its wide power range.

Its COP which can go up to more than 5 on paper, will allow you to choose the comfort of a heated water without ruining you in electric expenses.

However, we recommend that you use it sensibly so that you don't unnecessarily blow up your electricity bills, and pollute the environment for nothing.

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