Edilkamin Cherie Up pellet stove : our opinion  

There is nothing more comfortable than a pellet stove to fully warm up your living space and protect your loved ones from the cold in winter. Thanks to their heating power, these devices are increasingly used. However, among the sophisticated and elegant models found on the market, we can mention the pellet stove Cherie up. It is a heating device of the Edilkamin brand that brings all the necessary comfort to your home. Want to know more about this stove to make your own opinion? If so, then follow this guide!  

History of the Edilkamin brand 

Edilkamin is an Italian company founded in 1963 that has grown through 50 years of experience. It has more than 6 manufacturing companies in Italy. Edilkamin also has a number of sales companies that form a network covering the whole of Italy. Its manufacturing units are also located in other European countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary. 

It can therefore offer about 300 products. The company collaborates with the energy sector of the Polytechnico of Turin, which ensures the quality of its products after testing. This has allowed the company to benefit from prestigious certifications such as CE, Sintef, IMQ, and the Italian standard UNI EN ISO 9001.


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Brand Specialty 

The Edilkamin brand is specialized in the field of domestic heating. It has been in existence for half a century and is now considered a leader in the manufacture of wood stoves, pellet stoves, thermostoves, fireplaces and boilers. The pellet stoves offer the advantages of safety, comfort, efficiency and functionality. 

Equipped with a Clean Combustion System (CCS), they considerably reduce pollution and then recover heat for optimal efficiency. In addition to having a good autonomy, they are programmable remotely from a telephone. Some devices are equipped with a ventilation system, as well as a humidifier to make you enjoy a pleasant feeling in your home. 

Cherie up pellet stove from Edilkamin 

The pellet stove Cherie up of Edilkamin proposed in several solutions in terms of power, aesthetics and dimensions fit in both traditional and modern homes. It produces warm air to heat the space where it is installed and even in adjacent spaces thanks to the pipes. 

The installation of this unit is very easy, even in a location off-center from the flue. This is possible thanks to the small dimensions and the forced smoke ejection. The Edilkamin pellet stove has state-of-the-art technology that ensures programmability, good autonomy and safety for the user. Pellets are one of the most advantageous fuels in that they allow significant savings on heating costs.  

What does this stove look like?

Beautifully and elegantly designed, the Cherie up pellet stove with its various finishes and options is a must-have. Unique and customizable, this stove brings practicality, modernity and comfort. It seduces with its large heating volume and its latest technologies. This trendy stove is selectable in 3 different colors namely ivory, red or hazelnut. 

Thanks to a second fan for the production of warm air, the device diffuses the heat generated by the pipe into the surrounding spaces. You can order the heat diffusion kit as individual materials. The smoke nozzle has a width of 80 mm and can be connected to the back of the stove.   

Stove performance 

The Cherie up pellet stove has a heating capacity of up to 11.1 kw. This allows you to adequately heat a small room or an entire house. Indeed, the heatable volume is about 285 cubic meters, which corresponds to a very large area depending on the ceiling height. For a house of 95 square meters on two levels, for example, we obtain a very pleasant warm air of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius at the bottom and 18 to 19 degrees Celsius at the top.

With this heating capacity, it is obvious that this stove is fully suitable for all rooms, large or medium. To convince you of its power, note that its efficiency is set at 90.06 in homes. Thanks to its power, it can easily distribute heat in all rooms of the house to make everyone agree. 

The Edilkamin Cherie up stove works with pellets that are easy to find anywhere. The special feature of this device is that it does not consume a lot of pellets. This saves money and avoids the constant purchase of pellets for the stove.   

It contains a pellet hopper with a volume of 19 kg for a minimum consumption of 1.2 pellets per hour. With this large hopper and the low consumption of the stove, you will have between 6 to 13 hours of use without additional recharge. 


This model of stove does not cause any noise discomfort, especially since the fan blower can be set from 1 to 5 or automatically. On settings from 1 to 3, the noise is acceptable but beyond that it can be annoying. The noise of the Cherie up natural convection pellet stove ranges from 36 to 42 decibels. When operating with ventilation the noise is 40 to 42 decibels.      

Price of Cherie up pellet stove

On the price side, the brand Edilkamin offers its pellet stoves only in specialized stores with prices ranging from 2 000 to 4 500 euros. These rates are exclusive of tax and are set according to the performance of the devices whether sealed or not. The cost also depends on the finish of these stoves: steel, coating, stone or ceramic. 

The Cherie up model is marketed at a price of 3,590 euros excluding tax in the ceramic version. The total cost of the installation is around 6,300 euros (excluding tax) according to the following breakdown.  

Model Rates 
Stove Cherie up Edilkamin 3 590 euros 
Hands of work 700 euros 
Insulated duct 80/1301 500 euros 
Conduit connection 80400 euros 
Air supply 100 euros 

Would you like more details on the price of the Edilkamin pellet stove installed in your home? Fill out this form in 2 minutes to receive a quote.


The Edilkamin Cherie up pellet stove offers the possibility to purchase a GSM module and install it on your cell phone. After installing this module, it is possible to control the stove remotely and even far from home. This makes it possible to switch on the device to start heating before returning home. 

As a result, your home will always be at the right temperature under any circumstances. The setting can also be done from the mobile device without any problems. The phone thus functions as a remote control for the pellet stove. 

When you are present, consider setting your stove to a temperature between 19 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. When you are away, you can lower the temperature to around 14 degrees Celsius. If you are going to be away for several days in the winter, the ideal temperature is 7 degrees Celsius.  

Size of the model 

If you don't have enough space in your home, it's best to look for something smaller and less bulky than this stove. Indeed, the Cherie up stove in addition to being bulky, it also has a weight that can be a real source of problem for its movement. Technically, the height of this device is 1070 mm with a depth of 560 mm, a width of 620 mm and a weight of 227 kg.  

The Cherie up pellet stove from Edilkamin plays its role very well and provides warm air in the home as it should. The device is very powerful and brings a touch of elegance to the home regardless of its internal decoration. Its heating capacity that adapts to all surfaces seduces everyone. Equipped with new technologies, this device works with two fans to distribute heat. With its wide duct, the smoke evaporates easily, avoiding pollution in the living room. It can distribute warm air in several rooms of the house, and the fact that it is compatible with telephones makes it practical and easy to handle. Its cost may be expensive but it is still very effective and can be adapted to any home. 

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