Poolex is a French brand specialized in the production and marketing of pool heating equipment, including an interesting range of heat pumps. The brand is relatively recent: it was created in 2006, in the wake of the Poolstar group specialized in wellness equipment and material for swimming pools and spas.

In spite of this recent development, Poolex pool heat pumps have found their place in France and Western Europe, thanks to their robustness, prices that are slightly lower than the market average and a wide range of power ratings, covering pools from 20 to 700 m3 from -15° C (in theory). We have tested the Poolex pool heat pumps to help you make an informed choice.

Aesthetics of the Poolex pool heat pump

Without reinventing the genre, Poolex offers pool heat pumps with a rather flattering design, with a classic rectangular format (Poolex Articline Premium FI), a compact cylindrical format (Platinium range) or an outright futuristic design (Poolex Vertigo FI). Even the model for large volumes and communities, the Megaline FI, has an "acceptable" design.

Poolex spares you the typical off-white of appliances and offers two-tone pool heat pumps with a dominant chrome gray.

Performance of the Poolex pool heat pump

We offer you the technical characteristics of the most prominent Poolex pool heat pump models on the market. A small point of terminology before proceeding:

  • FI = Full InverterThis technology allows the heat pump to adjust its energy consumption to the real needs of the pool thanks to the compressor-fan combination. Unlike the Step Inverter, the unique control system allows the operation of the couple to be adjusted to the nearest percent). Only the power needed to heat the water is delivered, with a high COP.
  • On/OffThis is the "historic" technology of heat pumps, with a single operating power. When the programmed temperature is reached, the heat pump switches off. When the water cools down, the heat pump starts up again, giving its full power. Disadvantage: strong variations in amperage and a cycle that repeats itself more than necessary, with peaks of intensity.

#1 The Poolex Poolican model

The Poolican is a 4-in-1 equipment that takes care of the entire treatment and comfort of the pool. This model includes :

  • A 5 kW reversible pool heat pump, which heats and cools the water according to the season;
  • A circulation pump that ensures the passage of water from the pool to the hydraulic system;
  • A cartridge filter that retains impurities in the water;
  • A salt water chlorinator that disinfects the water.

This rather intuitive model is designed for above ground pools and pools up to 25 m3The Poolican can be installed without cables and connections, in Plug & Play mode. The Poolican is installed without cables or connections, in Plug & Play mode.

The performance of the heat pump part is more than correct, with an excellent COP announced at 5.5 (in favourable climatic conditions, with an air temperature of 27°C). In short, the 5 kW brought to the water of the basin cost you only 0.9 kW.

#2 The Poolex Nano Turbo pool heat pump

Compact, economical and reversible, the Nano Turbo heat pump is designed for above-ground pools and small in-ground pools up to 21 m3. The 32 / 38 mm and 1'' fittings allow an easy and quick connection, in a few seconds, for above ground, in ground and even spa pools. The Nano is equipped with a Toshiba compressor. Its performances are correct for such a small size:

ConditionsAir: 26°C, Water: 26°C, Hygrometry: 80%Air: 15°C, Water: 26°C, Hygrometry: 80%
Capacity (kW)3.012.2
Power consumption (kW)0.540.49

We therefore remain on an excellent COP, whether at 15° C or 26° C (air). Overall, you consume between 4.51 and 5.61 less than the heating power brought to the pool, compared to pure electric. We remain in the average of the competing models like the Zodiac Z200 M2Please note This model is also available for ponds of less than 35 m3 (Poolex Nano Action).

#3 Jetline Premium FI pool heat pump

The Poolex Jetline Premium FI is suitable for pools up to 145 m3. It is offered in 8 versions, with a maximum power output of 7.62 kW to 28.42 kW, with an excellent COP of around 5 (air 15° C, water 26° C, humidity 70 %) or 7 (air 26° C, water 26° C, humidity 80 %).

We appreciate the aluminum front panel, which is more flexible, more resistant to weather and less noisy than steel. The Full Inverter (FI) technology allows up to 35 % more savings. This model features a Mitsubishi compressor.

#4 Silverline pool heat pump

It is without doubt the best known model in France, thanks to its good quality-price ratio. Sized for pools from 30 to 110 m3This heat pump offers a good COP of 5 to 6 depending on climatic conditions. Thus, the 22 kW model consumes only 3.67 to 4.4 kW.

This classic model (On/Off) is available in 7 powers, from 5.5 to 22 kW. As far as design is concerned, the Silverline is... not pretty! We remain on a metal shell a little rustic. We appreciate however the removable box, not always proposed on this price range. The compressor is signed Toshiba.

The acoustics of Poolex pool heat pumps

The most powerful model in this test is the Jetline Silverline 220, which generates 72 db(A) at 10 meters. For the smaller models, the sound level is less than 44 db(A) for pools of 30 m3 and less than 48 db(A) for pools less than 65 m3 at 10 meters. The Poolex pool heat pumps are therefore correct on this point, without being truly silent.

The price of Poolex pool heat pumps

Poolex pool heat pumps range in price from €409 for the Nano range to over €2,800 for the Jetline range. Even though Poolex promises pool heat pumps in Plug & Play mode, we recommend that you call in a professional installer. In a hurry? Generate three comparative quotes from professional installers in your area in a few clicks below.

Availability of Poolex pool heat pumps

You will find Poolex swimming pool heat pumps almost everywhere in France and Western Europe. The brand has a network of dealers that covers the national territory. You will also find the most popular references of the brand on the usual marketplaces such as Amazon, Cdiscount or Mano Mano.

Control of the Poolex pool heat pumps

The majority of Poolex pool heat pumps can be controlled from a smartphone thanks to the mobile application and Wi-Fi connectivity. Depending on the model, you'll have a touchscreen interface or a classic box on the side or top of the heat pump. In some models, including the Silverline range, the box is detachable from the unit.

On the Silverline FI pool heating system, for example, you have a 10-meter wired control extension to control the equipment from your terrace without difficulty. This model also has an integrated WiFi connection and can be controlled from your smartphone. The Poolex heat pumps include a 24-hour programming mode.

Dimensions of the Poolex pool heat pumps

Overall, Poolex offers heat pumps that are well dimensioned for the size of the pool. This is reflected in the Poolican, which is a truly compact technical room:

  • Height: 595 mm ;
  • Width: 405 mm ;
  • Depth: 805 mm.

The Silverline Full Inverter remains the same size, i.e. 824 x 334 x 656 for the versions suitable for pools up to 65 m3.

Accessories for Poolex pool heat pumps

Poolex pool heat pumps come with :

  • Packaging on wooden pallet;
  • PVC pressure connectors;
  • A condensate drain pipe;
  • An extension of the wired control system;
  • Anti-vibration puppets and supports;
  • A defrosting cover;
  • A maintenance book with instructions for use.

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