Godin Wood Stove : Our opinion on this heater

In order to be well prepared for the cold winter months, you need to have the right equipment. We often talk about the heating system that works with wood in the manner of a fireplace. The wood stove is used to warm your home.

Compared to other modern heaters, the wood stove has many advantages. Wood is an efficient energy at a lower cost. It presents a natural energy solution in the dynamics of sustainable development and in the respect of the environment. It is a renewable and clean energy when used intelligently. Investing in a wood stove is to enjoy the benefits of comfort with the spectacle of flame in the fireplace, smell the wood, and perceive the soft heat of the wood fire.

This is the reason why many households are now adopting this type of heating. The Godin brand has some very unique features among the thousands of brands on the market.

History and specialty of the Godin brand

Godin is recognized as a company specialized in cast iron stoves. It is one of the top 3 French wood stove manufacturers.

A short history of the Godin brand

The heating appliances produced by Godin were created in one of the group's two foundries located in Guise and Liévin.

Recognized as the father company of the social economy, it was founded by Jean Baptiste André Godin in 1840. The brand is named after its creator and means "heating and quality, becomes a company of innovation and performance.

The French company has 2 factories in Guise and Liévin. It is also present in the Pas-de-Calais, Aisne and Saône-et-Loire regions. With 750 employees who run the group, the maintenance, performance and longevity of the wood-burning appliances are guaranteed at Godin.

The company has two sheet metal factories, a glass factory and an integrated marble factory. It has a laboratory and its own design office. This allows it to offer innovative products such as waterproof stoves compatible with RT2012, energy efficient and reliable appliances.

Specialty of the Godin brand:

Godin specializes in the manufacture of wood stoves. Products that comply with the "green flame" quality charter, and with European standards and certified by the ADME. These are 7* label appliances that stand out for their respect for the environment and for their performance. The Godin brand wood stove is mainly manufactured for the respect of our planet by renewable energy.

The Godin brand is also a major producer of pellet stoves, also called "pellets". Products with an impeccable finish, a diversified range: enamelled, painted or with decorative characters...

The Godin wood stove model

This model of wood stove adapts perfectly to your needs. It is a decorative element of your living room, but it is also an auxiliary heater. The model also adapts to your expectations in terms of heating performance, the style of your home and your personal taste. Recognized as a space-saving product, it is easy to install regardless of your space constraints.

There are many different types of Godin wood stoves to choose from depending on your taste and budget. They are different from each other in terms of features. What makes them unique is the technology they provide: less ash, less residue, low wood consumption, instantaneously adjustable combustion.

Aesthetics of the model :

Aesthetically, the Godin wood stove has been designed to suit different tastes and choices. The design is neat and clean whether it is round, cube, suspended with the heating body in cast iron. The stove is dressed either in painted steel and sanded Hainaut blue stone, or painted anthracite. The colors differ according to the models. Some are equipped with a glass door that allows you to see the flame and illuminate the entire room. The brand has taken care to make the aesthetics important: modern or classic, which blends into any decor.

The power of the Godin wood stove

Thanks to its cast iron interior, the Godin wood stove can spread the heat more quickly in the room. Cast iron is known for its high performance in inertia and thermal diffusivity.

The Godin wood stove with a power of 10 kw can ideally heat an apartment of 200m2.

There is also one with 9.5 kw power which is ideal for heating a room from 130 to 330m3.

The one with 7kw of power can be adapted to confined rooms ranging from 90 to 240m3

The Godin wood stove of 6.5 kw of power is ideal for small rooms of 350m3.

Acoustics of Godin wood stove

The Godin wood stove does not make a whistling noise. This noise is related to your door seal or the 280 tubing.

The Godin wood heater is completely free of whistling noise.        

Price of the model Godin wood stove

Prices vary depending on power, design and other factors.

In general a Godin wood stove costs between 1,278 euros to 1,708 euros against 2,867euros to 3,349euros for pellet stoves.

Here is a summary table of the prices of the Godin wood stove models

ModelPower(Watt)Price (euros)
 Godin Wood Stove 7500 1.278
 Godin Fonteval Wood Stove 10000 1.708
 Godin Log Cube Wood Stove 6500 1.490
 Godin Pellet Stove 9000 2.867
  Pellet stove Volnay Godin  60004.411

Source: https://www.manomano.fr/recherche/po%C3%AAle+%C3%A0+bois+granul%C3%A9s+godin+7kw

Regulation of the model

The Godin wood stove model works with an automatic RT2012 regulation. This means that you can enjoy the desired temperature continuously in your room. A regulation system that allows you to have the same temperature setting which gives the best possible performance.

Clutter of the Godin wood stove

  • Godin's wood heaters have been well designed to fit your room. Whatever the size of your room, you'll find a model to match.
  • The JADE model measures H132.8 x W53.6x D40.6 cm and will fit well in your small room.
  • If you are looking for a smaller model, the LAMANON with dimensions of H98xW53,6 x D44,6cm is made for you.
  • For a smaller model the Panthera measures: H93,6x W 94,3x D 50,1cm
  • Les Vaucelles a very small model that measures: H75xW89x D46 is ideal for smaller rooms.

In conclusion, to enjoy optimal heat for any area of your room, choose Godin. This type of wood burning heater is economical and advantageous. With the classic, contemporary and traditional design, enjoy the sight of natural flames with an automatically regulated temperature. The price varies according to the budget and the dimensions are not cumbersome. As they say, join the useful to the pleasant, this type of heating adapts very well to all the themes of your decoration.

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