A Review of the Supra Wood Stove

Supra is one of the leading brands in the home heating industry. It is known all over the world for its products and in particular its wood stove. Simple and ultra-styled, the Supra wood stove has exceptional technical characteristics. It is very efficient and distinguishes itself by its performance as well as its heating volume. Here are the essentials about it.

Supra: history and specialty

1.      History of the supra brand

The supra brand is an industrial firm whose history dates back to 1873. Established in the region of Obernai in Alsace, it is driven by a single passion: to master fire completely and to make its benefits available to consumers. Indeed, the original objective of the supra group was to offer efficient and easy-to-use heating solutions. To this end, the first products it brought to market included wood stoves and fireplaces. The latter were only marketed in France.

A few years after the brand was founded, its goals and vision evolved considerably. In addition to heating products, the brand had entered the field of air treatment, ventilation and air conditioning. From that moment on, the production and storage capacities and all the processes of the brand were quickly strengthened. Also, it gained important shares in the international market and the export of its products was made in various European countries. For example, Belgium, Italy, and Greece.

Over the years, the supra brand has formed many partnerships. Thus, several collaborations were presented between it and a multitude of French companies. The main goal of these collaborations was to offer high performance and high quality products. Since its creation, the supra brand is in perpetual innovation what justifies its constant on the market. It makes sure to offer efficient solutions that meet the needs of consumers.

Today, the supra brand is represented online which makes its products accessible worldwide. In addition, it has numerous certifications, the most important of which are the Eco Design certification and the Green Flame certification. These certifications are a guarantee of quality for the supra products available on the market. In addition, supra employs about 300 people with different backgrounds and has a modern research laboratory. The latter is authorized to issue the "NF" label, which is a major quality label in France.

2.      Brand specialty supra

Metallurgy is the specialty of the supra brand. Since its creation, its business has consisted of working steel and giving it new life through various products. Indeed, the supra firm is specialized in the production of metal equipment only. These equipments for the most part concern fields such as heating, air treatment, ventilation and air conditioning. These include wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, inserts, electric heaters, air conditioners and fans.

Supra wood stove : presentation

The supra wood stove is an appliance made to bring warmth and well-being to families in cooler times. It is intended for domestic use and is available in different shapes, colors, styles and functions. It diffuses evenly soft heat in the home where it is installed and provides exceptional thermal comfort.  

Regardless of the model considered, the supra wood stove has an extremely efficient heating system. Unlike the electric heating system, it is very economical because it uses a green and renewable energy. Indeed, firewood is a slow and ecological fuel that emits little carbon dioxide. It offers a good performance and guarantees the health safety of consumers. The main characteristics (aesthetics, performance, acoustics, price, regulation, size) of the supra wood stove are presented below.

Aesthetics of the supra wood stove  

The supra wood stove is an extremely well-designed device whose aesthetic qualities captivate the attention. In both the horizontal and vertical versions, it is known for its particularly clean lines and finishes worked down to the smallest detail. It brings finesse to the decoration of the room where it is installed, sublimates it and gives it a warm atmosphere.

Apart from that, another aesthetic advantage of the supra wood stove is that it accentuates the lighting of the house where it is located because of the particular configuration it enjoys. Indeed, in front of the wood stove supra is a transparent opening that lets the light rays pass when the fire is lit. It also allows you to contemplate the beauty of the fire and the attraction of its flames. Visually, the rendering is very beautiful and the orange color is very stunning.  

Performance of the supra wood stove 

The supra wood stove has a rated heating capacity of between 4.8 KW and 10 KW. For such a nominal power range, the supra stove offers a variable heating volume between 181 m3 and 350 m3; this is equivalent to a variable heating surface from 10 m2 to 200 m2. Therefore, it has an undeniable versatility. Indeed, a supra wood stove allows the heating of a house, regardless of its size. Whether it is large or small, there will always be a supra wood stove capable of heating it in an optimal way.

In addition to its high power rating, the supra wood stove has an efficiency of over 70 % and a CO2 emission of no more than 0.3 %.

Acoustics of the supra wood stove 

The Supra wood stove, like most modern wood stoves offered today, is not noisy. However, when used at high power, it is possible that it will make a slight noise. In fact, when used at its maximum performance in terms of power rating, the super wood stove has a sound emission of between 10 dB and 20 dB depending on the model chosen.

Price of the supra wood stove 

The supra wood stove is offered at varying prices depending on the model considered and its specificities. Most of the time, the most sophisticated models with a high power rating and efficiency are a little more expensive than others. Taking into account the differences that can be observed from one model to another, the average price including VAT of the supra stove is estimated at 2130 EUR. Of course, you must also consider the price of firewood, which costs an average of 25 EUR for 200 g. In the following table, the price of some models of supra wood stoves is specified.

Wood stove model supraAverage price including VAT
JACCO supra stove1590 EUR
UDO supra stove1690 EUR
Supra PACCO stove2190 EUR
CHLOE supra stove  2490 EUR
ANAYA TRI-VISION supra stove2690 EUR

Regulation of the supra wood stove 

The regulation of the supra wood stove is done manually. It would have been more interesting if it had been controlled remotely, but this does not detract from its technical quality. In addition, the supra stove is configured so that the usual functions (shutdown, power control, shutdown) are easily performed.

Space requirement of the supra wood stove 

The Supra wood stove is not a particularly large appliance. It is less imposing than a refrigerator and could therefore find a place in a living room or bedroom. The largest models of supra wood stoves have an average height of 755 mm.

The supra wood stove is a high-performance equipment that stands out for its efficiency, aesthetic qualities and power rating. It is not very noisy and is suitable for large and small spaces. Don't hesitate to buy it if it tempts you!

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