Cheap high temperature heat pump : TOP 5

If you're renovating an older home fitted with radiators that require 60-65°C water temperature to deliver their power, one solution for switching to renewable energies is to install a high-temperature heat pump. This will enable you to make some energy savings, benefit from government subsidies, and not lose out on thermal comfort.

High-temperature heat pumps are used when the temperature of the hot water leaving the heat pump's condenser is around 60°C or 65°C. Some heat pumps, such as the Yutaki S80 or the Daikin Altherma 3H HT, can go even higher, to 80°C, then we speak of very high temperature.

In this article we present 5 models of cheap high temperature heat pumps available on the market.

5 cheapest high temperature heat pumps

Mitsubishi Zubadan Silence R32

Mitsubishi Electric is a heavyweight in the heating and air-conditioning sector. The company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021 and has around 120,000 employees worldwide, including almost 2% of researchers. Annual sales are around €40 billion.

The Japanese brand develops its own technologies thanks to its army of researchers (around 2000). In particular, it markets the Zubadan (an expression that means "super heater" in Japanese 🙂 ).

Thermal performance of the Zubadan Silence R32

The Mitsubishi Zubadan is capable of delivering water up to 60°C even when it's very cold outside, down to -7°C. And it can maintain its heating power down to -15°C outside.

The COP on the best-selling model (the 8kW) is just over 5 A7W35.

This Zubadan Silence R32 is available in 7 sizes from 8kW single phase to 14kW three phase.

See Mitsubishi Zubadan technical sheet

Notable technical features of this Zubadan Silence R32 high temperature heat pump model

There are several technical details that make it a competitive heat pump:

  • Guaranteed to heat down to -28°C (perfect for heating your tent at Everest base camp ;))
  • Sound pressure of 42dBA at 1m and 28dBA at 5m: very quiet (value for the Zubadan silence 8, of 6kW...after that it goes up of 2dBA every two sizes)
  • Available in split heating only, and also with integrated DHW 170L, 200L or 300L depending on the number of people and bathrooms
  • Self-adapting control: measures the difference between the set temperature and the actual room temperature, and adapts the heating flow to reach the required set temperature.

Price of the Zubadan Silence R32 Mitsubishi

You will find this heat pump from just under €6,000 for the smallest size 8 and up to about 8500€. for the largest. To these will be added 3000 to 4000€ installationunless you do it yourself :). If you go through a craftsman RGE, you can claim subsidies according to your income. Therefore the whole thing could well come back to you at less than 10k€.

Atlantic Alféa Excellia A.I - R410A

We have already talked about the Vendée-based brand Atlantic, created in 1968, in this article. It's an innovative French brand with a strong focus on research and development.

Thermal performance of Alfea Excellia AI R410A

Their Alfea Excellia AI R410A model is capable of delivering hot water at 60°C down to an outdoor temperature of -20°C.

Their machines, depending on the size, provide hot thermal power between 10kW and 17kW A7W35. And the COP varies between 4 and 4.3.

Some technical elements of this Alfea Excellia AI R410A

  • This heat pump uses the famous Atlantic coaxial exchanger, which is less sensitive than the classic plate exchangers.
  • Liquid re-injection compressor for 60°C at -20°C
  • 1 or 2 zone control (option)

See the data sheet

Price of this Alfea Excellia AI R410A heat pump

You will find this heat pump from 7500€ for the smallest, and up to 12000€. for the biggest one.


Back to Japan with this Toshiba heat pump. Founded in 1875 by two entrepreneurs and inventors, Tanaka and Fujioka, Toshiba has always been committed to creating wealth by improving the quality of life of its compatriots. Toshiba has annual sales of $31 billion and over 140,000 employees worldwide! Another benchmark in air conditioning and heating.

Thermal performance of the Toshiba Estia Extreme

This high temperature heat pump is capable of supplying water at a maximum temperature of 60°C. It works up to -25°C outside.

The ESTIA Extrême is available in 2 single-phase sizes of 8 and 11 kW for A7/W35, and 3 three-phase sizes delivering 8, 11 and 14 kW for A7/W35.

See Estia Extreme data sheet

Technical elements to remember for the Toshiba Estia Extreme

  • The Estia Extreme heat pump is equipped with a Toshiba DC Twin Rotary compressor. This compressor is 40% more efficient at 50% load than at full load.
  • Possibility of cooling in cold mode.

Price of the Toshiba Estia Extreme

Estia Extreme indoor + outdoor module: you'll pay around €8,000 for a standard 8kW model.

Panasonic Aquarea T CAP Generation H

The Japanese brand Panasonic, a major player in the world of refrigeration and heating, also has its high temperature model. 60°C.

Thermal performance of the Panasonic Aquarea T CAP Generation H

ModelHot Power A7/W35COP A7/W35
Aquarea T-CAP Monobloc Generation H (monobloc) - 9kW
Aquarea T-CAP Monobloc Generation H (monobloc) - 12kW
Aquarea T-CAP Monobloc Generation H (monobloc) - 16kW

This heat pump maintains 100% of its power down to -15°C

See data sheet Panasonic Aquarea T CAP Gen. H

Technical elements to remember for the Panasonic Aquarea T CAP Generation H

This model of high temperature heat pump has several assets that make it a competitive machine:

  • Panasonic's TCAP technology: fluid re-injection before the compressor sucks in for
    constant power up to -15°C outside
  • Rotary R2 compressor: supports more start-up, more robust.

Price of the Panasonic Aquarea T CAP Generation H

Aquarea T-CAP Monobloc Generation H (monobloc) - 9kW
Aquarea T-CAP Monobloc Generation H (monobloc) - 12kW
Aquarea T-CAP Monobloc Generation H (monobloc) - 16kW


Gree was founded in China in 1991. Now run by businesswoman Dong Mingzhu, it is one of the world's biggest suppliers of air-conditioning equipment.

This Gree Versati III is a split unit that runs on R32.

Thermal performance of the Gree VERSATI III

Capable of delivering a water outlet temperature of 60°C, it can retain its power down to -25°C.

It is available in single and three-phase. Here is a table that summarizes the sizes and powers of the Gree Versati III

In Single Phase

Size SP4SP6SP8SP10SP12SP14SP16
Power kW A7/W354.
Power kW A7/W454.
Power kW A7/W553.685.87.368.7412.814.9616.68

In three-phase

Size SP8SP10SP12SP14SP16
Power kW A7/W358.0010.2011.8913.9615.54
Power kW A7/W458.00
Power kW A7/W557.369.3812.6914.9216.72

See Gree Versati III data sheet

Technical elements to remember for the Gree VERSATI III

The components are state-of-the-art:

  • Wilo Inverter pump
  • Alpha Laval plate heat exchanger
    GREE patented two-stage injection compressor
  • BDLC DC Inverter fan motor.


The approximate prices observed are as follows:

Size SP4SP6SP8SP10SP12SP14SP16
Price € HT5000€5500€6000€6500€7000€7500€8000€

3 Very high temperature heat pumps

In addition to high-temperature heat pumps, which already enable you to keep your old radiators, there are air/water heat pumps that can reach even higher temperatures: 75-80°C. This offers even greater comfort, while remaining as thermodynamic as possible, i.e. without the use of electric resistance.

Here are three models that should make you happy if you are looking for this kind of performance.

Hitachi Yutaki S80

This high-temperature heat pump is capable of maintaining its output down to -25°C, and can supply water up to 80°C. Perfect for renovating old houses with radiators.

Daikin Altherma 3H HT

This high-temperature heat pump model, a real star on the European market, needs no introduction.

To learn more about him or the brand Daikin you can read our full review

LG Therma V High Temperature R410A

Running on R410A, it can deliver hot water at temperatures of up to 80°C, and maintains its output down to -25°C in the outside air.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for your new energy renovation project and especially for replacing your old heating system with an air-to-water heat pump.

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