Daikin heat pumps : Reviews & Prices (2024)

The heat pump range of the Japanese brand Daikin is famous for its innovation and modernity. The main objective of all these heat pumps is to provide ecological and economical heating and/or cooling for individual homes.

The principle of these heat pumps is well known. Based on a refrigerating circuit capable of extracting the calories from the coldest medium to bring them to the warmest medium, it allows to provide a calorific or refrigerating energy to a living room for a lower financial cost.

Daikin is a company with a wide range of features. We present and synthesize the different Daikin heat pumps and give our overall opinion on each of them and on the range. (Air-Air / Air-Water / Hybrid)

User reviews of Daikin heat pumps ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We have collected several user/consumer reviews that have installed Daikin Air to Air (airCo) or Air to Water heat pumps.

Whether the reviews are positive or negative, we have selected the most relevant.

(NDLR It is important to be aware that the reviews, on a Trustpilot page for example, are not representative if the brand has not claimed its page and does not respond to the review. Indeed, only the unhappy users usually give their opinion if nobody asks them, in order to satisfy a certain desire of revenge :), the mass of satisfied users remains mostly silent and moves on, if they are not asked anything).

In addition, the selected reviews are primarily about Daikin heat pumps and the supplier Daikin but not the independent installers or Daikin partners who were involved in the installation at the customer's premises.

Indeed, these installers, whether talented or not, should not be considered in an objective review of Daikin equipment. It is up to you as an individual to carefully select the installer who will work on your home. (some points to check)

Negative opinion Daikin heat pump

After analyzing the negative reviews of Daikin heat pumps, there are 3 main reasons:

  • Difficulty to reach the after-sales service and to dispatch a Daikin technician to the site in case of a problem.
  • Difficulty in making the regulation work to obtain the correct temperature (instructions not clear enough according to several customers).
  • Several clients report a difficulty in obtaining spare parts.

We note that many negative reviews are carried over to the Daikin supplier's service department that would not answer the technical questions.

But don't forget your installer who is supposed to be a professional who can solve technical problems on a Daikin heat pump.

If the installer is not responsible for the problem by passing the buck to Daikin, you may have chosen the wrong installer, or you should insist that the installer fix the problem.

If you buy a Mazda and the car has a problem, you don't go to the manufacturer Mazda, but its representative which is the garage. (Indeed Mazda would probably not even answer you)

Positive feedback Daikin heat pump

After analyzing the positive or very positive opinions on the daikin air-to-air or air-to-water heat pumps, several points of appreciation emerge:

  • The silence of the devices is appreciated by many customers
  • The production of domestic hot water by the Daikin Altherma often brings great satisfaction, even in old houses.
  • Appearance of outdoor and indoor units appreciated as modern and adapted to the environment in general

We find the main arguments on which the Daikin brand has worked to develop its products: the designthe silenceand the comfort in all circumstances. Which is quite an achievement.

Overall, when the official review pages are claimed by the brand in a particular country, the balance between negative and positive reviews is clearly in favor of the positive. For example, for Daikin UK, we are on 65% positive and 35% negative. For Daikin Belgium we are on 90% positive, 10% negative.

Where can I find real reviews of Daikin heat pumps?

Several review websites are trustworthy to form an opinion of a product or brand. However, these pages must be managed or claimed by the brand for it to be relevant. Indeed, if the brand does not send a request for feedback to all its customers, only the dissatisfied ones will express themselves and the feedback will be mediocre but not representative. If the brand asks for the reviews, the split between positive and negative reviews becomes relevant.

Here are 6 techniques with which to find daikin heat pump reviews on the web:

The price of Daikin heat pumps

We have grouped the heat pumps according to their type: Air-Air / Air-Water High Temperature / Air-Water Medium Temperature / Hybrid

Daikin Air Air heat pump prices

Heat pump model Air-AirPrice in € VAT INCLUDED
Daikin Emura 3 R32 + Ext. unit (2 to 5kW)1250€ à 2450€
Daikin Perfera R32 + Ext. unit (2 to 7.1kW)1000€ à 2700€
Daikin Perfera " Optimised Heating + Outdoor unit (2.5 to 3.5kW)1500€ à 1700€
Daikin Stylish R32 + Ext. unit (2 to 5kW)1100€ à 2200€
Daikin Ururu Sarara + Outdoor unit (2.5 to 5kW)2000€ à 2900€
Remote control included (Wifi +60-70€)Price varies according to power

Daikin medium temperature air water heat pump prices

Heat pump model Air-Water MTPrice in € VAT INCLUDED
Daikin Altherma 3 M 4-6-83500€ à 4000€
Daikin Altherma 3 M 11- 14 - 165000€ à 6000€
Daikin Altherma 3 R6500€ à 7500€
Daikin Altherma 3H MT 8-10-126700€ à 9900€
Price varies according to powerand if the DHW tank option is integrated or not (about 2000€ more)

Daikin Air Water High Temperature heat pump prices

Heat pump model Air-Water HTPrice in € VAT INCLUDED
Daikin Altherma 3H HT Size 1411000€
Daikin Altherma 3H HT Size 1611500€
Daikin Altherma 3H HT Size 1812500€
Price including outdoor unit + indoor unit with 180L DHW (add 200€ for 230L DHW)Reduced VAT 5.5% included

Daikin Hybrid heat pump prices

Heat pump model HybridPrice in € VAT INCLUDED
Daikin Altherma Hybrid R Gas 8kW6600€
Daikin Altherma Hybrid H Gas 8kW7000€
1 x boiler + 1 x hydrobox + outdoor unit

All Daikin heat pump support

As with any air-to-air or air-to-water heat pump, there is always the possibility of obtaining a state or municipal subsidy to install your system. This depends on your income, and sometimes on your municipality or region.

Here are the subsidies for which various Daikin heat pumps are eligible, listed in a table: (valid only in France)

ModelsAvailable aidsConditions
Daikin Emura 3 / Ururu Sarara / Stylish / PerferaCEE bonus up to 1521€.if you are in climatic zone H1, you heat more than 130m2, you replace a fossil heating, you with very modest incomes. CEE sheet Air Air heat pump
Daikin Altherma 3 M / Altherma 3 R / Altherma 3H / Altherma 3H HT / Hybrid R Gas / Hybrid H GasVAT 5.5% - CEE - EcoPTZ - MaPrimRenov - Habiter Mieux - Coup de Pouce - Cheque Energie - Denormandie. Possibly more than 10000€.Many conditions to be respected. See this article for details of heat pump assistance

But to continue, let's talk about the most popular model it's a high-temperature heat pump Daikin.

Daikin Altherma 3H HT heat pump: Brief opinion on this high temperature model

The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is an outdoor air-to-water heat pump of the type Hydrosplit which runs on R32. It is a heat pump developed to meet the growing need to replace fossil fuel boilers with renewable energy systems.

The Daikin brand has developed this product in order to provide ideal comfort in all circumstances, even during the harshest winters. The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is a high-temperature heat pump capable of providing hot water up to 70°C even at -15°C.

The emphasis is therefore placed on 3 criteria:

  • The comfort thanks to the high temperatures in all climates
  • The design with aesthetically pleasing indoor and outdoor units
  • The silencewith an inaudible indoor unit and a very quiet outdoor unit

The daikin Altherma 3h ht comes in 3 sizes 14, 16 and 18 and is therefore perfectly suited for various villas between 100m2 and 200m2 standard in Europe. We have issued a detailed review available on the website.

? Find out more about this high-temperature heat pump: read our full review

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Daikin, a renowned Japanese brand with values

A word about the company

Daikin is a company whose CEO is Masanori Togawa. He joined the company in April 1973, became a director in 2002 and then president and CEO in 2014.

Founded in 1924 by Akira Yamada, the company is a behemoth in the heating and air conditioning business, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with the share price currently trading above 22,000 Yen or just over 150 $.

Daikin Europe has more than 10,000 employees, a turnover of 3.5 billion euros by 2020 and a profit of 415 million euros.

The 4 values that Daikin stands for are:

  • The comfort
  • Sustainability
  • The human
  • Reliability

All Daikin heat pump models

Daikin is a versatile brand that likes to meet all market needs with innovative and original solutions. This is why it presents several categories or types of heat pumps: the Air Airs, the Air High temperature waters, the Air Water Medium temperatureand the Hybrids Gas.

Daikin air-to-air heat pump models (also called reversible air conditioning)

In this family of products we have 5 references:

Daikin Emura 3

With a very modern design, this air-to-air heat pump offers heating and cooling for small spaces. Available from 2 to 5kW in monosplit, you can also combine several of them on a multisplit outdoor unit, which allows you to install one in each room.

The Daikin Emura 3 also relies on a efficient air distribution system based on the Coanda effect. This long-known physical effect refers to the fact that an air flow pulsing parallel to a surface will tend to stick to the surface, and thus spread further into the room. This means that the cold air does not immediately fall to the bottom of the air-conditioning unit but "licks" the ceiling to reach the end of the room.

Another strong point of this reversible air-to-air heat pump is the Daikin Flash Streamer technology. It is an air purification system that sends high-speed electrons into the air and breaks down the harmful substances in it, thus purifying it perfectly or almost perfectly. In fact, a 2020 study conducted at Okayama University of Science in Japan shows that Daikin's Flash Streamer technology eliminates 93.65% on Sars CoV2 after 1 hour and up to 99.97% after 3 hours.

SourceStudy report on the inactivation effect of plasma ion generator (Daikin Streamer) on SARS- CoV-2" redacted by Shigeru Morikawa, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology Course, Okayama University of Science " See summary

This very efficient product plays a lot on the visual aspect to seduce the consumer. It is a strength of the Daikin brand to be able to produce really beautiful designs and to renew itself.

Daikin Perfera

review daikin perfera air to air heat pump

The Daikin Perfera is the same kind of heat pump as the Emura 3. It has a motion detector that allows air to be distributed away from the occupants of the room to avoid unpleasant airflow sensations. And when the room is empty, it switches to eco mode. (-2°C in heating and +2°C in cooling).

It also has the Flash Streamer air purification technology + titanium apatite filter.

The special thing about the Perfera is that it is available in two versions:

  • One to hang high on the wallin a rather classical way.
  • And the the second version is a "body console" to be fixed to the wall a bit like a radiator.

This wall-mounted version has the following characteristics advantage of diffusing warm air to the ground in heating mode and thus use the effect of the Coanda from below. It also has a double flow optionThis allows the air to be blown from both the top and the bottom of the room for better distribution of air in the room.

Daikin Perfera Optimised Heating

This is the standard Daikin Perfera with an additional heating option that allows it to provide heating comfort down to an outdoor temperature of -25°C. This is complemented by optimizations on the outdoor unit, including an improved bottom plate to reduce frost build-up, and faster defrosting to reduce the periods when the system cannot heat when it is very cold.

Daikin Stylish

As its name suggests, the main argument of the Daikin Stylish is its sleek design and delicate curves. This reversible air conditioner or pac air, will adapt to different interiors according to your taste. Indeed it is available in 4 colors: silver, white, blackor dark wood.

It has basically the same functionalities as its colleagues Perfera or Emura, i.e. :

  • Flash Streamer technology + apatite titanium filter
  • Hot and cold Coanda effect
  • Google or Amazon voice command, for geeks

Daikin Ururu Sarara

The Daikin Ururu Sarara and its rather exotic name is an air-to-air heat pump unit with an award-winning design in 2013, that is to say, with an already somewhat old-fashioned and very classic appearance, but with interesting, unique and very complete functionality.

In addition to the functions that other models have for heating and cooling, such as air filtration via Flash Streamer + titanium apatite, diffusion by Coanda effect or the Daikin Intelligent Eye sensor, this Ururu Sarara has a special feature. It can manage humidification or dehumidification of the air, or bring fresh air into the room without you needing to clean the filter thanks to the self-cleaning function of the fresh air filter.

  • Ururu Sarara is able toHumidify the air in winter for a perfect feeling of comfort. Dry air makes you feel "too cold".
  • Ururu Sarara is able to fill a 26m3 room with fresh and pleasant air in 2 hours thanks to its 30m3/h flow rate.
  • Ururu Sarara can also dehumidify in summerThe air is too humid, which makes it feel "too hot" and heavy.

Daikin MT (Medium Temperature) air-to-water heat pump models

The Daikin Altherma 3M heat pump

The Altherma 3M is the monobloc model of the Daikin range. This means that everything is located in the casing or outer block of the heat pump.

No refrigeration link to be madethe advantage is that everything goes into hydraulics to the buffer tank in the technical room.

The monobloc is likely to see its sales develop in the years to come, because the refrigerating gas which will impose itself in the next years is the R32. This gas being slightly flammable, it is preferable to leave it outside the houses to avoid any fire risk in case of defect. The monobloc gathers everything outside, and is therefore perfect in terms of safety.

An advantage of this Altherma 3M model is its small size. Indeed with 870mm height, it fits easily in a corner or under a window. Its width is standard with 1378mm and its depth is 460mm which is also in the average.

daikin altherma 3M dimensions

We note on the first photo above of the monobloc that in the case of this installation, the fact that an obstacle is located at a few dozen centimeters of the blowing grid is not optimal. Indeed, the manufacturers recommend the respect of certain distances in relation to the surrounding walls. You can find more information in this article.

The Daikin Altherma 3M comes in 4 sizes that offer heating and cooling capacities as follows:

Altherma 3MSize 09 Size 11Size 14Size 16
Heating capacity A7/W359.37 kW10.56 kW12 kW16 kW
Cold power A35/W79.35 kW11,5912.82 kW14.01 kW
  • This heat pump can output a temperature of max. 60°C which is just the boundary between medium and high temperature.
  • The SCOP of the machine at 35°C is above 4.5 for a seasonal yield above 180%.
  • While at 55°C, the SCOP does not exceed 3.5 and the seasonal yield is around 130%.
  • The sound power is 62dBA.

The Daikin Altherma 3R heat pump

The Daikin Altherma 3R is a split heat pump, i.e. with one indoor and one outdoor unit. The advantage of this model is its compactness. Indeed, it has the same height as the Altherma 3M monobloc seen above, while usually the outdoor unit of a split has two fans and is quite high (and ugly:) ). Daikin's effort was focused on reducing the dimensions so that it would fit perfectly under most windows, as they realized that height and aesthetics were a deterrent for consumers.

To achieve this reduction in size, they fitted the unit with a larger, but unique fan.

The following video illustrates the Japanese heat pump brand's effort to reduce dimensions:

This heat pump is therefore perfectly suited for renovation projects.

The Daikin Altherma 3R is available in 3 sizes in single or triple version: SCOP of 4.6 at 35°C and 3.3 at 55°C, its maximum outlet water temperature is also 60°C.

Altherma 3RSize 11Size 14Size 16
Hot Power A-7/W359.02 kW9.29 kW10.84 kW
Hot Power A-7/W557.97 kW8.56 kW9.97 kW

It can be combined with an indoor unit equipped with a 180L or 230L DHW tank. It also has a 6kW electric booster in the indoor unit.

The Daikin Altherma 3H MT heat pump

This Daikin Altherma 3H MT heat pump is a standard medium temperature hydrosplit from the Japanese brand. Very similar to a Daikin Altherma 3H HT, it cannot go as high in temperature since it is "limited" to 65°C, which is already excellent when replacing an oil-fired boiler with a heat pump (or gas to heat pump).

This heat pump is available in 3 sizes 8-10-12 which offer the following performances:

Altherma 3H MTSize 8Size 10Size 12
Hot Power A-7/W55 || COP7,55 kW || 2,05 9.10 kW || 2.1710.58 kW || 2.13
Hot Power A-7/W60 || COP7.75 kW || 1.97 9.75 kW || 1.9611.33 kW || 1.92
Hot Power A-7/W65 || COP8,00 kW || 1,819,25 kW || 1,80 10.75 kW || 1.77

Of course the COP at high temperature are very low...no magic, to get out 60 degrees by -7, it is still 2 times better than a standard electric heater.

Daikin HT (High Temperature) air-to-water heat pump models

This is the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT which is available in size 14, size 16 or size 18. We talked about this heat pump at the beginning of the article, because it is the star of the market, and you should not miss it.

Daikin hybrid gas heat pumps

Daikin also offers hybrid heat pump systems consisting of a gas boiler AND a heat pump that combine to make the most of the weather conditions at any time of the year. One or the other takes over depending on the control calculations, which determines which will perform better in the current conditions.

The Altherma Hybrid Gas operates in heating only (H) or in heating + cooling (R)

Daikin Altherma Hybrid Gas H

It is the combination of a Daikin Altherma heat pump with a gas condensing boiler. The control opts for the less expensive of the two systems to optimize energy savings. For example, when it is very cold and the COP drops too much, the gas boiler will have a better efficiency (109%)

There is an interesting technical point about the boiler. Indeed, it has a 2 in 1 heat exchanger with two separate circuits: one for domestic hot water and the other for heating. This allows the water to be heated directly by micro-accumulation. This technology brings a lot of comfort because it allows to have hot water immediately at will.

In the Altherma Hybrid Gas H, the heat pump is size 4, the boiler can be size 28 or 32.

Here are the heating capacities provided by the heat pump and the boiler:

PAC Altherma H Hybrid Size 4Altherma H Hybrid Boiler Size 28Altherma H Hybrid Boiler Size 32
Hot Power A7/W354.65 kW
Hot Power A7/W454.36 kW
Hot Power A7/W554.06 kW
Modular power output
50/30 °C
between 7.7 and 25.4 kWbetween 8.2 and 28.9 kW
Modular power output
80/60 °C
between 7.1 and 23.1 kWbetween 7.4 and 26.6 kW

Daikin Altherma Hybrid Gas R

This is the same version as the Altherma Hybrid Gas H, but this time it can manage a cooling system.

Advantages and disadvantages of Daikin heat pumps

Air to air heat pumps✅Excellent air distribution in the room
✅Very modern design
✅Ultra efficient air filtration and purification
✅Ultra known and mastered by installers
✅Available everywhere
✅Reasonable budget
✅Inaudible (19dBA)
✅Present sensor and eco mode
✅Voice control google +amazon alexa
❌Air heating not very efficient, and less comfortable than with an air-to-water heat pump
❌Lots of electronic gadgets...sensor, airflow management, flash streamer, which in case of failure can be expensive to replace
Air water heat pump✅Very high temperature and comfort on Altherma 3H HT
✅Very compact monoblock
✅Very quiet outdoor unit
✅Highly polished, award-winning appearance
✅Ergonomic and very pretty regulation
✅No need to replace radiators with high temperature
✅Very quiet outdoor unit
❌a little expensive
❌COP at very high temperatures quite low

What are the different alternatives to Daikin heat pumps?

Daikin heat pumps have their advantages and the brand is attractive, but of course many other brands are available on the market and here are some alternatives to the Daikin brand depending on the model you are looking for, this is to give you some ideas.

Daikin heat pump modelAlternative 1Alternative 2Alternative 3
Daikin Emura 3Super Daiseikai 9Mitsubishi Design MSZ-EFPanasonic Etherea nanoe
Daikin Altherma 3MNIBE S2125Vaillant AroTHERMLG Therma V Monobloc
Daikin Altherma 3H HTHitachi Yutaki S80 CombiSDEEC THT Air/Water 80°c

There are still many other brands that offer alternatives to the various Daikin heat pump models, which do not necessarily have the same features but serve the same purpose.

All Daikin heat pump data sheets and videos

We have talked about many different models. To help you find your way around, and to find the important information on each model, here is a table that brings together for each machine the technical data sheet, and the video presentation by the brand.

Model DaikinTechnical data?Video? version FRVideo? EN version
Daikin Emura 3https://rb.gy/wn1exihttps://rb.gy/x8plezhttps://rb.gy/fvw54l
Daikin Perferahttps://rb.gy/gtdwpghttps://rb.gy/8xy4bthttps://rb.gy/em4xlh
Daikin Stylishhttps://rb.gy/7n9dxphttps://rb.gy/vgvy5ihttps://rb.gy/i6ngou
Daikin Ururu Sararahttps://rb.gy/cy9tk7https://rb.gy/okmbabhttps://rb.gy/tep0y7
Daikin Altherma 3M 4-6-8https://rb.gy/emos7hhttps://rb.gy/eaksoohttps://rb.gy/uhsdjh
Daikin Altherma 3M 11-14-16https://rb.gy/zp5zgchttps://rb.gy/eaksoohttps://rb.gy/uhsdjh
Daikin Altherma 3R 4 – 6 – 8https://rb.gy/fjv3mmhttps://rb.gy/fkpxq1https://rb.gy/tclxex
Daikin Altherma 3R 11 – 14 – 16https://rb.gy/45cplehttps://rb.gy/fkpxq1https://rb.gy/tclxex
Daikin Altherma 3H MThttps://rb.gy/lnukx1https://rb.gy/kklcvmhttps://rb.gy/wrp3cx
Daikin Altherma 3H HThttps://rb.gy/2abimvhttps://rb.gy/dms3iwhttps://rb.gy/tczszr
Daikin Altherma H Hybridhttps://rb.gy/bux9xhhttps://rb.gy/goakrhhttps://rb.gy/w3fsin
Daikin Altherma R Hybridhttps://rb.gy/bux9xhhttps://rb.gy/aoja9xhttps://rb.gy/aoja9x

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