French brand heat pump : our TOP 5 Air Water

More and more trendy, the made in France or made in France is a guarantee of quality. Airbus, Peugeot, Bugatti, the French know-how is not left behind in the face of the much sought-after Deutsche Qualität. In this article we present 5 French-made heat pumps, i.e. 5 heat pumps marketed by French manufacturers.

Atlantic Alfea Extensa Duo

Quick history of the French heat pump brand Atlantic

Founded in 1968 in La Roche sur Yon in the Vendée region, it is the leading French manufacturer in the field of thermal comfort, with about fifteen factories in France and several thousand employees. It should be noted that this brand manufactures almost all its products in France.

Atlantic is a brand resolutely focused on research and development. Moreover, it holds an impressive number of technical patents: between 500 and 1000, and employs nearly 300 people in R&D.

The Atlantic Alfea Style

The Atlantic heat pump Alfea Extensa Duo is one of the most popular, thanks to its practicality and on-board technical innovations. It features a sleek, white indoor unit with a modern gray band on the front, a discreet logo and a small display showing the main operating data. This indoor unit fits perfectly into a utility room, laundry room or even a more intensive living area, as its aesthetics are reminiscent of a fridge.

The outdoor unit of the Alfea Extensa Duo is more common. In fact it is an outdoor unit of Fujitsu brand following the exclusive distribution agreement between the Japanese brand and the French brand. As with other outdoor units, it is a wart to be hidden as much as possible in the garden. Fortunately, there are solutions to hide air conditioning or heat pump, quite inexpensive and rather beautiful.

Acoustic performance of the Alfea Atlantic

In terms of noise, the indoor module is quite negligible with its average of about 35dBA depending on the size.

The outdoor unit of the R410A model has a sound pressure level of 47dBA at 5 m, which is okay but may not meet the limit values imposed by the municipalities. In this case, it would be necessary to consider the distance at which the heat pump would be installed in relation to the first living room of the neighbors.

The R32 outdoor unit has a better acoustic performance with 40dBA at 5m in sound pressure, and thus a respect in most cases of the noise directives. Nevertheless, check the distance of the installation from the neighbors, and put it as far away as possible...find a good compromise.

The thermal performance of the Alfea Atlantic heat pump

This split inverter heat pump has 4 models Extensa Duo AI 5, Extensa Duo AI 6, Extensa DUo AI 8 and Extensa Duo AI 10.

There are two possibilities: either a fluid with the old R410A, but in 2025 it will become prohibited, therefore Atlantic already has the models with R32.

For R410A The thermal power varies between 4.1 and 7.4 kW with a COP between 2.79 and 2.49, in the case of underfloor heating (35°C) at -7°C outside.

For R32 The thermal power varies between 4.4 and 8.9 with a COP between 2.76 and 2.65 in the same case of underfloor heating.

It can be seen that the thermal power developed with R32 A-7/35 for the AI 10 model is 1.5kW higher than with R410A, and all with a higher COP of about 5-10%.

Where to buy Atlantic Alfea Extensa Duo

A large majority of French heat pump installers naturally use the Atlantic heat pump, and more naturally in the brand's region of origin, i.e. the West and particularly the Vendée. In eastern France, local brands such as De Dietrich are more readily installed.

In general you will not buy a heat pump yourself, because suppliers sell to installers only and not to individuals. Even if you find a way to buy it yourself, an installer will be rather reluctant to install it in your home. You can ask for a quote and specify that you want an Atlantic. Your installer will activate the supplier that allows him to have the heat pump and you will be able to take advantage of the rebates that are granted to him, depending on his pricing policy.

To have more details on our opinion about this heat pump which is a must of the made in France by Atlantic la vendéenne, you can read our detailed opinion on this Atlantic Extensa Duo R410A or AI R32 model

De Dietrich Alezio Compact S

Quick history of the De Dietrich brand

The de Dietrich brand is indeed a purely French brand, and actually Alsatian as one could become. Its history is intimately linked to the region of Northern Alsace towards Reichshoffen and Niederbronn-les-Bains, two pretty small towns typically Alsatian.

And if you go to the Batorama (tourist cruise) in Strasbourg, the announcer will tell you in all languages: The son of the founder was mayor of Strasbourg, and even has a great responsibility for the fact that the Marseillaise became a national song and later the anthem. Enough digression: De Dietrich is very well known for its wood stoves, and other heat pump systems, water heaters or boilers of all types. It is part of a large European group BDR Thermea.

Aesthetics De Dietrich Alezio S Compact

The exterior unit of the deDietrich Alezio is rather successful. A little less ugly than the average, the white is nice, the angles not too prominent, the painted fan grill, the logo discreet. The whole thing is quite compact, and will be easily hidden behind an air-conditioning cover or some well placed plants. The choice is yours.

The indoor unit fits well in a technical room, but is a little less suitable for a living room without looking like a garage...probably because of the black polystyrene covers and the style that does not look like indoor furniture. Prefer an installation far from the living rooms.

Thermal performance

For an A-7/W35 floor heating system the COP varies from 2.46 for the smallest model to 2.65 for the largest model, with a power of 4.4kW for the smallest and 12.37kW for the largest (16 MR EM)

In fact the COP over the year will be closer to 4 for an underfloor heating system on average, depending on the model. And for standard radiators the COP will be more like 2.5 on average.

Acoustics of the CAP

In terms of noise, the 4.5 to 8 models are not very noisy and deliver a maximum outdoor noise level of 45dBA at 5m in a free field, which is perfect for generally respecting most of the standards imposed by the cities and municipalities.

The two higher models, 11 and 16, have a noise emission of 47dBA. This is still acceptable, but you may have to be careful about positioning the machine outside so as not to disturb the environment, especially at night when laws are generally stricter depending on your living area.

How much does the De Dietrich Alezio Compact S cost?

The price of this French PAC varies between 7 and 12000 € depending on the size chosen. This price includes the balloon, the interior module and the exterior module. But it does not include the installation. It is just the material. The price of the installation depends a lot on the installers and sometimes on the regions.

If you want to know more about the De Dietrich Alezio Compact model, follow the guide.

Auer HTi 70

History of the Auer heat pump brand

It all started with an invention in 1885 by the Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach. He developed the first gas burner with incandescent white light.

In France, the Auer brand was born in 1892 via the exploitation of this patent. The brand settled in Picardy before the First World War to initially produce streetlight supports for cities. Then the range was extended to the kitchen and heating.

In 1960 Auer is the leader in gas heating in France with a wide range of gas radiators.

Shortly before the year 2000, Auer developed one of the most advanced condensing boilers of its time: the Pulsatoire.

Then, in the 2000s, Auer began to work on heat pumps, in particular the HRC70. Everything is manufactured in Picardy.

In 2014 Auer developed its thermodynamic balloon named Edel and presents on this occasion several innovations.

Today, Auer is a major player in the energy transition desired by the states, particularly France.

Appearance of the HTi 70 model

The HTi 70 heat pump's outdoor unit is well finished. Its sober color, rounded corners, and closed base that hides the underside of the unit where others might leave simple feet, adds a bit of elegance to a unit that isn't meant to be very pretty.

It will be integrated in the facade or in the garden, and it could even be left visible, depending on taste and color.

This is a monobloc heat pump. So no indoor unit. The outdoor unit is directly connected to the hydraulic circuit of the house, via a buffer tank if necessary. A domestic hot water production system can be added if necessary.

Thermal performance of the heat pump

The Auer HTi 70 heat pump is a high temperature monobloc heat pump. It is theoretically capable of delivering a water temperature of 70°C but the technical data sheets are given for a water temperature of 65°C.

The idea is to keep your radiators and to replace only the oil or gas boiler by the heat pump. However, you have to pay attention to the COP delivered.

The Auer HTi70 heat pump is available in 4 different sizes: HTi70 6, HTi70 8, HTi70 11, HTi70 14, knowing that the 6 is only for single-phase current while the other 3 are also suitable for three-phase.

The COP in the case of a network of radiators, takes an average value over the year located between 3.2 and 3.92.

The smallest model delivers 5.5kW on 65C high temperature radiators and the largest model goes up to 13kW.

Overall the COP is closer to 3 on average. This allows you to make interesting electricity savings.


The sound power levels are slightly higher than a NIBE F2120, between 50 and 55dBA at 5m. The sound pressure is around 42dBA which is correct for compliance with the noise guidelines of most municipalities.

Each case must be studied with your installer.

Auer price HTi 70

The price of an Auer HTi 70 heat pump varies between 8800€ and 13500€ depending on the size chosen. This price includes a buffer tank and a 170 liter DHW tank by Auer.

This is only the price of the material. You must also consider the labor by your installer which will often be between 5000 and 10000€. Finally you can also deduct some state aid heat pump if you are entitled to it in your situation and according to your income.

Heiwa Hyoko Monobloc 8-16kW

History of the Heiwa brand

On the Heiwa website, we learn that the name of the brand comes from Wa, a Japanese concept referring to the harmony between man and nature.

It is a SASU with a capital of 15,000 € active for 4 years with headquarters in Aix en Provence. The figure announced for 2021 is more than 12 million euros. Apparently the president is another company COLD CO whose president is also another company RT ... referring to Romain Tosolini a businessman at the head of several companies including in the heating business.

Heiwa Hyoko Monobloc 8-16kW appearance

The appearance of Heiwa heat pumps may remind you of Chinese brands such as Midea or Gree... or even of Japanese brand Panasonic. In short, it is quite classic. It is rather modern without being too much. Given the appearance of these heat pumps, it is possible that they are really Chinese models relabeled under the name Heiwa. In the case of the outdoor air-to-water heat pumps, it is easy to imagine, but not certain, that Heiwa works under a white label with a Chinese or Japanese supplier.

Thermal performance of the Heiwa Hyoko heat pump

This air-water heat pump is available in 5 different sizes:

  • PREMIUM HYŌKŌ MAX 16kW three-phase air/water heat pump

Heiwa Acoustics

The noise generated by the heat pump, and more precisely the sound power, is between 59 and 69dBA depending on the size chosen. This figure seems quite high and suggests that all precautions should be taken with regard to the noise guidelines so as not to create a disturbance in the neighborhood.

Compared to many models whose sound power levels are often under 55dBA or so, this figure seems high.

Careful consideration should be given to the placement of the heat pump outdoors, and consideration should be given to investing in acoustic protection.

Heiwa Hyoko Monobloc 8-16kW Price

The Heiwa Hyoko Max Monobloc heat pump costs 6500€ excluding taxes at your installer. This price includes the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

The installation will cost more. To determine this, you need to ask your installer for an estimate. He will give you a price after a visit to your home.


Short history of the SCAAF brand

SCAAF (Société de Construction d'Appareillages Aérauliques et Frigorifiques) is a French, family and Breton company 100% created in 1986 whose head office is located between Tréguier and Paimpol in Pleudaniel in Brittany. It is towards Guingamp.

Originally active in industrial air conditioning and cooling, LE BIHAN father and son turned to the private market, in particular to meet a need for swimming pools and thermal comfort in homes.

Style of the heat pump

We focus here on the Pacro Monobloc heat pump model which is the solution provided by the company SCAAF for individual homes.

In terms of style, the difference with other heat pumps is immediately noticeable. The body is made of AG3 aluminum. This is 5754 aluminum, often used in the food industry. Why? Because its corrosion resistance index is excellent. It is the touch of the Breton people who know the problems of corrosion at the seaside. The company has a track record of more than 20 years in seaside areas.

However, you shouldn't want to do too much design in your garden. Because the final result is quite industrial.

We can also talk about the bibloc model, whose outdoor unit adopts the same style of seaside heat pump in aluminum 5754 very industrial. And the indoor unit has a very old school look that looks a bit like the German PAC (like Stiebel Eltron) from the late 90s and early 2000s, which can be replaced in recent years by more recent models.

Technical thermal performance of the Pacro heat pump

The Pacro (monobloc or bibloc) is available in 7 sizes or models whose thermal power at 7°C outside and for a water outlet of 30°C (underfloor heating) goes from 6kW to 17.6kW with a COP which is around 5.3 to 5.5 depending on the size. Excellent COP. For radiators, the COP drops by 2 stages to 3.8, given the higher water temperature required.

How much does PACro cost?

The SCAAF Pacro Monobloc model costs 6575€ without tax in the manufacturer's catalog. If your installer benefits from a discount on this price, he will probably resell it to you not far from this public price and will pocket the discount. And you will pay the VAT on top of that. The labor to install the heat pump is an additional cost, between 5 and 10k€ depending on the installer and the region. Don't forget to apply for state aid, which can be quite high, and why not reimburse the heat pump in full if you are in the most advantageous situation according to the scales.

The SCAAF Pacro Bibloc model is given from 7100€ without taxes, and 8750€ with hot water option without taxes. The remarks of the monobloc model are the same for this bi-loc model.

Link to Pacro Monobloc doc

Link to Pacro Bibloc doc

NB: It is to be noted that SCAAF insists on the components of this heat pump and announces their origin to give you an idea of their quality. Their manufacture is well thought out and gathers some of the best heat pump components in Europe.

ComponentMade in
COPELAND compressorIreland
KELVION water exchangerGermany
LEEL COILS air exchangerItaly
EBM fansGermany
WILO water circulatorFrance
Carel programmable controller and electronic regulatorItaly

We hope that these 5 models have inspired you in your search for a heat pump made in France. The French know-how is there and it is in your best interest to choose a local brand in your choice of heat pump because the service will only be better and closer to the customer. The models tend to be even cheaper than their German neighbors and slightly more expensive than the highly prized Japanese brands.

If you now want to see what the German industry can offer as top heat pump models in air-water, you can consult our article on the subject (article already copied or almost but never equaled ;)) => TOP 5 German air water heat pump brands

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