German heat pump : our TOP 10 Air Water

Made in Germany is very much in demand, even in the world of heat pumps: yes, you are reading this article. In this article we will present 10 German branded heat pumps, i.e. 10 heat pumps marketed by manufacturers of German origin.

We will start with a German manufacturer less known in the world of residential heat pumps, than in the industrial world.

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Dimplex System M Compact/Comfort heat pump

System M Compact Line Glen Dimplex Group

A short history of the German heat pump brand Dimplex

Dimplex is a company of German origin, originally called ASK À Kulmbach, which joined with Siemens to form KKW, initiated by Christian Weiß in 1860. In 1973, it was incorporated into the Irish Glen Electric group, which is based in Dublin. Therefore, the company is headquartered in Dublin, but produces in Germany. Its factory is in Kulmbach, Am Goldenen Feld 18, not far from the border with the Czech Republic.

The Dimplex System M PAC Style

As you can see from the picture above, the German brand Dimplex puts a lot of emphasis on the appearance, the design of their heat pumps for individual housing.

The System M Compact is available in a variety of designs, from a standard gray, white or charcoal style, to something more stylish, either colored with a RAL of your choice, or with a wood grille. It's perfect for standing out in a natural environment.

Dimplex System M acoustics

With these System M heat pumps, Dimplex claims a noise level of less than 27dBA at 10m from the outdoor unit of the machine, for all machine powers. This means that it is almost inaudible in normal operation. Of course, if the machine starts to run at full speed, you will hear it, but there is no data on this, as it is only a one-off behaviour.

Sound power is the noise output of the machine, not to mention the distance from the machine. This is a reference value for making comparisons between PACs of different brands. It is given as 54 to 57dBA for normal operation, which is slightly higher than a NIBE at 53dBA.

The performance of the System M Dimplex Compact

The PAC provides a power between 5kW and 11kW at 7°C outside and for floor heating (water 35°C), with a COP of 3.9 or more. And the biggest model will go up to 9.4kW by -7°C outside 35°C in the pipes. with a COP of 2.9 anyway.

As usual if you connect this to old radiators, don't expect extraordinary savings.

Where to buy the System M Dimplex Compact or Comfort

Many installers work with the German manufacturer, but they do not necessarily promote it. These German brand heat pumps are available on the French, Swiss or Belgian market, even if they are more present on the German market. Insist on your installer to get this machine if you want it, and if they try to redirect you to their favorite product, you will have to be tenacious or try another one :). The first solution would be to make a request here: you will have 3 estimates (valid France Belgium)

Then the second solutionWe know that you can request a quote from Espace Aubade in France: they are everywhere.

Other Dimplex products you may be interested in

PAC LAW by Dimplex - with domestic hot water tank and buffer tank - Hot power 9kW

PAC LAK - for heating and DHW, without DHW tank - with white hydraulic module fixed to the wall - hot power 9kW

Stiebel Eltron WPL15 ACS

Short history of Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel is a German brand founded in 1924 by Theodor Stiebel in Berlin, whose leitmotif is innovation. At the beginning in the water heaters, the factory is destroyed during the second war, and the company moves in low-saxony in Holzminden. Pioneer of the storage heater since the end of the 60's, the company started to produce heat pumps in the mid 70's. The company continues to grow until the construction of a factory in 2007 which has the capacity to produce 25,000 heat pumps per year. Soon 100 years for this company which has a great experience specialized in the heat pump.

The Stiebel Eltron WPL 15ACS

PAC Stiebel Eltron WPL15ACS, HPA13 HPA10 etc. common style to all

It is a monobloc heat pump (everything in the outdoor unit, and only water passing between the outdoor unit and the house's technical room). It has a modern style, white, clean, with a good performance over time. WPL is the original reference of the Stiebel Eltron heat pump, but in France the equivalent products are called HPA... for example WPL 20 = HPA 13.

Acoustics of the WPL 15ACS

28dBA at 5m in free field, for the sound pressure. 50dBA of sound power, which is rather quiet and will easily meet the standards in force in most of the strictest countries in terms of acoustic regulations in residential areas, or public health code.

Performance of the WPL 15 ACS

The power of 4.23 kW A2/W35 will allow to heat a low consumption house of about 100 m2 for example. The COP is about 3.9, which is quite good. Assuming that the average temperature over the year is almost everywhere above 2, even in the coldest regions, except in extreme cases, this suggests good energy savings.

Some prices for Stiebel Eltron heat pumps

To get an idea, here are the public prices of some models of pac stiebel :

Price of a WPL 24A heat pump => about 16'500€.

Price of a WPL 33 heat pump => about 20'000€.

Or the price of a WPL 57A, about 24000€.

Knowing that installers get discounts on this equipment, but as a private individual it is less likely to get a discount, or even to be able to buy it, except in used heat pumps.

Viessmann Vitocal 222-S heat pump

Viessmann is a German company created towards the end of the Great War by Johann Viessmann. Initially a small repair shop, the company established itself in the world of oil boilers and then moved on to renewable energies and in particular heat pumps a little later. Viessmann is an innovative company that has been marketing fuel cell systems for the production of heat and electricity in individual and commercial buildings since 2019.

The Viessmann Vitocal 222-S heat pump

Viessmann Vitocal 222-S heat pump

In this top German heat pump, we are interested in this split heat pump that provides heating and domestic hot water with a 220-liter enamel hot water tank. It consists of a gray exterior unit with a black ventilation grid, and a sleek white fridge-style interior module that contains the domestic hot water tank.

Thermal performance of the Vitocal 222-S

This heat pump is available in 6 different sizes in single-phase (230V) and 3 sizes in three-phase (400V)

The hot powers supplied range from 4 to 8.6kW in 230V, and from 7.6 to 10.1kW in three-phase. With COP between 4.5 and 5, so excellent. All this considering an outside air temperature of 7°C and a water temperature of 35°C for underfloor heating.

These heat pumps still use R410A, which is still authorized until 2025 in heat pumps that contain less than 3kg of it.

Acoustics of the Vitocal 222-S

The acoustics are optimized for these heat pumps thanks to the Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD). It should be noted that noise is roughly the sum of several noises of different frequencies. And some frequencies are more problematic than others, especially the lower ones. The AAD aims to reduce these very low frequencies. The Vitocal is therefore very quiet and generates 35dBA at 3m from the outdoor unit, which is more or less inaudible depending on the environment.

The Vaillant aroTHERM plus heat pump

Vaillant, a company that at first sight one would not think of as German, so much so that the name makes one think of a French word! But it is indeed a German group created by Johann Vaillant (again Johann, like Viessmann) in 1874. Like many other heating companies, Vaillant started in water heaters with several innovations and then developed in gas boilers. A true pioneer, Vaillant developed a fuel cell heating prototype for the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt as early as 2001, and in 2015 inaugurated its first fuel cell micro CHP plant. Since 2007 Vaillant has been producing its own heat pumps.

Vaillant aroTHERM plus heat pump

Focus on the Vaillant aroTHERM Plus

It is a medium-temperature split heat pump that provides heating and domestic hot water production, and even cooling in summer by reversing the cycle. The aroTHERM has a clean design that adapts to modern buildings. It has the particularity of running on propane which is a refrigerant gas: the R290 whose thermodynamic properties are excellent and which has a low global warming potential: GWP = 3! compared to the R32 which has its GWP > 600 and the R410A whose GWP is about 2000.

Acoustics of this aroTHERM Plus

Vaillant is precise when it comes to the acoustic data of heat pumps. Thus, in size 8, the sound pressure at 5m at maximum load is 39dBA against 35dBA in nominal operation.

Performance of this heat pump

Vaillant provides very complete tables with ALL the power and COP data for all possible real-life conditions. Not always easy to find this kind of information from other heat pump manufacturers.

Here they are : => Vaillant Arotherm PLUS COP power tables

If we consider the average annual temperature in most of Western Europe, i.e. around 5°C, then we can see that we have capacities between 6kW with the aroTHERM plus 4 and 18kW with the size 15, for floor heating. The COP vary between 3.5 and more than 4. Of course, at -20°C, this does not make much sense, as it is clearly not every day that this happens, except in Irkutsk, but we can see that the COP are still close to 2 or a little below. And the electric resistance in this case will be welcome :). Dedication to all the inhabitants of La Brévine, Mouthe or Elsenborn !

Alpha Innotec Alira LWD70A or LWD90A

AIT Deutschland or Alpha Innotec is also a company of German origin which is part of the Scandinavian NIBE group and therefore has PACs very similar to the NIBE F2120, in terms of appearance or performance.

The production takes place in Kasendorf, Bavaria, Germany, which is right next to Kulmbach. This region of Germany has a great correlation with heating. Dimplex has its origins here, Johann Viessmann was born here and now the AIT factory is 10 km away.

Alira LWD70A or 90A air water heat pump

The Alpha Innotec Alira LWD70A or LWD90A air water heat pump

We are interested in this air water heat pump. It exists in 230V (LWD70A) single-phase or 400V three-phase (LWD90A) version for availability on all European markets. It also works with propane or R290, like the Vaillant. It is cascadable, which means that you can easily connect two in series to double the power in winter, and use only one in mid-season. It can also be combined with solar thermal.

The performance of this Alira LWD70A/90A

Under standard conditions (A7/W35) the power of the LWD70A reaches 9.3kW with a COP of 4.2 in single phase, and 400V 8.5kW for a COP of 4.3.

The LWD90A indicates 10.1kW of hot power and a COP of 4.1 under the same conditions. Enough to heat a large single-family house, with hot water, well insulated.

Acoustics of this Alira PAC

The Alpha Innotec PACs, like the NIBE PACs from which they are inherited, or vice versa, are reputed to be very quiet and will adapt to all environments. Often with an excellent acoustic power, which represents the noise intrinsically produced by the machine without consideration of distance or reverberation. Whether it is for the respect of the noise circle form in Switzerland, the respect of the public health code in France, or the Belgian environmental legislation, you are on the right track with this device. Each case remains particular and must be the subject of an acoustic study, whether it is summary by the installer or detailed by an acoustic expert.

Bosch Compress 7000 AW

Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Europe and in the world. Probably each of us has already owned a Bosch appliance at home.

From a precision engineering workshop in the late 19th century founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, the German company has always stood out for its social commitment and innovative character.

The Bosch Compress 7000 AW heat pump

What catches the eye immediately is the unusual and very pleasant design of this German-made outdoor air-to-water heat pump. Quite similar to a washing machine in terms of its external unit, it is one of the only heat pumps that innovates in this respect to offer an original product that is much more beautiful than all the others.

It should be noted that the dimensions of the outer group are slightly higher than those of most heat pump outdoor unitsBut that's part of the design. It's a refreshing change, but it may be more difficult to integrate it under a window. In that case, you'll have to choose a location elsewhere on the facade, or build a slab in the garden to accommodate the machine.

The indoor unit is available in two variants:

A wall-mounted unit in the case of heating only, which then looks like a conventional boiler. This is the hydraulic module, which is white and fits almost anywhere, even in a kitchen if necessary.

A column unit in case you need heating and hot water production. Similar to a fridge, the indoor unit fits well in your modern interior and can even offer a double exchange if needed to accept heat from solar thermal panels.

Performance of the Bosch Compress 7000AW

The Bosch Compress 7000AW is available in 5 power variants to really adapt to all types of housing, from apartments to large villas or even small modern buildings. It is available in single-phase as well as in three-phase for the biggest powers

  • CS7001iAW 5 OR-S : 7kW A7/W35 Single Phase
  • CS7001iAW 7 OR-S : 8kW A7/W35 Single Phase
  • CS7001iAW 9 OR-S : 11kW A7/W35 Single phase
  • CS7001iAW 13 OR-S : 17kW A7/W35 Single Phase
  • CS7001iAW 13 OR-T : 17kW A7/W35 Three-phase
  • CS7001iAW 17 OR-T : 20kW A7/W35 Three-phase

Bosch is precise in its communication of power ratings for both underfloor heating A-7/W35 and radiators A-7/W55

The COP A7/W35 is around 5, which means that you will pay almost 5 times less electricity for the same amount of hot energy produced, compared to pure electric heating.

The COP A7/W35 is relevant in areas where the average annual temperature remains around 7°C, which is the case for example for Lausanne and Geneva with respectively 11°C and 10°C of average annual temperature.

Bosch Compress 7000AW Acoustics

For small powers up to 11kW, the sound power is really excellent. The noise will be very low. But the power of 11kW is enough most of the time for the majority of the villas, even built 20 or 30 years ago if they are well insulated.

Indeed the sound power does not exceed 48dBA according to EN12102

Even for the biggest power, the Bosch Compress 7000AW stays under 55dBA in single phase, and even a little less on the three-phase models of 17 and 20kW, with 53dBA that will allow you to easily pass the forms or noise directives of the different communities.

The Brötje BLW Split P

Brötje is a century-old German company that is not as well known as others in France. It all began after the end of the Great War in 1919, the company started small on the market as a cannery in Rastede in Germany and entered the world of heating and steel radiators in 1925. Since then, the company has been developing and offering a wide range of heating systems, including heat pumps, and is present throughout Germany. We choose the model BLW Split P.

The BLW Split P heat pump

This BLW Split P heat pump from Broetje Heizung consists of a hydraulic module type indoor unit with a 40L buffer tank and a front panel control to manage the main comfort variables.

Its look is simple, like a small boiler to hang on the wall. White color, quite standard.

The external unit of this air water split machine is white in color and has a very sober appearance, not particularly pretty, but leaving the impression of a neat finish.

The performance of the BLW Split P

This heat pump is available from 6 up to 27kW A7/W35 (for underfloor heating) and delivers a rather good COP around 4. The maximum temperature delivered will be 60°C, but we imagine that the COP will be much lower.

Acoustics of the BLW Split P

The data presented in the data sheet of this Broetje Heizung, shows rather high values. With a sound power that starts at 63dBA and can go higher depending on the power, the data is probably given at 1m from the device, and seems high. But overall this heat pump has an acoustic equivalent to the De Dietrich heat pumps. Indeed, Broetje Heizung is a member of the BDR Thermea group, as is the French manufacturer De Dietrich from Alsace.

Remeha Tensio C

Brief history of the company Remeha

Remeha is about 80 years of experience in the world of heating. Another member of the BDR Thermea group! Like the previous Brötje Heizung and like de Dietrich. The company was founded in the 30's, and started in 1948 with its own coke boilers.

A company with a tradition of innovation, Remeha is the originator of the first condensing boilers, and innovates in 2019 with a fuel cell heater for individuals called Electa Ace 300 that allows for heating but also electricity production and benefits from public funding elsewhere.

The Tensio C heat pump, appearance and type

The Tensio C is an air-water heat pump that has the entire refrigeration circuit in its outdoor module, which can be placed on the front of the house or in another part of the garden. The outer casing has a rather elongated shape, not too high, and is made of white panels that give a nice general appearance. The fan grill is a bit different from a standard grill that can be found everywhere. The whole gives a neat style.

Thermal performance Remeha Tensio C

This outdoor air-water heat pump is available in 6 sizes, 4 of which are single-phase and 2 of which are three-phase for the highest power ratings.

We have the following models:

  • C 4kW MR
  • C 6kW MR
  • C 8KW MR
  • C 10kW MR
  • C 12KW TR
  • C 16KW TR

The hot power output starts at 4.2kW for A7/W35 and can go up to 15.9 kW for the biggest machine A7/W35

The COP is 5 for A7/W35 for almost all the machines, except the 15kW which goes down to 4.5 which is still excellent. 5 times less electricity to pay on average, if you take 100% of electricity from the grid. (and less if you have solar)

The heat pump also works in cooling and can bring between 4.5 and 15kW of cooling power with EER between 5.5 and 3.4.

It should be noted that this heat pump operates with the latest generation R32 gas which will definitively replace R410A from 2025.

Acoustics of the Tensio C

As far as noise is concerned, the indicated sound power levels are between 55 and 68dBA, but there is no precision as to the measuring distance. If you need more than 10kW of power, be careful to place the machine in a place that does not disturb the neighbors.

Ino Made by Bartl

Innovative, natural, and original: this is the motto of ino Wärmepumpen GmbH, a young company founded by the granddaughter of the inventor of Bartl heat pumps.

The ino by Bartl heat pump

This is a German outdoor air-to-water heat pump in split design. The appearance is quite square. The outdoor unit is equipped with a rain or snow cover. The inner casing is quite cubic to be placed on the floor. It has a rather old school style and will have to remain in technical room unless you wish to give a look "engine room" to a room of your housing. The whole gives an image of robustness.

Thermal performance

This heat pump can supply from 7.5kW to 15kW A7/W35, with COPs close to 2 at -7°C, i.e. in winter, and COPs above 5 at 12°C, i.e. in mid-season. However, on average over the year, the COP is just under 4, which is the market average.


In terms of noise, the sound power value of the outdoor unit varies between 53dBa for the small size and 60dBA for the larger size. It will be necessary to pay attention to the positioning of the outdoor machine if you opt for the larger size, and to prove that the noise reaching your neighbors respects the standards.

Weishaupt WWP LS

Located between Stuttgart and Munich in Schwendi, the Weishaupt factory has been developing heating systems of all types, including heat pumps, for 70 years. From its beginnings in the field of oil burners, the company has expanded its area of expertise to include heating technology, energy generation and management.

Weishaupt is a German heating giant present everywhere:

  • 5000m2 R&D center in Schwendi
  • 24 offices/agencies in France
  • 23 subsidiaries worldwide
  • 800 million in sales
  • 3800 employees worldwide
  • Presence in 39 countries

The Weishaupt WWP LS heat pump

This split outdoor air water heat pump has a rather classical appearance. It is given up to -20°C outside but of course will have a very low COP at this temperature, which let's be honest almost never happens, except maybe one day every X years and anyway does not last long. The brand insists on the importance of considering the SCOP rather than the COP data at different temperatures.

WWP LS thermal performance

Available in 4 sizes: 8 - 10 - 13 -16kW A7/W35

The COP A7/W35 flirts with 5 except for the largest machine where it is close to 4.

The machine also works by inversion of cycle in cold, and provides up to 5kW for the small size and almost 9kW for the biggest.

Acoustics WWP LS Weishaupt

As far as noise is concerned, these machines have a sound power of about 60dBA. This is higher than a Bosch or another Swedish NIBE for example, but it is still acceptable. Be careful if you have to fill in a form, you will have to think about the positioning of the external unit so that no theoretical disturbance results.

What is the best German air water heat pump?

There are so many German heat pump manufacturers, that it is complex to determine the best one. With the 10 above, you are sure to make an excellent choice. All of the companies presented have a good track record in the heating market.

Each of these heat pumps has its strong points. For example, the Dimplex heat pump is particularly attractive in terms of design, which will appeal to homeowners who want to create an installation in harmony with their surroundings. Viessmann has also made a special effort on acoustics by presenting a very quiet product with an acoustic label. Stiebel Eltron has one of the longest histories in the field of heat pumps and is truly specialized in this field, while the others make all kinds of heating systems. Vaillant and Alpha Innotec offer an ecological version of the heat pump by using the well-known eco-friendly refrigerant R290 propane.

Bosch stands out from the crowd with its very modern and original design, and its important effort that the silence of operation of the external group.

It's your choice.

All data sheets of the German heat pumps discussed above:

What is the best air-to-water heat pump?

There are dozens of heat pump manufacturers, all brands included, without necessarily talking about German brand heat pumps. In reality, the best heat pump is the one that is tailor-made for your home, i.e. correctly sized by a heat pump installer. If you decide to use an installer who specializes in Nordic German pacs, you are often making the right choice in the sense that he has already decided to sell quality and his work is more likely to be quality. Personal opinion.

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