NIBE F2120 Current Heat Pump Reviews

Above, the outdoor block. This one is placed outside, in the garden, against a wall, in the middle or at the bottom of the garden.

It is a heat pump monobloc which will be connected to a buffer tank and/or a hot water tank in the technical room.

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Aesthetics of the NIBE F2120 CAP

  • The model is sober.
  • The gray and black will keep the dust from showing too much.
  • The design is neat, but not overly modern.

Performance NIBE F2120

This model is mainly available in 4 power levels

If your distribution is by radiators, you must consider the A-7/W55 data.

If it is by floor heating, the data A-7/W35.

This power range allows to cover the majority of the typical single-family houses in Switzerland.

They are suitable if you are replacing your oil installation and you consume around 1000L to 3500 or 4000L of oil per year for heating and hot water.

In case of higher consumption, it will be possible to install 2 of these heat pumps in cascade, in order to add their powers.

It can be seen that the COP at -7°C for a distribution by radiators, falls towards 2.2.

This makes it 2.2 times less power hungry than a conventional electrical system.

However, on the average of a European climate, the average temperature is not -7°C.

To further investigate the consumption data, we talk about SCOP, or Seasonal COP.

This is the COP of the machine, not at a specific time, but on average over the period of use.

For the CAP, it will be in winter.

The standard takes 3 reference climates:

  • Athens for the warm climate
  • Strasbourg for the temperate climate
  • and Helsinki for the cold climate. 

This SCOP determines the energy label of the machine as follows: 

  • A++ : The SCOP is greater than or equal to 5.1
  • A++ : 4.6 ≤ SCOP < 5.1
  • A+ : 4 ≤ SCOP < 4.6
  • A : 3.4 ≤ SCOP < 4

The NIBE F2120 is therefore class A++ for floor heating, but class A for other distributions.

With these values, these PACs pass quite easily the minimums required by the cantons, in order to grant subsidies.

They are therefore prized by many installers.


The sound power emitted is 53dBA, which allows this machine to easily pass, on paper, the forms for authorizations at the municipal level. In most cases the resulting sound pressure will be less than 45dBA and will therefore comply with the standard. In practice, this model is quiet and can be heard very little even at full power.

Starting current :

5 Amps.

This starting current is very low and really perfect to not have to change your electrical panel.

On other models this figure may be higher and require an increase in amperage by your electricity supplier: an expensive operation.

Cost NIBE F2120

This heat pump is often found between 10kCHF for the smallest, up to 15 or 16kCHF for the large model (machine only).

In Switzerland the prices of heat pumps often correspond to the manufacturer's gross catalog price, sometimes a little more depending on the company.


This heat pump is not sold directly by the company that manufactures it but through distributors.

They are numerous on the Swiss territory, which allows reasonable delays, and also qualified manpower that knows this widespread model.


This heat pump has all the necessary certifications to allow you to apply for subsidies.

In particular, it is installed according to a precise and official PAC system module scheme, without which you will not get your grant.

Assembly quality F2120

The Swedish-made NIBE F2120-8/12/16/20 heat pump looks like a robust model.

The first glance gives an impression of quality assembly and suggests a well-organized manufacturing plant.


With :

  • a width between 1.13m and 1.28m for the small and the big model
  • a height between 1.03 and 1.13m
  • and a thickness of 50cm

This heat pump is quite compact and can be easily integrated under a window.

It is also easy to hide in the garden if you have a green area.

See dimensional drawings: F2120-8 | F2120-12 | F2120-16 | F2120-20


  • This heat pump leaves a good impression.
  • It is a choice to be made to feel secure during the whole installation phase of the system.

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