NIBE S2125 heat pump review

In 2022, NIBE launched its new R290 air-to-water single-package outdoor heat pump, the worthy successor to the NIBE F2120, with a number of innovations for even greater performance, comfort and quiet operation.

NIBE is a Swedish company with a large share of the European heat pump market. In fact, it is the market leader for heating systems for individual homes in northern countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic. Listed on the Stockholm stock exchange since the end of the 20th century, it is a heavyweight in the world of home comfort, and is also found in all the countries of Western Europe.

The NIBE S2125 is a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly heat pump that runs on propane gas, and ensures maximum comfort thanks to the high water temperatures possible.

NIBE S2125 heat pump: what exactly is it?

We're talking about a single-package outdoor air-to-water heat pump.

Air-Water NIBE S2125: this means that the NIBE S2125 takes the calories from the outside air (even when it's very cold in winter) and transmits them via its refrigeration system to the water in the heating network.

Exterior Outdoor unit: means that the heat pump unit that captures the calories from the air is located outside, in the garden, on the facade or further away if you have land on your property. NB: we specify because air-to-water heat pumps are also available indoors, without an outdoor unit.

Monobloc This means that there is only one block. In other words, all refrigeration and hydraulic components are located in the external block or module. NB: we specify because there are also two-part heat pump models. These are called split or bibloc.

This is a photo of this heat pump (this is the outdoor unit, which will then be connected via hydraulic pipes to your heating network, via a NIBE VVM indoor module)

NIBE S2125 outdoor unit PAC Air Water R290

Aesthetics of the PAC NIBE S2125

As far as the look of this heat pump is concerned, it doesn't change much from the F2120 model. However, the front panel has been slightly modified: there's no longer a full-height grille over the fan. All that's left is the round fan. This gives a more polished or finished appearance.
In general, the NIBE S2125 has a look :

  • Discrete
  • Modern
  • Mostly black and grey (less visible dirt)

The thermal performance of the NIBE S2125

The NIBE S2125 is currently available in 2 sizes: 8 and 12. And it's available in 230V or 3 x 400V to suit all markets (e.g. France 230V, Switzerland 3x400V).

Here is a table that summarizes the power and COP of the models according to size:

NIBE S2125-8NIBE S2125-12
Hot Power A-7/35 (floor)5.47 kW8.29 kW
Hot power A-7/55 (radiators)5.17 kW8.33 kW
Hot power A7/35 (floor)5.22 kW6.14 kW
COP A7/W355,074,91

The S2125 has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of approximately 195% at 35°C and 150% at 55°C. These values are equivalent to those already offered by the F2120.

The NIBE S2125 provides heating and domestic hot water down to -25°Cwith a maximum water outlet temperature of 65°C. The maximum water outlet temperature is 75°C. It's a heat pump that can compete with the high-temperature or very-high-temperature heat pumps available on the market.

See the technical data of the PAC NIBE S2125

For comparison: NIBE F2120 sheets

Overall, with equivalent seasonal energy efficiency (around 200%), the S2125 offers greater comfort than the previous F2120 model (still available), but that's not all.

NIBE S2125 acoustics

When it comes to acoustics, i.e. the noise generated by the heat pump's outdoor unit, the Swedish brand has made an effort to set the bar a little higher than its competitors. Indeed, with an announced sound power value of 49dBAThis represents a reduction of 4dBA compared with the 53dBA of the previous model. This makes this machine one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.

However, don't believe those who tell you that 3dBA is half as much noise, because to really perceive half as much noise by the human ear, you need 10dBA. (3dBA is 50% less intensity, but it's not perceived as such by the ear).

At 2 m from the heat pump, NIBE even announces 38dBA, which on the decibel scale is equivalent to noise in a quiet office. This minimizes the risk of disturbance to your neighbors, and ensures that you comply with all noise standards in force in your area.

Price of the NIBE S2125 heat pump

Not yet too available online, the NIBE heat pump can be found on some e-commerce sites. The prices below are an average and depend on the suppliers.

  • The S2125-8 costs 6500€ directly from a supplier (see picture below)
  • The S2125-12 costs 7000€.

To this price must be added the indoor unit, often of the VVM320 type, which costs around €5,000.

However, you can't buy from suppliers because you don't have an account, and you have to be an installer.

These products will be sold back to you at twice the price, which takes into account any taxes, the cost of transport and the margins of the various intermediaries. Some e-tailers are already quoting prices of between €16 and €18,000 for this model. And you'll also need to factor in installation, at between €5000 and €10,000.

Your finished NIBE S2125 + VVM 320 heat pump installation could therefore cost you between €25,000 and €30,000, from which you can deduct state aid depending on your region or country.

Dimensions of the NIBE S2125

Here are the dimensions of the NIBE S2125 vs. the dimensions of the NIBE F2120, in a table:

Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg)

We notice that the NIBE S2125 has slimmed down but grown 🙂 ! Indeed, it is 21cm thicker than the NIBE F2120, which means 20cm more space in the garden, making this heat pump a little less discreet than the NIBE F2120, especially considering the distance between heat pump and wall, as specified by the manufacturer.

However, it loses about 20kg, it remains in the same dimensions of height and width.

Other features of the NIBE S2125

In addition to the advantages outlined above, there are 2 further arguments that add to the qualities of this heat pump.

The NIBE S2125 uses R290 propane. While most other manufacturers in Europe and around the world have opted for R32 as a replacement for R410A. NIBE, along with a few other manufacturers such as Vaillant and Dimplex, has opted for propane.

It's a gas with virtually zero environmental impact, making it the perfect candidate for compliance with the new refrigerant standards aimed at reducing damage to the ozone layer by 2050. But its characteristics are excellent, and close to those of a gas that dominated the market for a long time: the now-banned R22.

If you want to know more about refrigerant gases, you can read this article

NIBE also offers a extended warranty of up to 10 years on its products, parts labor displacement, which you can subscribe to through your installer if you wish. This is done through the insurance partner NIBE AB, and you will just have to pay a monthly fee.

Overall opinion on the NIBE S2125

The NIBE S2125 heat pump, launched in 2022, is poised to carve out a significant share of the renovation market in single-family homes. In fact, the temperatures it is capable of reaching, combined with good seasonal energy efficiency, make it an ideal candidate for replacing the millions of fossil-fuel boilers in Europe.

In terms of acoustics, it outshines the competition on paper, and makes the task of obtaining approvals much easier. Indeed, with 49dBA of sound power, it will be very easy to measure sound pressures of less than 45dBA, which is often an acceptable limit, at a distance of just a few meters from the heat pump. (even 38dBA at 2m according to NIBE).

This NIBE S2125 may not be suitable for all pockets, as its price is still higher than the standard high temperature heat pumps available on the market.

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