Price comparison of heat pump sound insulation boxes

Thermal comfort, energy savings, a reasonable carbon footprint, government subsidies... the heat pump is an equipment that combines all the advantages. But some disadvantages can spoil your experience, especially the noise that can be generated. Beyond the comfort, there is a real legal risk, especially if you have an immediate neighborhood or if you live in a densely populated area.

This is precisely where anti-noise heat pump boxes, or soundproofing boxes for heat pumps, come in. As their name suggests, these boxes neutralize the noise of the heat pump's operation to ensure your acoustic comfort as well as your compliance with the regulations in force.

But what is the price of a soundproof box for a heat pump ? It all depends on the material used, the size of the cabinet, the model and other factors. To help you see more clearly, here is a small summary of the price ranges according to the type of housing:

Type of sound insulation boxMaterial of the soundproof boxPrice range
Wooden boxSolid wood - plywood200 € - 500 €
Metal boxGalvanized steel - aluminum500 € - 1 500 €
Composite material housingWood, metal, acoustic foams1 000 € - 3 000 €

Is your heat pump (HP) particularly noisy? Do you want a little more peace and quiet for you and your neighbors? Are you afraid that you will exceed the municipal noise limit? Would you like to know more about the prices of heat pump sound insulation boxes? Follow this comprehensive guide to choosing the right heat pump soundproofing box without breaking the bank.

Understanding the noise of heat pumps

How does a heat pump work?

Before we dive into the heart of the matter, let's take a moment to understand how a heat pump works.

This device, which can be described as "clever", recovers heat from the air, ground or water and transfers it to the interior of your home, heating the water in your heating circuit or producing hot air. To do this, the heat pump uses a thermodynamic cycle that includes a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, a fan and an evaporator. You may not have known it, but the noise generated during the operation of the unit is mainly emitted by the compressor and the fan.

CAP noise levels: what does the law say?

In order to protect the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood, most countries have regulations governing the noise levels emitted by heat pumps. In France, for example, the noise from heat pumps has been regulated since 2006 and falls into the category of neighbourhood noise pollution. The law stipulates: " No particular noise shall, by its duration, repetition or intensity, be detrimental to the tranquility of the neighborhood or to human health. "

To determine whether the sound volume is permissible, the concept of emergence is used, which is the difference between the sound pressure level measured when the equipment is stationary and the level measured when the equipment is in operation at the same location. Emergence measurements are made at the property line, and regulations differentiate between day and night emergence. Still in France:

  • 5 dB(A) maximum deviation allowed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ;
  • 3 dB(A) maximum deviation allowed from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

In Switzerland, for example, the value not to be exceeded is generally 45 dB(A) in residential areas.

Noise from heat pumps: a daily hassle

If you're wondering why it's so important to reduce the noise from your heat pump, you should know that noise pollution can have a negative impact on the health and well-being of people who are exposed to it on a daily basis.

Indeed, noise can cause chronic stress, sleep disorders such as insomnia, concentration problems, fatigue, mood disorders (nervousness and irritability in particular), etc. In addition to affecting the quality of life of your household or your employees, the noise emitted by your PAC can deteriorate your relations with the neighborhood and expose you to sanctions.

Anti-noise enclosures for PAC: a simple and effective solution

Sound insulation box for heat pumps: operating principle

A real bubble of silence for your heat pump, the anti-noise box or soundproofing box for heat pumps is a clever solution for reducing noise pollution from your heat pump. By enveloping your device in an insulating structure, the box limits the propagation of vibrations and sound waves, thus ensuring better living comfort for you and your neighbors.

Designed to be both aesthetic, discreet and easy to install and maintain, the soundproof enclosures for heat pumps blend harmoniously into your outdoor space, thus combining the useful with the pleasant. In some cases, the installation of an anti-noise box presents a real aesthetic gain compared to a "raw" heat pump.

The different types of soundproof enclosures: prices for all budgets

As we told you, the price of a soundproof box for a heat pump depends largely on the materials used for the sound insulation. Depending on your needs and budget, there are several types of PAC sound enclosures available to you. Here is an overview of the main options and their price ranges.

1. Wooden boxes : authenticity and softness

Wooden housings, usually made of solid wood or plywood, are generally more affordable than other types of housings while providing effective sound insulation. Reinforced with rock wool or glass wool, their walls guarantee an appreciable reduction in noise pollution. The price of a wooden box varies between 200 and 500 euros, depending on the size and quality of the materials.

photo credits @decoclim : example of a deco wooden heat pump box

2. Metal boxes: robustness and insulation

Metal housings, made of galvanized steel or aluminum, provide superior sound insulation and greater durability than wooden housings. However, this performance comes at a price: count between 500 and 1,500 euros for a metal box. They are generally equipped with rock wool, glass wool or acoustic foam insulation panels for maximum efficiency.

photo credits @decoclim : example of an anti-noise heat pump deco box in aluminium

3. Composite housings: the perfect combination for optimum performance

This is the premium option. Composite sound enclosures are a clever combination of materials such as wood, metal and acoustic foams. They offer excellent sound insulation and durability. However, they are generally more expensive, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 euros.

Although considered the best in terms of performance, composite housings can represent a significant investment for some budgets and delay the payback on your heat pump.

photo credits @solflex: example of a heat pump sound insulation box with acoustic foam, plastic outer surface, and rain screen for weather protection

Price comparison of soundproof enclosures for PAC

Heat pump sound insulation boxes are available in a wide range of designs, each offering a different level of soundproofing, depending (again) on the insulation material used. Let's explore this in a little more detail.

1. Entry-level noise control boxes

Whether made of wood or metal, entry-level PAC soundproofing boxes are bound to have mixed results. There is no miracle. In fact, they are more like heat pump covers than real soundproofing boxes. Expect a small reduction in the noise emitted by the unit, estimated at between 10 and 30 %.

In this range, let us quote in particular the anti-noise aluminium boxes proposed by, available in size M, L, XL and XXL:

  • Decoclim Alu White (RAL 9010) - Size M : from 299,17 € ;
  • Decoclim Alu White (RAL 9010) - Size L : from 389 € ;
  • Decoclim Alu White (RAL 9010) - Size XL : from 519 € ;
  • Decoclim Alu White (RAL 9010) - Size XXL : from 749 €.

Find the Decoclim brochure with all the models here

2. Medium and high range soundproof enclosures

In the category of mid- and high-end soundproof enclosures, Solflex enclosures stand out for their performance and quality. Here is an overview of the brand's three flagship series.

a. HD Series: versatility and discretion

The Solflex HD series is designed with polypropylene blades and an aluminum inner frame, covered with an acoustic mat. Optimal air circulation ensures that the heat pump operates in the best possible conditions. With a noise reduction of up to 6 dB(A), measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744, the HD series combines discretion and performance.


  • Effective noise reduction without compromising the operation of the heat pump;
  • Clever design to maximize the efficiency of the outdoor unit;
  • Easy access for maintenance;
  • Weather and Vandal Resistance;
  • Possibility to adapt the color to the surrounding environment.

Price from 2 199 € (excluding tax and shipping costs)

b. HW series: protection and design

The Solflex HW series is characterized by its plastic exterior surfaces and its acoustic intake and exhaust grille, offering better protection against the weather. Noise reduction of up to 7 dB(A), measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744, allows this series to combine efficiency and aesthetics.


  • Efficient noise reduction without affecting the operation of the devices;
  • Innovative design to maximize the efficiency of the outdoor unit;
  • Easy to maintain and service;
  • Protection against weather and vandalism.

Price from 1 899 € (excluding tax and shipping)

c. HC series: robustness and superior insulation

The Solflex HC series features a galvanized steel outer surface, integrated acoustic baffles and 50 mm of acoustic foam insulation, reinforced with 25 mm of Rockwool insulation. This high-quality design ensures optimum sound insulation, with a reduction in noise emissions of up to 10 dB(A), measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744, while guaranteeing the durability and strength of the cabinet.


  • Exceptional noise reduction;
  • Ingenious design for optimal efficiency of the outdoor unit;
  • Easy access for maintenance;
  • Weather and Vandal Resistance;
  • Possibility to adapt the color to the environment.

Price from 1 699 € (excluding tax and shipping)

In addition to the HD, HW and HC series, Solflex also offers higher-end solutions that provide superior soundproofing. Attention Prices can quickly rise to €6,000 to €7,000 or much more (depending on the size and insulation material used):

  • HM Series 13 dB(A)emission reduction of up to 13 dB(A), measured according to DIN EN ISO 3744. Price from €2,399 to €3,499 (excluding tax and delivery costs);
  • HCS Series 14 dB(A)Sound pressure reduction of up to 14 dB(A). Price: between €2,199 and €5,999 (excluding tax and delivery costs);
  • SHC 18 dB(A)3 999 € to 6 999 € (excluding tax and delivery charges) ;
  • H 18 dB(A)3 051 € to 11 200 € (excluding tax and delivery charges) ;
  • XH 20 dB(A)Price on request.

d. Special mention: Daikin EKLN-A noise control box

Available from €1,500, the Daikin EKLN-A acoustic enclosure has been specially designed for Daikin Altherma outdoor units (compatible with Daikin Altherma ERGA-D and ERLQ-C outdoor units). This soundproof enclosure for heat pumps is ideal for meeting strict noise level standards while enjoying your heat pump.

In detail, the EKLN-A sound attenuating box offers guaranteed performance thanks to Daikin's factory optimization and testing. The separation of supply and exhaust air minimizes pressure and capacity losses. This box allows for a 50 % reduction in noise level (-3 dBA). In night mode, the sound level can be reduced to less than 35 dB(A) at a distance of 3 meters with an average sound pressure PAC.

The EKLN-A housing has a modern and functional look that blends in with your exterior. In addition, installation is quick and easy, with assembly taking only 20 minutes. Finally, the easy opening of the housing facilitates access to the unit for service and maintenance.

PAC soundproof enclosure: what you need to know

  • Noise control boxes are an excellent way to reduce the noise level of your heat pump, thus improving your living comfort and that of your neighborhood;
  • It is crucial to ensure compliance with local standards and regulations regarding heat pump noise emissions;
  • The prices of sound insulation boxes for heat pumps vary significantly depending on the sound insulation material used, the size and finish and the brand;
  • Entry-level sound enclosures are more like enclosures than soundproofing boxes. Noise attenuation from the CAP is slight (10 to 30 %);
  • Top-of-the-line noise control boxes, offering optimal efficiency, can cost up to €11,000.