Our Opinion on the Invicta Pellet Stove

The invicta pellet stove is an outstanding heating solution. It is popular with everyone because of its many advantages, and is now found in many households in France. Nevertheless, it raises countless questions and its effectiveness is sometimes questioned. So what should we know about it? Discover here a precise opinion on the subject.

Invicta: what is its history?

Invicta, the famous pellet stove designer, is a brand that entered the industry in 1924. It was founded by Fernand Sueur, and its first physical location was in the Ardennes. Originally, Invicta was considered a classic foundry. It only offered washbasins and sanitary equipment for communities. Over time, however, its services have evolved considerably.

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At the end of the 20th century, the company introduced other product families. From cast iron furniture to kitchen utensils, parasol stands, table bases, trivets, and casseroles, there were many options available. But that's not all!

In 2000, Invicta took a new direction and revolutionized the wood stove industry with its designs. Until then, Invicta remained a family business. This will no longer be the case from 2013 when it was sold to the Qualium Investissement group.

The following year (2014), Invicta took on a whole new dimension. It acquired the French brand Deville and the expertise of Caminetti Montegrappa, thanks to which it specialized in another specific field. What is this field?

Specialty of the Invicta brand

Currently, the Invicta brand is specialized in wood heating. In France, and in Europe in general, it represents the undisputed leader in heating. It markets various models of stoves and fireplace inserts. The pellet stoves that have contributed in majority to the construction of its reputation represent the most popular models of the moment.

The Invicta pellet stove

The Invicta pellet stove is a modern wood heating equipment. It is automated and has fans that allow it to blow warm air in cold seasons such as winter. The latter is available in terms of power, size, and design in several models. The special thing about the Invicta pellet stove is that unlike other wood-burning stoves, it works on the basis of wood pellets and not logs. It offers, therefore, a natural heating both soft and soothing. It can be operated remotely, and its switch-off and switch-on can be programmed. Its particularities with regard to various criteria, are highlighted in the sections below.

The aesthetics of the Invicta pellet stove

Regardless of the model, the Invicta pellet stove is aesthetically pleasing. Few people remain unaffected by its charm. In fact, Invicta has invested a great deal of effort in enhancing the aesthetic quality of its pellet stove. It has structured it in two parts, each of which is made with a soft design and with the utmost care to give the pellet stove a very attractive appearance.

The compact block that is the main structure of the Invicta pellet stove is exceptionally charming. Although it is the seat of combustion and therefore the part that is supposed to leave the most to be desired, it is carved out of luxurious wood and is very aesthetic. The trunk of the stove is rectangular in shape. It is made of materials such as steel, and is covered on the outside with glass and keeps its beauty even over time. All this gives the Invicta pellet stove a beautiful chimney effect.

The performance of the Invicta pellet stove

In terms of performance, the Invicta pellet stove stands out remarkably from the competition. It has a heating capacity ranging from 3 KW to 11 KW. Therefore, it easily adapts to all heating projects. Whether you want to heat an apartment or a house, you will undoubtedly find an Invicta pellet stove that meets your expectations.

Apart from its power, the Invicta pellet stove offers an efficiency between 85 and 95%. This is due to the fact that the pellet is a fuel easy to pour and dry that causes very little emissions and allows a complete combustion. 

The acoustics of the Invicta pellet stove

The Invicta pellet stove, like any electrical appliance, is likely to make noise when it is switched on. However, against all expectations, unlike conventional pellet stoves, the Invicta pellet stove offers a very acceptable noise level. Indeed, the maximum sound emission of the Invicta pellet stove is estimated to be about 55 dB. The sound emission level of this stove depends on the selected heating speed. In principle, the higher the heating speed set for the pellet stove, the greater the perceived noise. In view of this, it is recommended that you operate your stove at a low speed in the idle hours. Under these circumstances, the maximum sound emission can be reduced by up to 20 dB. The operating noise of the stove is then almost unnoticeable.

The price of the Invicta pellet stove

In the store, to acquire a pellet stove Invicta in new condition, it is necessary to count on average 3500 EUR. This price estimate does not take into account incidental expenses such as delivery charges, taxes, the cost of pellets, and the cost of installation. Considering all these expenses, the Invicta pellet stove could cost you an average of 6750 EUR, according to the breakdown below.

Expenses  Average rates
Acquisition of the pellet stove3500 EUR
Acquisition of granules350 EUR
Workforce800 EUR
Conduits2000 EUR
Air supply100 EUR

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The regulation of the Invicta pellet stove

The Invicta pellet stove is equipped with state-of-the-art control technology. Indeed, the regulation of the temperature and power of the device can be done by means of various tools. Namely, the Wifi kit and the external thermostat. In the first case, it is enough to associate the pellet stove a suitable Wifi kit to regulate it from a mobile application, even if it is located at a distance between 100 m and 1000 m. In the second case, the thermostat should be associated with the electronic board with which the Invicta pellet stove is equipped.

The size of the Invicta pellet stove

The Invicta pellet stove is on average 113 cm high with an estimated length and width of 46.5 cm and 51 cm respectively. As a result, it takes up very little space and can be placed in your home, regardless of its size. And if you're worried that the Invicta pellet stove will reduce the flexibility of movement in your home, you don't have to worry about that. This is for the simple reason that the pellet stove is a rectangular and slim equipment whose width is usually small. On the floor, it will generally extend over an average area of 2 m².

All in all, the pellet stove from Invicta is an exceptional warm air diffuser. It is aesthetically pleasing, efficient and has the advantage of being quiet, space-saving and easily adjustable. However, it is one of the most expensive pellet stoves available.

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