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In the cold seasons, to serenely face the drop in temperature and the cold it brings with it, it is imperative to acquire certain specific appliances. For example, a wood stove. Known as one of the most economical home heating solutions, the wood stove is a utility that is attracting increasing interest from consumers.

It is offered by many brands, one of which is the must-haves currently is Panadero. Adulated for his designits performances and its small footprintthe Panadero wood stove is a device that many people dream of having. But in real life, is it as good as you think it is? Here is our opinion.

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Panadero: history and specialty

1. History of the Panadero brand

Panadero is a family business with a history that goes back almost five generations. Originally, in the years 1952 the company was represented in Tarazona de la Mancha (Spanish region of Albacete) by a small factory of five people.

It was placed under the leadership of Sebastián Panadero dwhose vision was to develop efficient and effective stoves for home heating. At that time, the main market for the Panadero brand was the national hardware store, of national television channels and a few supermarkets.

The year 2000After the retirement of Sebastián Panadero, the Panadero company was placed under the management of Miguel Panadero, Sebastián's son. From that moment on, the story of Panadero took a completely different turn.

Indeed, theMiguel Panadero's ambition was to export Panadero's products around the world. From then on, France and Belgium were the first international markets conquered by the Panadero firm. Afterwards, it was the turn of the Portugalof Germanyof Italyetc. At present, Panadero's products are exported in more than 30 countries around the world. After nine years of leadership, Miguel Panadero unified all of the company's storage and production centers in 2009 in a modern industry also located in Albacete, Spain. All processes (production, logistics, warehousing) were optimized and the overall capacity of the company was strengthened with state-of-the-art technologies.

Over the years, the group has experienced a remarkable rise and gradually built a good reputation against its competitors. In 2017, to strengthen its dominance in the domestic and international market, it acquired various certifications. Today, Panadero's products meet the requirements of the 2022 EcoDesign standard. The history of the brand continues to be written with more than a hundred people driven by a single vision: to continually develop sophisticated equipment that meets the needs of consumers.

2. Specialty of the Panadero brand

Since its inception, the family business has been closely linked to metallurgy. It is specialized in manufacturing of metal wood stoves. At Panadero, the development process of a wood stove is carried out entirely in-house. Behind every wood stove there is an idea. From the idea comes a specific prototype. After the prototype is validated, it is materialized on the basis of the raw materials manufactured by the group. No external parts or specialties are involved in the design of Panadero products.

Panadero wood stove : general presentation

The Panadero wood stove is a soft appliance manufactured with the purpose of heating a house in the cold seasons. Visually, it looks like a modern fireplace. It is available in various models and is of a great versatility.

The operation of the stove is based on wood which is a renewable energy with a great maturity whose ecological interest is not any more to prove.

The Panadero wood stove offers many possibilities in terms of power, finish, efficiency and heating volume. Discover in the sections below the specificities of the Panadero wood stove with regard to several parameters.

These include aesthetics, acoustics, performance, price, space requirements and control.

Aesthetics of the Panadero wood stove

From an aesthetic point of view, the Panadero wood stove has everything to please. It has an original and attractive design. Therefore, it brings pep to the decoration of the room where it is located. It enhances it in no time and gives it a friendly touch. Generally available in black enamel, it easily matches the colors usually used for interior decorations.

In addition to this, the wood stove Panadero when turned on, illuminates the environment in which it is installed and gives it a warm atmosphere. Indeed, the front of the wood stove is equipped with a opening walled by transparent glass. It lets glimpse the fire and the light rays which are of a beautiful orange color.

Performance of the Panadero wood stove

The Panadero wood stove features a heating capacity ranging from 5.4 KW to 9.8 KW. Consequently, it is suitable for the heating for small and large houses. Indeed, for a heating power between 5.4 KW and 9.8 KW, the Panadero wood stove offers a heating volume of up to 300 m3, which corresponds to a surface area of over 100 m2.

Apart from its heating power, the Panadero stove has a very low average yield of 80.7 %. In addition, it has a carbon dioxide emission estimated at 0.10 %.

Acoustics of the Panadero wood stove

The Panadero wood stove is not a particularly noisy machine. At its maximum output, it has a acoustic emission between 20 dB and 25 dB. On the other hand, when used at low or medium power, it presents a acoustic emission lower than 10 dB.

Price of the Panadero wood stove

The price of the Panadero wood stove depends on its characteristics. In general, the most elaborate models of Panadero wood stoves with high power and efficiency are more expensive than others. In any case, to acquire a Panadero wood stove, you should plan on average 1080 EUR. The price including taxes and delivery for some popular models of Panadero wood stoves is specified in the following table.

Panadero wood stove modelPrice including taxes and transportation
Panadero 3V Wood Stove611 EUR
Wood stove Panadero NIJAR719 EUR
Wood stove Panadero CASTILLA959 EUR
BERGEN Panadero Wood Stove1139 EUR
Panadero OVEN wood stove1235 EUR
Panadero SYDNEY Wood Stove1308 EUR
Panadero ALBA Wood Stove1390 EUR
Panadero FENIX wood stove1439 EUR

These prices do not take into account the cost of firewood, which varies between 25 and 100 EUR, depending on the quality of wood and the quantity to be acquired. 

Control of the Panadero wood stove

The regulation of the Panadero wood stove is mainly manual. Indeed, it is impossible to couple the stove to a device connected to the internet to modulate it. This situation is certainly unpleasant, but it does not detract from the charm of the stove. In addition, manual control is easy due to the structure of the wood stove.

Dimensions of the Panadero wood stove

The Panadero wood stove is not very bulky. For the largest models, The average height and width of the Panadero stove are estimated at 95 cm and 75 cm respectively. Thus, in a living room, the Panadero wood stove will generally be less noticeable than a refrigerator. Conversely, in a bedroom, it may be slightly more imposing than a nightstand.

In summary, the wood stove is an efficient equipment that offers an average efficiency of 80.7 % and a power that can reach 9 KW. It is very beautiful and offers great comfort because of its acoustic characteristics. It is offered at variable prices from one model to another.

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