Arkteos heat pump: 2024 reviews and prices

After a long period of success in the Guérande economy with the manufacture of heat pumps in the 1990s, the AJ Tech brand came close to success, before sinking into the meanders of judicial liquidation. It was not until 2015 that the French SME was reborn from its ashes, this time under the name Arkteos, literally Bear in Greek.

What are Arkteos heat pumps worth? We tell you everything in this practical guide!

Arkteos: French heat pump manufacturer rises from the ashes

Today, Arkteos is a subsidiary of the family-owned Actidis group, which designs, develops and assembles all of its aerothermal and geothermal heat pumps in France, near Guérande, in the Loire-Atlantique region. The brand wishes to carry the colors of innovation high made in France through three commitments: 

  • Bringing French households unparalleled heating comfort and user experience with intelligent and silent heat pumps;
  • Allow them to make substantial savings to support their purchasing power;
  • Bring them more peace of mind with reliable heat pumps manufactured in Arkteos' workshops in Guérande.

Do Arkteos heat pumps deliver on this triple promise? We'll find out in the rest of this practical guide!

Presentation of the Arkteos heat pump

Arkteos entered the residential heating market in 2001 and offers a wide range of aerothermal and geothermal heating solutions. Despite the brand's legal problems and the rebranding radical change in 2015, Arkteos has preserved the excellent price-performance ratio that made its reputation in the first half of the 2000s. As you'll see, some Arkteos heat pumps have retained their names from when the brand was still called AJ Tech.

The "Zuran" heat pump models enjoy a good reputation on the French market, probably because they are almost identical to the Zubadan model by Mitsubishi. Reliability is therefore the order of the day, with a constant and regular COP between -18° C and +30° C. Another major advantage of the Zuran heat pumps from Arkteos is that they are very reasonably priced and offer excellent performance.

In detail, Arkteos' range of aerothermal heat pumps includes 4 references: 

  • The AJPAC 3 heat pump, a split with a COP of 4.4;
  • The Zuran 4 heat pump (and Zuran 4 DHW), a split with a COP of 4.8;
  • The Baguio 4 heat pump (and Baguio 4 DHW), a split with a COP of 4.44;
  • The Timax 3 heat pump (and Timax 3 DHW), a monobloc with a COP of 4.54.

The Arkteos geothermal heat pump range is composed of 5 references: 

  • The Geotwin 4 Mono Compressor STD heat pump;
  • The Geotwin 4 Bi-Compressor STD heat pump;
  • The Geotwin 4 Mono Compressor NAPPE heat pump;
  • The Geotwin 4 Bi-Compressor NAPPE heat pump;
  • The Geotwin 4 ECS heat pump.

Advantages of Arkteos heat pumps

  • Arkteos is a French brand that designs, develops and assembles all of its heating solutions in France, in Guérande, Loire-Atlantique.
  • Arkteos heat pumps are based on Mitsubishi's Zubadan range (outdoor unit), with an amazing reliability for this price level;
  • Heat pumps with average coefficients of performance (COP) of 4 to 4.5 (+7 / 30 - 35°c), slightly higher than the market average;
  • Low noise heat pumps with a very reasonable sound pressure level (between 45 and 55 dbA);
  • Arkteos heat pumps are connected and can be controlled remotely by your installer.

The disadvantages of Arkteos heat pumps

  • In the past, AJ Tech (later Arkteos) was able to sell unreliable machines.

The Arkteos heat pump range

The Arkteos heat pump range is dominated by aerothermal models, mainly air-to-water models. The Zuran 4 heat pump (and Zuran 4 DHW), the brand's historic model, largely dominates Arkteos' sales. Let's take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the 4 air-to-water heat pump models offered by Arkteos.

#1 Arkteos Zuran 4 (and Zuran 4 DHW) air-to-water heat pump

It is a split - Inverter proposed in a range of powers from 10 to 23 kW, with a constant power down to -10 ° C. This heat pump is suitable for renovation projects. 

This model shines with a COP of well over 4, which promises great energy savings: for every 1 kWh purchased, your Zuran 4 heat pump gives off more than 4 kWh of heat. This means you will have recovered at least 3 kWh of energy. You will also appreciate the low sound pressure level, between 51 and 59 db(A) depending on the power (outdoor unit, at 3 meters). As for the design, the indoor units are rather flattering and compact.

The Zuran 4 is still by far the best-selling heat pump at Arkteos.

Heating power -10°C / 35° C in kW1012.2012.201423
COP 7°C/35° C4.804.554.554.354.02
Maximum water temperature (flow) in °C6060606060
COP ECS2.352.302.302.25
Time to heat up1h451h361h361h36
Sound pressure level at 3 meters (outdoor unit) in db(A)5152525359

#2 Arkteos AJPAC 3 heat pump

This two-stage split inverter is available in a range of capacities from 14.5 to 24.5 kW. Guaranteed for three years (accessories, heat pump and compressor), this model has an interesting COP that varies between 4.1 and 4.40 depending on the power. This heat pump still uses R410A refrigerant, which is less environmentally friendly than R32 gas. As with the Zuran 4 model, we remain on a very reasonable sound pressure level, between 42 and 46 db(A) (outdoor unit, at 5 meters).

Heating power -10°C / 35° C in kW14.5014.502024.50
COP 7°C/35° C4.404.404.104.10
Maximum water temperature (flow) in °C80808080
Sound pressure level at 3 meters (indoor unit) in db(A)42424445
Sound pressure level at 5 meters (outdoor unit) in db(A)42424646

#3 The Baguio 4 heat pump from Arkteos

This is another Split Inverter offered in 7 power ratings, ranging from 6 to 25 kW (+7°C). The COP +7°C / 30 - 35° C is around 4.40, with a DHW COP of about 2.25. The sound pressure level remains reasonable, with an average of 53 db(A) for the outdoor unit (at 3 meters). The same observation as for the previous models concerning the refrigerant: R410A is still used. Also on the menu: a 200 L stainless steel DHW tank, a 6 kW heating booster and a radio frequency room sensor.

Heating power-10°C / 35° C in kW4.3078.1010.108.1010.1017.50
COP 7°C/35° C4.
Maximum water temperature (flow) in °C55555555555555
Time to heat up2h201h471h361h361h361h36
Sound pressure level at 3 meters (outdoor unit) in db(A)49515658565864

#4 The Arkteos Timax 3 heat pump

This is a monobloc Inverter heat pump available in 6 power ratings, from 4.5 to 14 kW (at +7°C). Suitable for new RT 2012 buildings, this model has an extended warranty on the compressor (5 years). The heat pump and its accessories are guaranteed for 3 years. The COP is slightly higher than previous models, with an average of 4.5. 

Heating power-10°C / 35° C in kW4.106.60912.9010.8012.90
COP 7°C/35° C4.504.514.544.264.434.26
Maximum water temperature (flow) in °C555555606060
COP ECS2.352.352.352.352.352.35
Time to heat up2h201h501h351h301h351h30
Sound pressure level at 3 meters (outdoor unit) in db(A)474446535353

Price of an Arkteos heat pump

Arkteos does not disclose the price range of its heat pumps. Indeed, you should contact a professional installer who offers the brand's heat pumps. For an Arkteos aerothermal heat pump, expect to pay between €11,000 for the 080V model and more than €22,000 for the 230W model (Zuran). This price range does not include installation.

What financial assistance is available for the purchase of a Arkteos heat pump?

All Arkteos heat pumps are eligible for a number of financial incentives offered by the government and local authorities to encourage households to switch to this low-impact equipment: 

  • MyRenovationPrimeA "universal" bonus, the amount of which (and the work covered) are subject to resource conditions. Value: between 3 000 and 5 000 €;
  • The boiler conversion premium (CEE bonus), which applies to the replacement of an old boiler (oil, coal, gas except condensation) by a PAC. Value: between 2 500 and 4 000 €;
  • The zero interest eco-loan (eco-PTZ), an interest-free loan repayable over a maximum of 20 years (subject to acceptance of your file by the bank). Value : up to 50 000 € ;
  • Local government assistance. Contact your department and/or region or visit the ANIL website for more information.

What are the alternatives to the Arkteos heat pump?

To stay in this price range, you can go to manufacturers like Daikin or Atlantic. If you want to go upmarket, go for sure values like Bosch, Toshiba or even Mitsubishi. If you want to stay with heat pumps made in France (at least partially), opt for Chaffoteaux (Ariston), Auer or even Saunier Duval.

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