Auer heat pump: reviews and prices 2024

More than a century of experience, an ecological shift negotiated in the 1990s, relatively high COPs, and an "Origine France Garantie" certification that is unprecedented on the market... Auer heat pumps have several advantages to offer! 

In this practical guide, the editors review the three models of Auer air-to-water heat pumps: their advantages, disadvantages, prices (with and without installation) as well as users' opinions.

Auer : a French brand more than a century old

It is at the very end of the 19the century, in 1892, that the Auer brand will be born. It was then a question of structuring the exploitation in France of the patent on incandescent lighting invented by the famous Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach... hence the name of the company. After its diffusion in France, the incandescent mantle will criss-cross Europe where it will become a very widespread mode of urban lighting until the end of the second world war. 

The French company will continue to prosper during the first years of the 20th century.e The company's ambitions were realized with the opening of a large industrial site in the Somme (80), in Picardy, with a foundry and an enamel factory to manufacture cast iron supports for street lamps in French cities. Very quickly, the brand launched its first diversification policy by adding production lines for kitchen and heating appliances. These were the beginnings of the Auer heat pump range.

With its unparalleled experience in the world of lighting and heating, the French brand became the uncontested leader in gas heating in the 1960s. Its gas radiators are found in large homes, businesses, accommodation establishments, etc. Better still, the word "Auer" became a synonym for "gas radiator" for a while!

In 1996, Auer launched ultra-economic and environmentally friendly condensing boilers after 10 years of research and development on the pulso-reactor principle. In 2014, Auer released Edel, an innovative thermodynamic water heater featuring an eHD exchanger with very high heat transfer 100 % aluminum. Today, Auer is a trusted partner in the energy transition in France.

Note: Auer is in the middle of a rebranding operation! The French brand will change its name for the first time since its creation in 1892. In the medium term, your Auer heat pumps will bear the name "INTUIS"!

Presentation of the Auer heat pump

The first Auer heat pumps were marketed in the first half of the 2000s, as were the first thermodynamic water heaters. In 2010, Auer released its flagship model, the HRC70 modulating heat pump, which guarantees a good heating performance, even in very cold weather.

The Auer heat pump range is very narrow. Unlike its Japanese competitors such as Toshiba and Mitsubishi, the French brand only offers three models of air-to-water heat pumps, and does not position itself on air-to-air heat pumps. However, this reduced range is a great success. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of Auer heat pumps.

Advantages of the Auer heat pump

130 years of know-how, "Origine France Garantie" certification, a very interesting carbon footprint and rave reviews from customers... It's almost a no-fail situation for Auer heat pumps. Here is our summary of the main advantages of the French brand's heat pumps:

  • The experience of a brand more than centenary (founded in 1892);
  • The modulating heating powerThis is common to all Auer air-to-water heat pumps. For example, only the small compressor operates in the middle of the season, and then the large compressor takes over when the weather turns cold. In freezing weather, both compressors work in synergy for an optimal heating power;
  • An interesting coefficient of performance (COP), which is often close to 5: for every 1 kWh of electricity consumed, the heat pump returns up to 5 kWh of heat to the heating circuit, which means savings of almost 80 %. Of course, these values are only true under specific conditions, for underfloor heating and not for radiators, and for an average outside temperature, not for -10 for example;
  • It is the only manufacturer that offers heat pumps with the "Origin France Guaranteed".. Saunier Duval does not have this privilege, even though it is a French brand. All Auer heat pumps are fully made in France, in Picardie;
  • Auer started early on to turn the corner ecologicalThe company has been developing a range of products for responsible consumption and energy efficiency since the mid-1990s;
  • All Auer heat pumps use the fluid R290 refrigerant (propane)without hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). The carbon footprint of this refrigerant is up to 2,000 times lower than conventional refrigerants that can be found in older models, but also in some PACs still marketed today;
  • Thanks to their low environmental impact, Auer heat pumps are not subject to the requirements of the European F-GAS regulation. This does not exempt the user from mandatory maintenance every two years;
  • We remain on a good value for moneyeven if Auer is not not the cheapest brand in the heat pump market;
  • A reliability and proven performance, as you will see in the customer reviews.

Note that Auer offers an e-shop for spare parts for its air-to-water heat pumps, with a "prescription" area (energy specialists, design offices, project owners, general contractors and site installers), and an "installers and distributors" area. 

Disadvantages of the Auer heat pump

  • The quality-price ratio is interesting, but the price is still well above the market average. As an example, it is necessary to count up to 25 000 € for an Auer air-water heat pump of 40 kW (installation included).
  • A very small range, with only three models air-to-water heat pumps, and no air-to-air heat pumps.

The Auer heat pump range

Unlike Toshiba, which offers a dozen or so references between air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps, Auer has chosen to focus on a narrower rangeWith just three models of air-to-water heat pumps designed for domestic, collective and tertiary applications. Let's explore these three references in detail to help you make an informed choice.

#1 The Auer HRC70 air-to-water heat pump

installation example Auer Intuis HRC70

This is a high temperature (70°C) modulating air-to-water heat pump, ideal for replacing an oil-fired boiler to achieve energy savings of up to 75 %, whether for heating or domestic hot water. This model is available in several power ratings, from 17 kW to 40 kW, and up to 96 kW in cascade.

Modular power is provided by the combination of two compressors of different power, with high compression ratio. Each "scenario" triggers an operating mode with a small compressor, a large compressor or both at the same time in very cold weather: 

  • In mid-season: only the small compressor works;
  • At the first cold weather, the big compressor takes over;
  • In very cold weather (within -20° C), the two compressors work in synergy to achieve maximum heating power.

We appreciate the multifunctional hydraulic pilot which guarantees a turnkey installation. For domestic installations, you can count on the Premium+ pilot in single or three-phase, with an integrated 38-liter cylinder for circuit decoupling. There are several advantages: 

  • Can manage two heating circuits;
  • Integrated hydraulic decoupling bottle (38 M) with degassing and sludge decanting;
  • Direct pre-connection for an existing boiler as back-up;
  • 6kW modulating electric backup or backup;
  • Cast iron hydraulic distribution module.

Also available: the DS 170D pilot for domestic hot water and high temperature heating. This complete hydro-electronic pilot, integrated in the DHW tank, is equipped with an expansion vessel. A 170 L DHW tank is integrated. Finally, you can opt for the HRC70 32 in three-phase, for a modulating high-temperature heat pump 70°C with three power stages.

A (very) environmentally friendly CAP

As explained above, the Auer HRC70 heat pump is designed with a non-fluorinated refrigerant, R290, which has 2,100 times less impact on the greenhouse effect than the usual fluids. In short, this model avoids the release of up to 10 tons of CO2.

Therefore, this air-to-water heat pump from Auer is not subject to the requirements of the European F-Gas regulation or the mandatory annual inspection.

An ideal heat pump for renovation

The HRC70 is a high-temperature heat pumpThis makes it ideal for renovation work, replacing an old boiler feeding a high-temperature radiator circuit. Only a high-temperature heat pump can supply radiators with sufficiently hot water in thermodynamic mode, without additional electrical costs.

Summary of the technical characteristics of the Auer HRC70 heat pump

HRC70 17 monoHRC70 17 triHRC 70 20 triHRC 70 25 triHRC 70 32 triHRC70 40 tri
Energy class 35° C // 55° CA++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++
SCOP at 35°C / 55° C3,9/3,24,2/3,24,3/3,33,8/3,14,2/3,34/3,3
Max. heating power (kW)202023,528,53444
Nominal COP at +7°C / 35° C4,44,94,64,64,574,6
Sound pressure level db(A)3636404044,846
Outside air range-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40
RefrigerantR290 / 0,90R290 / 0,90R290 / 0,90R290 / 0,90R290 / 1,40R290 / 1,80

#2 The Auer HTI70 air-to-water heat pump

It is a high temperature heat pump with a very wide power modulation, from 15 % to 100 %, depending on the outside air temperature for maximum savings. This model is offered in a wide range of power ratings: 6, 8, 11 and 14 kW, with three choices of pilot depending on the installation: 

  • PRIMO Pilot Compact and complete for simple installations (recent house of 100 m² with high temperature radiators);
  • Premium+ Driver ideal for renovation with many possibilities of hydraulic connections (old house of 120 m² with two high temperature radiator circuits);
  • Pilot DS170D DHW and heating : recent house of 160 m² with radiators or floor heating.

A heat pump adapted to renovation and new construction projects

In renovation, the high temperature 70° C guarantees optimal performance in all seasons. The HTI70 supplies the existing radiator circuit with very hot water and therefore replaces your old oil-fired boiler. A simple electrical and hydraulic connection is enough.

In new construction, the HTI70 adapts to the low heating needs of new homes, while being capable of rising to high temperatures to ensure the production of DHW without electric backup, even in extreme cold. The seasonal COP is quite simply exceptional (5.4).

Summary of the technical characteristics of the Auer HTI70 heat pump

HTI 70 6MonoHTI 70 8MonoHTI 70 8 SortingHTI 70 11MonoHTI 70 11SortingHTI 70 14MonoHTI 70 14Sorting
Energy class 35° C // 55° CA++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++A++/A++
SCOP at 35°C / 55° C4,75/3,45,02/3,925,02/3,924,5/3,24,5/3,24,5/3,24,5/3,2
Max. heating capacity at -7°C / 65° C (kW)5,56,856,8511111313
Nominal COP at +7°C / 35° C5,055,355,355,025,024,894,89
Sound pressure level db(A)38,141,641,642,342,3Not suppliedNot supplied
Outside air range-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40
RefrigerantR290 / 0,42R290 / 0,60R290 / 0,60R290 / 0,90R290 / 0,90R290 / 1R290 / 1

#3 The REB70 hybrid air-water heat pump from Auer

Designed for renovation, this heat pump is the result of the hybridization of a 5 to 11 kW heat pump (the HRC70 model) and a 25 kW fuel oil booster. It has a hybrid pilot with an integrated oil burner (cast iron heating body guaranteed for 20 years) and a high-temperature heat pump (70°C heating water in the radiators).

The REB Hybrid 70 replaces an aging boiler without having to change the existing radiators. A simple hydraulic connection is all that is needed, without a gas connection. There are several advantages: 

  • Large capacity in heating power while maintaining a moderate electrical subscription. It is a practical solution for installations where the electrical power cannot be increased;
  • A very interesting COP (up to 5);
  • The additional power of the oil burner integrated in the pilot allows optimal performance in very cold weather;
  • The pilot allows degassing and decoupling of the flows for better flexibility of operation.

You'll appreciate the unit's user-friendly interface, connectivity, energy metering and intelligent control. 

Summary of the technical characteristics of the REB70 hybrid heat pump from Auer

REB70 Hybrid F5 monoREB70 Hybrid F7 monoREB70 Hybrid F11 monoREB70 Hybrid F11 tri
Energy classA++A++A++A++
Nominal heating capacity +2°C / + 55° C (kW)3,825,99,249,24
Nominal COP at +7°C / 35° C54,45,025,02
Maximum water temperature °C70707070
Outside air range-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40-20 à +40

Price of an Auer heat pump

The price of heat pumps depends on a number of factors, including the power of the system, the operating mode, the COP, the options and accessories, as well as the difficulty of installation, which determines the price of the installation. Here are the indicative price ranges for Auer air-to-water heat pumps: 

  • Auer HRC 70 heat pump (17 to 40 kW) : count between 10 000 and 22 000 € (installation not included);
  • Auer HTI70 heat pump (6 to 14 kW): count between 3 000 and 13 000 € (installation not included);
  • Auer REB70 Hybrid heat pump (5 to 11 kW + 25 kW fuel oil booster): count between 5 000 and 11 000 € (installation not included).

The installation price of an Auer heat pump averages around 3,500 €.

Where to buy an Auer heat pump?

Since they are manufactured in France, in Picardy, Auer heat pumps are widely available in most specialized supermarkets as well as online sales websites. Visit ManoMano, Leroy Merlin, Espace Aubade, Cdiscount, etc. Professional installers can directly request a quote from Auer.

Are you a private individual? We advise you to use the services of a professional installer for the purchase and installation. Indeed, he will be able to advise you on the best model according to your situation, but also to negotiate a more advantageous rate. Also note: buying the equipment on your own and using a professional installer will increase the price of the installation.

What financial assistance is available for the purchase of an Auer heat pump?

Auer air-to-water heat pumps are recognized for their low environmental impact. They are therefore eligible for grants and financial aid from the State and local authorities: 

  • MyRenovationPrime. Granted by the Agence Nationale de l'Habitant, this aid is subject to household resource conditions. Its value is between 3 000 and 5 000 €;
  • The boiler conversion premium (CEE bonus). This bonus applies to the replacement of an old boiler (oil, coal, gas except condensation) by a heat pump. It is not subject to resource conditions. It can be delivered in the form of a check, a transfer or a voucher worth between 2,500 and 4,000 €;
  • The zero interest eco-loan (eco-PTZ). It is an interest-free loan, repayable over a maximum of 20 years. The eco-PTZ is granted subject to acceptance of the file by the bank. It can cover up to 50 000 € of energy work;
  • Local government assistance. Check with your department and/or region.

Reviews of Auer heat pumps

Overall, users are rather complimentary about the performance of Auer air-to-water heat pumps. The editors have compiled a few opinions to help you make your choice.

Let's start this overview with the feedback from a member of the Futura-Sciences.com forum: " I recently purchased an Auer heat pump to help reduce my energy costs, and I was not disappointed. It is a heat pump, which provides both heating and cooling. Which is nice because you don't have to buy two separate units. This is especially nice in the winter, when the temperature can fluctuate wildly between day and night, and in the summer, when it can get very hot at night. The controls are easy to use and there are many options for the unit's operation. "

This user shared his experience on the IZI by EDF website: " I had a very positive experience with my Auer heat pump. I needed a new central air conditioning system and a new heat pump ".

On the other hand, while the next user is relatively satisfied with the heat pump itself, he reminds us of the importance of choosing a reliable, competent and above all responsive installer: " When my heat pump broke down, it took them weeks to fix it. It was unbearable in the apartment the whole time ".

Our advice for choosing your Auer heat pump

There is no substitute for the advice of a competent, serious and, above all, independent professional who will be able to advise you according to the living space of your home, your preferences in terms of room temperature, the climate of your region, your neighborhood, your budget, etc.

Make sure you choose a heat pump with a COP of more than 3. This is the case for all Auer models. The higher the COP, the more energy efficient your heat pump will be. Be sure to consider the noise generated by your heat pump, especially if you live in a densely populated area. The length and scope of the warranty is also an important consideration.

What are the alternatives to the Auer heat pump?

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Auer air-to-water heat pumps, you can go for brands like Atlantic or Hitachi. If you have a larger budget, you can opt for a model from Mitsubishi or Toshiba. Finally, if you want to stay with a French brand, you can go for Saunier Duval.

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