Toshiba heat pump: 2024 reviews and prices

From technologies exclusive to the Japanese branda River and complete documentation in free accessa Particularly reactive after-sales serviceToshiba's Heating and Cooling Solutions Division deserves a guide on our site!

With a wide range of air-to-air heat pumps and some interesting models in air-water, Toshiba is a safe bet for households that want to rationalize their energy consumption without compromising on the thermal comfort of their home. We invite you to explore the Japanese manufacturer's heat pump models in this practical guide!

Toshiba: History of the Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions Division

History of Toshiba Group begins in 1875 under the impulse of Hisashige Tanakaan inventor of genius, and Ichisuke Fujiokathe father of the incandescent lamp in Japan. In 1935, the " Heating and air conditioning solutions "of Toshiba. Thanks to a sustained R&D effort over the first third of the 20th century, Toshiba is now in a position to offer its customers the best possible service.e century, the Japanese brand quickly became a a global pioneer in the HVAC sectorwith solutions that already promote energy savings and respect for the environment.

In 1981, Toshiba confirmed its status as a pioneer and invents the first ever inverter compressor system for residential applications. This innovation will revolutionize the HVAC world on a global scale. Today, Toshiba's Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions Division is committed to sustainable innovation, both in product technology and in production processes at its plants in Japanin Chinain Thailand and in Poland.

The brand features three favored commitments on all of its heating and air conditioning products: 

  • Manufacturing 100 % Toshiba: compressors and finished products ;
  • Quality of manufacturing processes: ISO 9001 factories;
  • Eurovent and CE certified products.

Presentation of the Toshiba heat pump

Thanks to a series of exclusive technologies and a particularly wide range (especially on air-to-air heat pumps)Toshiba is a key player in the heat pump market. The heat pumps of the Japanese manufacturer are designed to efficient, reliable and innovativeThey are easily integrated into your home thanks to compact indoor units with a particularly flattering design. With a COP that usually exceeds 3Toshiba heat pumps are in phase with the environmental stakes and will allow you to make your investment profitable quite quickly thanks to substantial savings on your energy bill.

To help you make up your own mind about the brand, we have compiled for you the pros and cons of the Toshiba heat pump range.

The advantages of the Toshiba heat pump

  • A range of new generation heat pumps;
  • A series of technologies exclusive to the brand, such as the Rotary compressorthe DC Hybrid Inverter technologythe IAQ filtrationetc.
  • Compact indoor units with a flattering design. Some models are available in several different colors;
  • A relatively high COP (4 on average);
  • From reasonable sound pressureswith models that include a "silent" mode on the indoor units and exterior ;
  • A very wide range of air-to-air heat pumps: you will inevitably find the equipment that suits your home and your expectations in terms of comfort;
  • All Toshiba heat pumps can be controlled remotely, either via an infrared or wired remote control, or via smartphone and tablet thanks to the dedicated application;
  • Relatively easy to install;
  • Service quality;
  • Toshiba is one of the few manufacturers to provide all the necessary documentation, including troubleshooting for PACs without registration on its website.

The disadvantages of the Toshiba heat pump

  • The range of air-to-water heat pumps is surprisingly undersized;
  • The performance of some models varies greatly depending on the outside temperature;
  • Some models are noisy, especially in very cold weather.

The range of Toshiba heat pumps

As you will see, Toshiba offers an impressive range of air-to-air heat pumps, and three models of air-to-water heat pumps. Let's explore these two product families in detail to help you make an informed choice.

Toshiba air-to-air heat pumps

Toshiba offers a wide range of air-to-air heat pumps, with consoles and wall-mounted units for optimum comfort all year round. Depending on the configuration of your home and your preferences in terms of indoor temperature, you will inevitably find the air-to-air heat pump that suits you. Beyond the performance, you will appreciate the rather flattering design of the models, the ease of installation and the many proprietary technologies to Toshiba (Rotary compressor, IAQ filtration, DC Hybrid Inverter...).

#1 The Toshiba dual-flow console

It is a reversible air conditioning solution for a single room. Toshiba's dual-flow console can be installed on the floor or at the bottom of a wall, along the baseboards, just like a radiator. Available in three sizes, the wall-mounted console deploys 2.5 to 5 kW in cooling, and 3.2 to 6 kW in heating. On the menu: 

  • A very quiet heat pump, with only 23 dB (A) in silent mode;
  • Energy class: A++ (for heating and cooling) ;
  • The console connects to Wifi for remote control via the Toshiba Home AC Control application;
  • Floor Heating" mode: air diffusion from the bottom for more comfort;
  • Exclusive Toshiba IAQ filtration;
  • Additional functions: "silent" mode, dimming, child lock, etc. ;
  • Mono and Multisplit compatible indoor units.
Outdoor unit/Indoor unit10J2AVSG-E1B10J2FVG-E13J2AVSG-E1B13J2FVG-E18J2AVSG-EB18J2FVG-E
Cooling capacity (kW)2,53,55,0
EER (W/W)4,244,022,98
Energy labelA++A++A++
Hot power + 7° C (kW)3,24,26,0
COP at +7° C (W/W)3,93,312,93
COP at -7° C (W/W)2,912,542,32
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/Silence 2) hot60/5362/5764/58
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/Silence 2) cold58/5160/5362/56

#2 Toshiba Haori Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Elegant, equipped with a plasma ionizer that neutralizes contaminated particles and low noise both indoors and outdoors, the Haori wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump is a little gem from Toshiba. It features Toshiba's Rotary compressor technology, which combines high performance with exceptional reliability. The Toshiba Inverter guarantees maximum energy efficiency in nominal and part-load operation. The Haori wall-mounted heat pump is available in 12 colors and can be adapted to your interior design. Also on the menu: 

  • Unique design, with a fabric covering in the color of your choice;
  • Integrated Wifi interface as standard for remote control via smartphone;
  • 3D blowing: horizontal and vertical adjustment;
  • HADA" air distribution concept;
  • Silent mode on the inside and outside;
  • Mono and Multi operation.
Outdoor unit/Indoor unit10J2AVSG-E1B10N4KVRG-E13J2AVSG-E1B13N4KVRG-E16J2AVSG-E1B16N4KVRG-E
Cooling capacity (kW)2,53,54,6
EER (W/W)4,634,383,41
Energy labelA+++A+++A++
Hot power + 7° C (kW)3,24,25,5
COP at +7° C (W/W)4,323,893,62
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/Quiet) hot41/1943/1945/22
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/Quiet) cold41/1943/1945/21

#3 Toshiba Seiya Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Available in 7 sizes (from 1.5 to 6.5 kW in cooling and from 2 to 7 kW in heating), the Seiya air-to-air heat pump by Toshiba features DC Hybrid Inverter technology combined with the Toshiba Rotary compressor. You will appreciate the self-cleaning function that guarantees healthy indoor air and long-lasting performance. The soft, rounded curves of the indoor unit give you a flattering design touch. The Toshiba Seiya wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump also features: 

  • A particularly effective quiet function, with only 19 dB (A) at 1.5 m in "Quiet" mode for size 5 ;
  • Energy class A++ in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode on all sizes;
  • Simplified infrared remote control with quick access to all functions;
  • Remote control option with the Toshiba Home AC Control application;
  • Indoor units compatible with mono and multisplit (except sizes 18 and 24).
Outdoor unit/Indoor unit05J2AVG-EB05J2KVG-E10J2AVG-EB10J2KVG-E16J2AVG-EB16J2KVG-E24J2AVG-E24J2KVG-E
Cooling capacity (kW)1,52,54,26,5
EER (W/W)4,053,253,02,89
Energy label (cooling)A++A++A++A++
Hot power + 7° C (kW)2,03,25,07,0
COP at +7° C (W/W)4,263,723,573,33
COP at -7° C (W/W)3,392,572,672,45
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/PV) hot37/22/1939/24/2143/25/2243/35/31
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/PV) cold37/22/1939/24/2143/25/2248/35/31

#4 Toshiba Shorai+ Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Aesthetics, economy and absolute comfort. These are the three promises of this wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump by Toshiba. You will appreciate the ultra-quiet mode which allows to lower the sound pressure level of the outdoor unit by 6 dB(A) for an unequalled discretion. This model is available in 7 sizes, from 2 to 7 kW in cooling and from 2,5 to 8 kW in heating: 

  • High energy performance, up to A++ in heating and cooling;
  • Only 19 dB(A) of sound pressure for the first three sizes (indoor unit);
  • HADA" air distribution concept parallel to the ceiling;
  • Toshiba DC Hybrid Inverter technology combined with Toshiba Rotary compressor;
  • Weekly programming via remote control ;
  • Easy refrigeration connections of the indoor unit (removable) ;
  • Remote control via the Toshiba Home AC Control application;
  • Indoor units compatible with monosplit and multisplit (except size 18).
Outdoor unit/Indoor unit07J2AVSG-EB07J2KVSG-E13J2AVSG-E1B13J2KVSG-E18J2AVSG-E18J2KVSG-E24J2AVSG-EB24J2KVSG-E
Cooling capacity (kW)2,03,55,07,0
EER (W/W)5,133,893,523,11
Energy label (cooling)A+++A+++A++A++
Hot power + 7° C (kW)2,54,26,08,0
COP at +7° C (W/W)5,03,893,773,4
COP at -7° C (W/W)3,662,932,692,36
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/PV) hot40/1943/1944/2648/28
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/PV) cold40/1943/1944/2647/28

#5 Super Daiseikai Wall Mounted Heat Pump 9

We enter the top of the range! This air-to-air heat pump from Toshiba will allow you to make great energy savings without compromising on comfort and design. This model offers you an exceptional air quality thanks to its exclusive filtration system. The ionizer produces more than one million negative ions per cm3 of air. The Super Daiseikai 9 is available in three sizes, from 2.5 to 4.5 kW in cooling, and from 3.2 to 4.5 kW in heating: 

  • DC Twin-Rotary compressor for optimized energy consumption;
  • 3D air diffusion (horizontal and vertical);
  • Plasma air purifier ;
  • Remote control with weekly programming ;
  • Remote control with the Toshiba Home AC Control application;
  • Indoor units available in monosplit and multisplit versions.
Outdoor unit/Indoor unit10PAVPG-E10PKVPG-E13PAVPG-E13PKVPG-E16PAVPG-E16PKVPG-E
Cooling capacity (kW)2,53,54,5
EER (W/W)5,564,674,17
Energy labelA+++A+++A+++
Hot power + 7° C (kW)3,24,04,5
COP at +7° C (W/W)5,335,04,01
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/Quiet) hot44/2045/2046/22
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/Quiet) cold43/2044/2045/22

#6 Yukai Wall Mounted Heat Pump

With its new Ultra-Fresh filter, this wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump from Toshiba captures 85 % of PM 2.5 to envelop you in healthy and dynamic air. This heat pump is available in 7 sizes, from 1.5 to 6.5 kW in cooling and from 2 to 7 kW in heating. You will appreciate its elegant design, its sleek curves and its small footprint.

  • Only 19 dB (A) at 1.5 m in "Quiet" mode for size 5;
  • Energy class A++ for cooling and heating;
  • DC Hybrid Inverter technology combined with Toshiba Rotary compressor;
  • Infrared or wired remote control with advanced functions;
  • Remote control option via the Toshiba Home AC Control application;
  • Indoor units compatible with mono and multisplit (except sizes 18 and 24).
Cooling capacity (kW)1,52,54,26,5
EER (W/W)4,173,573,312,89
Energy labelA++A++A++A++
Hot power + 7° C (kW)2,03,25,07,0
COP at +7° C (W/W)4,263,723,733,33
COP at -7° C (W/W)3,012,902,792,87
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/PV) hot37/1939/2043/2248/29
Sound pressure level of the indoor unit (GV/PV) cold37/1939/1943/2148/29

#7 The compact ductable heat pump from Toshiba

With a height of just 210 mm, this Toshiba air-to-air heat pump is suitable for a wide range of installation configurations. This model will allow you to heat and cool several rooms in a uniform manner while preserving your interior design. This extra-flat multisplit ductable unit is available in 6 sizes, from 2 to 7 kW in cooling, and from 2.5 to 8 kW in heating: 

  • Invisible and silent solution;
  • Adjustable pressure available, 45 PA maximum;
  • Integrated lift pump;
  • Air intake from the back or from below, which guarantees flexibility in installation;
  • Infrared remote control included.
Indoor unitM07U2DVG-EM13U2DVG-EM22U2DVG-EM24U2DVG-E
Cooling capacity (kW)2,03,56,07,1
Heating power (kW)2,54,27,18,1
Sound pressure level at 1.5 (GV/PV) cold35/2737/2738/3239/33
Sound pressure level at 1.5 (GV/PV) hot35/2737/2738/3239/33

Click here for the technical characteristics of the outdoor units.

Toshiba air-to-water heat pumps

The Japanese manufacturer has made a promise: air-to-water heat pumps that can cover 100 % of a home's heating needs by consuming only 30 % of electrical energy, the rest being drawn from the environment. Toshiba's air-to-water heat pumps are grouped in the ESTIA range, available in three versions:

  • the ESTIA ECS heat pump integrated,
  • the ESTIA wall-mounted heat pump
  • and the ESTIA R410A wall-mounted heat pump

Overview of Toshiba's Estia air-to-water heat pump range

This range can be easily integrated into a cellar or a laundry room and can replace a fossil fuel heating system in a renovation project. Note: it has a high water flow of 65°C and even up to 60°C by -20°C outside, which allows it to offer a maximum of comfort and in particular to ensure a rise in heating of the domestic hot water in a little more than one hour (from 10 to 53°C according to Toshiba in 1h05). It can also be installed in a dual zone, with two different water outlets: 

  • Small power, which makes it an ideal heat pump for new construction;
  • DHW tank 210L integrated in the module for a simplified installation;
  • Bibloc solution R32 for a reduced carbon footprint;
  • Small diameter refrigerant connections for easy installation;
  • Accessible components in the front;
  • Compatible with the latest generation of connected thermostats;
  • Remote control via smartphone and compatibility with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants;

ESTIA is also eligible for state (MaPrimeRenov', CEE) and local government grants. The heating is designed for all emitters: underfloor heating, medium or low temperature radiators and fan coil units.

Toshiba offers power from 4 to 11kW A7/W35

Toshiba ESTIA air-water heat pump, an ultra-compact module

You'll appreciate the ultra-compact hydraulic module, with components accessible from the front panel. All water and refrigerant connections of the integrated DHW module come from the top, while the wall unit is connected from the bottom for greater convenience in installation and maintenance. The startup tool offered to professional installers allows a quick and easy commissioning.

The wall-mounted unit also shines with an elegant and compact design (H 720 x W 450 x D 235 mm), to be combined with a DHW tank adapted to your needs and the size of your household (150, 210 or 300 liters). 

Toshiba's ESTIA air-water heat pump: a focus on energy performance and comfort

On the heating side, the Toshiba ESTIA air-to-water heat pump with integrated DHW has a maximum SCOP of 4.63 and a maximum COP of 5.20 (A++). On the domestic hot water side, the COP is 3.21 (A+), a relatively satisfactory performance (without being exceptional).

At the output, the water temperature is more than correct, with 65° C at +7°C outside, and 62° C at -25° C outside for the 8 and 11 kW heat pumps. As for the sound level of the outdoor unit, count between 32 and 40 dB (A) depending on the power of the heat pump (in silent mode and at 5 meters). Count 29 dB (A) for the wall unit, and 31 dB (A) for the integrated ESTIA DHW. The heating time is estimated at 1 hour and 5 minutes (from 10 to 53°C).

ESTIA ECS integratedWall unit + remote tank
Volume210 L150 L - 210 L - 300 L
Energy classA+A and A+.
COP ECSUp to 3.21Up to 2.93

Please note All ESTIA units are reversible (insulated piping + condensate recovery tank). You can therefore use them to cool down in summer, with an ER up to 4.37 @ Air 35° C / Water 18°C.

Find the technical characteristics of the models of heat pump air - water of Toshiba here.

The Toshiba ESTIA heat pump has the particularity of having a wall-mounted indoor module of very small dimensions compared to the rest of the market (as seen in our split comparison), allowing you to integrate it in the smallest spaces, and thus remaining discreet in all circumstances.

Price of a Toshiba heat pump

Although the brand is transparent in that it offers all the documentation for its range of heat pumps in free access, it does not give any price indications for its products. However, here are some price ranges to give you an idea:

  • Toshiba air-to-air heat pumps: count 7 000 € on average, with a cost that can rise to 12 000 (or even more) for the most complex installations, including ductable PAC.
  • Toshiba air-to-water heat pumps: expect an average of €8,000, with a range of €3,000 to €14,000.

Adding options and accessories can increase the price.

Where to buy a Toshiba heat pump?

Toshiba's air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps are available in most specialized supermarkets and online sales websites: ManoMano, Leroy Merlin, Espace Aubade, Cdiscount, etc. Professionals can also request a quote directly from the Toshiba France heating and air conditioning solutions division website.

We recommend that individuals use the services of a professional installer for the purchase and installation for several reasons: 

  • Only a professional will be able to advise you according to the configuration of your home, your budget and your expectations in terms of thermal comfort;
  • Professionals generally benefit from preferential rates;
  • Buying your equipment alone, and using a professional installer will increase the price of the installation.

What kind of financial aid is available for the purchase of a Toshiba heat pump?

As part of its policy to rationalize energy consumption, the state offers several grants to households that wish to replace their heating devices/ECS with heat pumps. Summary: 

  • MyRenovationPrime. Granted by the National Housing Agency. Subject to household resources conditions. Value : between 3 000 and 5 000 €.
  • The boiler conversion premium (CEE bonus). Applies to the replacement of an old boiler (oil, coal, gas except condensation). No resource conditions. Cheque, transfer or voucher of a value between 2 500 and 4 000 €.
  • The zero interest eco-loan (eco-PTZ). Interest-free loan repayable over a maximum of 20 years. Granted subject to acceptance of the file by the bank. Can cover up to 50 000 € of energy work.
  • Local government assistance. Check with your department and/or region.

Reviews of Toshiba heat pumps

Toshiba heat pumps are best described by consumers. The editors have compiled a few opinions to help you make the right choice.

Let's start our overview with this Ooreka.fr forum member: " Your Toshiba will be able to heat your entire house if its power has been calculated according to the volume to be heated ".

For his part, André Daline of the Our Planet forum explains: " For breakdowns and from my experience, Daikin has few, then Toshiba and Mitsubishi are equal, and these three brands are in the top of the basket ".

MYGSM, a member of Forum Climatisation, gives us a little comparison of the different brands of heat pumps: " Daikin : eliminated, I read too often that it is overrated, that there are problems with the after-sales service. Hitachi : eliminated, because no way to find documentation. LG/Panasonic : eliminated, no refrigerator link beyond 15 meters. Mitsubishi : retained. Toshiba : retained, well rated brand on the forums ".

Another user on the same forum explains, " Toshiba is one of the few manufacturers that makes available on its website and without prior registration the technical documentation, including the troubleshooting manuals ". This transparency is to the credit of the Japanese manufacturer.

Our advice for choosing your Toshiba heat pump

As explained above, Toshiba's Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions Division provides installers and consumers with clear and comprehensive documentation on its range of air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps. You can therefore inform yourself at ease about the models that suit your home configuration, your budget and your expectations in terms of thermal comfort. Take the time to go through the various technical specifications to get the job done, and seek the assistance of a professional because the stakes are high. By making the right choice, you can save up to 75 % on your heating bill while reducing your household's carbon footprint.

Here are some basic criteria to guide you: 

  • Air to air or air to water heat pump ? If your region has a relatively hot climate in summer, opt for an air-to-air heat pump. It is the most extensive range at Toshiba. An air-to-air heat pump will allow you to cool down in summer. Otherwise, opt for an air-water heat pump, which is easier to install and more ecological (in general).
  • Power and sizing. Only a qualified professional will be able to guide you according to the configuration of your home.
  • The COP must be greater than 3. The higher it is, the more energy efficient your heat pump will be.
  • The noise of the CAPThis is an important point to avoid neighborhood problems. Toshiba heat pumps are relatively quiet, but some models can cause problems in densely populated areas.
  • The guarantee. Some dealers offer extended warranties on the compressor, a part that sometimes wears out faster than expected.

What are the alternatives to the Toshiba heat pump?

Mitsubishi is Toshiba's direct competitor in the air-to-air and air-to-water heat pump sector. Both manufacturers are Japanese, and they both have this image of precursor and pioneer in heating and air conditioning technologies. If you prefer Made in France, go to Saunier DuvalDe Dietrich or Atlantic.

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