Our opinion on the DualSun solar panels

Are you considering a photovoltaic installation at home to save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint? DualSun must be part of your shortlist, as the French brand stands out for its appetite for innovation, the interesting yield of its panels and the ultra-practicality of its famous hybrid panels, which produce both electricity and domestic hot water.

In this comprehensive guide, we go over the range, strengths and weaknesses of DualSun photovoltaic and hybrid panels to help you make an informed choice.

If you read to the end, you will get a technical opinion on the installation of photovoltaic panels, but also a summary of consumer opinions on the photovoltaic panel Dualsun.

DualSun: the success story of a brand made in France

Founded in 2010 in Marseille, DualSun is a French manufacturer of solar panels created by Jérôme Mouterde and Laetitia Brottier, two engineers from Centrale Paris. The company assists building owners in reducing their fossil fuel consumption through a wide range of panels associated with a digital platform, MyDualSun, which allows customers and installers to manage photovoltaic installation projects.

The SME is distinguished by three major competitive advantages on the French market: 

  1. Strong R&D activityThe DualSun Spring is the first hybrid solar panel in the world to be certified as a solar panel, and it is the first hybrid solar panel in the world to be certified as a solar panel. The DualSun Spring is the first certified hybrid panel in the world. This high level of R&D activity has earned the French SME a number of industry awards, including the Vitrine de l'industrie du futur label for its photovoltaic-thermal hybrid panel production line (October 2020).
  2. DualSun is one of the few French manufacturers to compete with the Chinese and Asian solar panel market. The R&D and design of the brand's equipment take place in the Marseille research center, and part of the production is carried out in France, especially for the DualSun Spring, which is manufactured in the Ain region;
  3. DualSun is firmly committed to sustainabilityThe company's commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its sourcing choices and the design of its solar panels, which are 95 percent recyclable (%).

Today, DualSun is behind more than 6,000 solar panel installations around the world, equipping single-family homes, multi-family housing, schools, municipal swimming pools and even soccer stadiums. In a particularly receptive market, DualSun's turnover has been multiplied by 7 between 2020 and 2022, as explained by this press release. The future of the brand looks bright for two reasons: 

  • Some media coverageThis is particularly true in a context where the cost of energy has broken all records. Yannick Jadot, candidate of the ecologist pole to the presidential election of 2022, has recently declared to speak of "French genius" when talking about DualSun ;
  • DualSun has completed a €10 million financing round for its hybrid solar panels in September 2022. Objective to finance the international deployment of DualSun.

The company designs, produces and markets two products: 

  • DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels;
  • DualSun Spring hybrid panels.

DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels

The DualSun Flash range of photovoltaic panels is made up of six products that can be adapted to your projects according to the nominal power, the yield, the dimensions and therefore the budget:

  • The DualSun Flash 500 Half-Cut Black;
  • DualSun Flash 425 Shingle Black;
  • The DualSun Flash 410 Half-Cut White;
  • The DualSun Flash 410 Half-Cut Glass;
  • The DualSun Flash 380 Half-Cut White;
  • The DualSun Flash 375 Half-Cut Black.

These models come with some of the highest warranties on the market: 

  • 20 year product warranty;
  • +5 years of extension to the activation of the guarantees ;
  • Performance guarantees on photovoltaic output for 25 years.

All DualSun Flash panels have excellent mechanical strength (up to 5,400 Pa) in both portrait and landscape, are compatible with all roofing systems and have low-carbon certification. They are also CE marked, certified according to IEC standards and have been tested for salt spray corrosion (IEC standard).

Aesthetics of DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels

DualSun's aesthetic approach to its photovoltaic panels is simple: black, sober and even minimalist equipment, in accordance with the motto " Less is more ". 

This orientation makes sense with the finishes Ultra Full Black that we find on the Flash 425 Shingle Black, which is for the moment completely black and homogeneous, like the screen of a Samsung smartphone.

The dimensions are still interesting due to the exclusive use of monocrystalline cells, which have a better efficiency. The Flash 500 Half-Cut Black, for example, is the most powerful model with a rated output of 500 W and is 1899 mm long, 1096 mm wide and 30 mm thick.

The performance of DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels

DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels feature high-efficiency PERC monocrystalline cells, which capture light near the back surface of the cell to maximize electron production. They are all systematically audited by third-party inspection agencies.

The DualSun Flash 500 Half-Cut Black is quite simply the ultimate in made-in-France photovoltaic panels. Designed for residential and commercial self-consumption projects, it features high-performance PERC monocrystalline cells with anti-reflective glass that maintains the panel's performance even in diffuse light. 

We are on a nominal power of 500 W for an average yield of 22 %: 6 panels will be enough for an installation of 3 kWp (peak power). DualSun guarantees a linear power over time, with a very slight decrease estimated at 15 % over 25 years.

We have summarized for you the main performance indicators of DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels in the following table: 

Rated power (W)Module/cell efficiencyDimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Quality and safety
Flash 500 Hal-Cut Black50021.06 % / 23 %2,094 x 1,134 x 3526CE marking
Certification according to IEC standards
Salt spray corrosion test - IEC standard
Flash 425 Shingle Black42520.4 % / 22.7 %1,899 x 1,096 x 3021.8
Flash 410 Half-Cut White41020.91 % / 23 %1 708 x 1 134 x 3020
Flash 410 Half-Cut Glass-Glass41021 % / 23 %1722 x 1134 x 3025.1
Flash 380 Half-Cut White38020.86 % / 23 %1 755 x 1 038 x 3521
Flash 375 Half-Cut Black37520.59 % / 23 %1 755 x 1 038 x 3521

Spring DualSun hybrid panels

Spring hybrid panels are a DualSun innovation that combines photovoltaic electricity production (front side) and solar thermal hot water production (back side) in a single panel. Designed and manufactured in France, at the Marseille R&D center and the Jujurieux plant, this solar panel is the first to be certified as a "hybrid" in the world. It has also been awarded the Industrie du Futur label.

There are several benefits: 

  1. Increased energy efficiency DualSun hybrid panels are capable of converting more of the sun's energy into usable energy (electricity and heat) than separate photovoltaic and thermal systems;
  2. Reduction in space requirements DualSun hybrid panels combine two technologies in one panel, so they require less roof space to produce the same amount of energy as a separate photovoltaic and thermal system;
  3. Cooling of photovoltaic cells The hot water production process also cools the photovoltaic cells, which improves their efficiency and extends their life;
  4. Savings The installation of a single hybrid system is necessarily less expensive than the installation of two separate systems (photovoltaic and thermal).

DualSun Spring hybrid panel aesthetics

The Spring hybrid panels are also part of DualSun's simple and elegant design. The black frame blends in well with different types of roofs and building materials. The uniform color gives a refined and minimalist look and the low thickness (30 mm) allows for a nice look.

The high-efficiency PERC monocrystalline cells allow for compact dimensions, with a length of 1899 mm and a width of 1096 mm.

DualSun Spring Hybrid Panel Performance

DualSun's Spring hybrid panels are a concentrate of innovations, both on the front and the back: 

  • Photovoltaic front panel High efficiency monocrystalline cells, cooled by water circulation; 
  • Thermal rear panelfor hot water production with an ultra-fine heat exchanger, and DualBoost technology which increases the photovoltaic yield (front side) by cooling the cells;
  • Patented DualQuickfit systemfor Plug & Play hydraulic connections and faster installation of the Spring panel.

DualSun's Spring hybrid panel is compatible with several applications: domestic hot water (DHW), heat pumps, swimming pools, etc. Today, DualSun only offers the Shingle Black version, with a nominal power of 425 W. The following table summarizes its technical characteristics, both on the photovoltaic and thermal parts: 

Power rating425 W
Module efficiency20.4 %
Photovoltaic yield at 25 years84.8 %
Thermal power595 Wth/m² // 1237 Wth/pn
Sensor surface2.08 m²
Exchanger volume 5 liters
Dimensions1899 x 1096 x 30 mm
Type of cellsSingle crystal PERC
Number of cells320

Users' opinions on DualSun panels

Overall, user reviews of DualSun products are positive, and the feedback from the specialized press is quite flattering. Let's start with a small selection of reviews verified on Trustpilot : 

Panels at the top but still no Enedis contract 5 months later... 

RAS for the technical and commercial teams, the installation went very well. Where I am not happy is that the panels were installed on 31/10/2022 and to this day I still have no Enedis contract to buy back the surplus. It's been 5 months since the company has been dragging its feet in making the request to Enedis. " (October 31, 2022)

This is our second installation...

This is our second photovoltaic installation to reach 6 kW peak with 5 years difference and this is where we see the progress. Better yield on smaller surfaces with optimization. Very satisfied. " (July 11, 2022).

Respect for delivery deadlines

Respect of the delivery time, installation in 4 hours by a competent team. We are satisfied with our installation. " (January 31, 2023)

Problem-free installation of solar panels

The partner company took care of everything from start to finish (administrative, declaration to the town hall, relationship with EDF, etc.). We always had a quick answer to our questions. The installation of the panels went very well with competent and professional installers. They explained and advised us well. " (February 21, 2023)

Good, but can be improved

It is unfortunate that the data cannot be extracted from the application, in the form of an Excel table, for example ". (March 14, 2023).

DualSun's strengths and weaknesses

DualSun is at the forefront of photovoltaic and hybrid panels in France, combining several strengths that set the company apart from the competition: 

  1. Innovation DualSun has a strong research and development activity, which has resulted in the world's first certified hybrid solar panel;
  2. French manufacturing DualSun is one of the few French manufacturers of solar panels, with part of the production made in France, especially for the DualSun Spring;
  3. The company is committed to sustainabilitywith 95 % recyclable solar panels and responsible sourcing choices.
  4. Rapid growth DualSun has increased its turnover by a factor of 7 between 2020 and 2022, which guarantees the company's durability and the continuity of its guarantee, which is among the highest in the market;
  5. The systematic use of PERC monocrystalline cells high performance ;
  6. DualSun solar panels have a simple and elegant designIt can be integrated harmoniously with different types of roofs and building materials.

The disadvantages of DualSun solar panels

  • Innovation and quality come at a price... and it shows in the hybrid panels which are up to twice as expensive as the Flash photovoltaic panels;
  • The MyDualSun application remains limited, in that it does not allow to extract the data in Excel format for example to analyze them over a prolonged period;
  • The DualSun range is limited on the hybrid part.

What are the alternatives to DualSun?

DualSun has a prominent place in French GreenTech, but quality alternatives exist.

#1 SunPower (USA)

SunPower is a leading solar panel manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels. SunPower's Maxeon® technology is known for its high performance and reliability, and its solar panels are often considered among the best on the market.

Our opinion on Sunpower solar panels

#2 LG Solar (South Korea) 

LG Solar is a division of LG Electronics that offers quality solar panels, including the NeON® R series known for its high efficiency, durability and flattering design. LG Solar offers generous warranties on its products.

#3 Oscaro Power

Oscaro Power is a French company specialized in the field of renewable energies, especially solar photovoltaic systems. It offers solutions for individuals and professionals, allowing them to produce clean energy and reduce costs related to electricity consumption.

The company offers a full range of solar solutions, including solar panels, inverters, energy storage systems and installation accessories.

Consult our Oscaro Power photovoltaic solar panels opinion to learn more.

#4 Ikea

Ikea is the famous Swedish company specialized in furniture, but which tends to diversify if the opportunity arises. It decides to seize the opportunity of the photovoltaic market, and presents its brand of panels. In fact, these panels come from China, like most of them, and it has an official partner who takes care of the installation of Ikea solar panels depending on the country you are in.

We have published a opinion on Ikea photovoltaic solar panelswhich you can consult to learn more.

DualSun solar panels: our verdict

DualSun is like the Tesla of solar panels: innovative, reliable, with a certain media hype... but it can be expensive, especially for its most innovative products, namely hybrid panels.

Considering the many advantages of the brand, including high performance, the made in FranceWith the addition of the PERC monocrystalline cells, the certifications, the consistent use of PERC monocrystalline cells and the positive reviews from users, DualSun remains an excellent choice for those who want to maximize the use of solar energy to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Only a qualified and experienced professional will be able to help you evaluate the different options available to you according to your situation and your budget, both to guarantee your thermal comfort and to accelerate the return on your investment.