Democratize access to solar energy in individual homes. This is the ambition of Oscaro Power, a company launched in 2019 by the founder of, the famous car parts sales website. 

The French manufacturer advocates more accessible solar energy and markets do-it-yourself kits. The starting point Domestic solar power still has a great deal of room for growth, since individual homes account for only 10 % of "solar capacity" in France. 

Economical, ergonomic, complete and easy to assemble, Oscaro Power's solar kits are designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, while offering modularity to meet everyone's needs... at least on paper! What are they really worth? Our opinion on photovoltaic panels for the housefrom Oscaro Power, in this practical guide.

Oscaro Power: a young brand that thinks big

Oscaro Power was created in 2019 by Pierre-Noël Luiggi, founder of the auto parts website. In 2018, he sold the site to the PHE group to launch, a year later, the sale of photovoltaic panel kits, and raised 4 million euros to develop this new project. The ambition is clear: to democratize the use of solar energy in individual homes in France and Western Europe.

To set itself apart, Oscaro Power is going against the grain, with the disruptive idea of offering complete, do-it-yourself kits, while still supporting customers with educational documentation on the website, as well as an online configurator and simulator to size the photovoltaic installation according to the household's energy consumption, climatic conditions, available roof surface area, etc.

Today, Oscaro Power boasts the cheapest package on the market. According to the brand, a family of 4 to 6 people living in a 130 m² house or apartment today has to spend around €15,000 to cover half its energy needs with solar power... compared with around €5,000 if it were to buy a kit from Oscaro Power. The company also claims that its kits can reduce a household's monthly bill by between €300 and €600, which translates into a return on investment in no more than 5 years. 

Success was not long in coming: in 2020, Oscaro Power sold 10,000 kits, generating sales of 2.5 million euros. The company has built this solid performance on omnipresent customer service, positioning at an angle to the competition and, above all, a catalog supported by recognized brands, first and foremost SunPower, the sector's undisputed leader.

Oscaro Power provides a comprehensive range of tools for homeowners wishing to embark on the do-it-yourself solar kit adventure: 

  • Ultra-complete kits that are easy to install and connect thanks to a "Plug & Play" wiring system;
  • Protective enclosures with quick connectors, made in Savoie and complying with current safety and electrical compliance standards.

What are Oscaro Power photovoltaic panels worth?

Oscaro Power offers a wide range of photovoltaic solar panels from a number of carefully selected brands. While the French startup's aim is to democratize access to photovoltaics in individual homes by driving prices down, it cuts more on the cost of installation than on the quality of the equipment.

The only downside is that French brands have disappeared from the Oscaro Power website in 2022. In their place are panels from Slovenia's Bisol, American SunPower in the high-end category, and China's Trina! In so doing, Oscaro Power is demonstrating its ambition to position itself in all ranges, from entry-level with Trina to premium with SunPower, via Bisol for the intermediate range. 

The Slovenian brand's photovoltaic solar panels offer excellent value for money, and boast a number of strong points: a sophisticated aesthetic finish (Full Black), translucent, two-sided and low-carbon. 

Basically, Oscaro Power offers 3 ranges of solar panels:

  • Standard solar panels 12 products in total (Trina, Bisol, SunPower, Longi and TW Solar);
  • Designer solar panels 10 products in all, with a wide choice of colors (red, green, orange...);
  • Special" solar panels For the time being, only the SunPower P3 AC IQ7A - 375 Wp is available in this range. Priced at €439, this photovoltaic panel is the fruit of a partnership between SunPower and Enphase.

But if we come to Oscaro Power, it's above all for the company's specialty: preconfigured, ready-to-install kits. Let's explore this range!

#1 Stand-alone solar kits for remote sites

This category includes four stand-alone solar kits: S, M, L and XL. To help you see things more clearly, here's a table summarizing the composition of these stand-alone solar kits, their advantages and the electricity needs they can cover.

Name of the kitCompositionBenefitsPriceElectricity requirements
Autonomous solar kit S3x TRINA Solar 405 Wp panels, VICTRON ENERGY Phoenix 24 V 375W inverter/charger, 1980 Wh 24 V batterySuitable for small consumers, customizable kit, easy to installFrom €1,6231 person with low consumption: USB charger, LED lighting, small fridge (in summer), hi-fi, fan, PC and TV, laptop charger.
Stand-alone solar kit M6x TRINA Solar 405 Wp panels, VICTRON ENERGY Phoenix 24V 800W inverter/charger, 3180 Wh 24 V batterySuitable for daily use, customizable kit, easy to installFrom €2,454.992 people using lighting, TV, fridge, USB/PC chargers and appliances in summer.
Autonomous solar kit L8x TRINA Solar 405 Wp panels, VICTRON ENERGY Multiplus2 48V/3000W inverter/charger, 6360 Wh 48 V batterySuitable for daily use, customizable kit, easy to installFrom € 8,098.444 people using lighting, TV, fridge, appliances and USB/PC chargers.
Stand-alone solar kit XL12x TRINA Solar 405 Wp panels, VICTRON ENERGY Multiplus2 48V 3000W inverter/charger, 6360 Wh 48 V batterySuitable for standard homes without water heaters or electric heating, customizable kit, easy to installFrom €8,2305 people living in a standard house with no water heater, no electric heating and all the usual electrical appliances.

As you may have noticed, no mention is made of the warranty offered for these kits, for the simple reason that Oscaro Power only offers manufacturers' warranties. The only mention on the brand's website is: "the warranty can be up to 30 years, depending on the manufacturer".

#2 Self-consumption solar kits 

Are you connected to the public grid? Oscaro Power offers 3 self-consumption solar kits: Solar, Power and Max. Compare : 

Name of the kitCompositionBenefits
SOLAR Kit6x Trina Solar Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Honey 375 Wp, 6x Enphase IQ7+ Microinverter, 1x Enphase Envoy-S metered Monitoring Gateway, 1x ESDEC roof mounting kit in 1x Line of 6x in portrait viewSimple à installer, évolutif jusqu’à 12 panneaux, dernières technologies de panneaux et d’onduleurs, garantie 25 ans sur les micro-onduleurs Enphase, supervision et optimisation panneau par panneau, mise à jour automatique via Internet, application Enlighten de supervision sur smartphone et ordinateur
POWER Kit8x BISOL DUPLEX 375 Wp solar panels, 1x Fronius Primo 3.0 single-phase inverter with data manager as standard, 1x Fronius single-phase Smart-meter + 5 metres communication cable, 1x ESDEC mechanical tile roof mounting kit with 2x lines of 4x panels in portrait.Recommandation pour couvrir 50% de la consommation, évolutif vers fonctionnalités avancées (pilotage variable, ajout stockage, sécurisation ligne monophasée), kit Made in Europe, supervision de la production et de la consommation intégrée, routeur solaire intégré pour pilotage d’une charge
MAX Kit16x Panneaux solaires TRINA SOLAR 405Wc Fond Blanc, 1x Onduleur Huawei Sun2000-6KTL équipé de série d’une supervision via l’application FusionSolar, 1x Compteur Smart Power Sensor Huawei monophaséProduction annuelle équivalente à la consommation d’un foyer de 6 personnes, environ 75 % d’autonomie, onduleur hybride Huawei pour ajout simple de batteries, évolutif jusqu’à 7 500 Wc, option batterie et alimentation de secours disponibles

The aesthetics of Oscaro Power photovoltaic panels 

Oscaro Power offers everything from the most standard panels (from Trina, for example) to the most fashionable (the SunPower Full Black is a real beauty). The brand also offers a range of "designer" solar panels, with a total of 10 products to date, including (among others) the Bisol Spectrum Deep Red 320 Wp solar panel. With its bright red color, this panel will look great on a red-tiled roof.

The performance of Oscaro Power solar panels

Oscaro Power solar panels are available in peak power ratings from 220 Wp (Bisol) to 425 Wp (Jinko Solar). As the brand markets solar panels designed by third-party manufacturers, it's impossible to give an opinion on the performance of its products. Naturally, you'll be better off with SunPower than with Trina. To help you compare the different references offered by the brand, we've compiled the following table: 

Special featuresBifacialFull BlackIQ7A integratedPerformance ++.Performance ++.Performance ++.
BrandBisolBisolSunPowerTW SolarTrina SolarJinko Solar
Power (Wp)375 + 130 Reverb375375420420425
TechnologyMonocrystallineBifacial with translucent TedlarSingle crystal half-cellSingle crystal half-cellPERC ShingleSingle crystal half-cellPERC ShingleSingle crystal half-cellPERCTOPCon
Performance guarantee25 years to 85 %25 years to 85 %25 years at 87.2 %25 years at 84.8 %25 years at 84.8 %30 years at 87.4 %
Product Warranty15 years old15 years old25 years old15 years old15 years old15 years old
Performance20.2 % to 27.2 %20.20 %19.10 %21 %21 %26.1 %

Users' opinions on Oscaro Power solar panels 

User reviews of Oscaro Power solar panels are generally positive. Only downside Oscaro Power: some customers report difficulties with delivery, a challenge common to several brands in the sector. A victim of its own success, Oscaro Power is very often out of stock on certain products, and even on entire ranges. However, reviews are generally good, as shown by this selection of Trustpilot-verified reviews. 

Management of deadlines to be reviewed

Site très bien réalisé mais gestion des stocks à revoir. Délai initialement prévu de 4 semaines pour tout recevoir, j’en suis à plus de 8 semaines et personne ne peut me confirmer quand est-ce que je vais recevoir la totalité des colis. On me parle d’un réapprovisionnement de leur stock pour dans un mois, sans assurance que je puisse être livré à ce moment-là. Indiquer un délai fiable, quel qu’il soit, serait la moindre des choses. " (March 23, 2023)


Superb website, both in terms of design and help and explanations. Exceptional chat, with patient and very available advisors. A little complicated about delivery times. " (March 17, 2023)

Good delivery

Articles commandés livrés en avance par rapport aux délais indiqués. Honnêteté du vendeur contacté pour un article indiqué non dispo, qui a reconnu une absence de vision claire quant au délai de réappro. J’ai donc repensé un détail de mon installation. Merci. " (March 6, 2023)

Oscaro Power equipment and installation: quality

Quality equipment, delivery too long... but perfect customer service. The technician for the inverter settings and the wiring diagrams for the panels. Took the time to explain and was very educational, as I'm a novice. Perfect, I recommend Oscaro Power, don't hesitate!. " (March 2, 2023)

Oscaro Power solar panels: strengths and weaknesses 

The advantages 

  • Économies significatives : réduisez les coûts d’installation en installant vous-même le kit solaire. Pour un kit, comptez en moyenne 2 euros par Wc, contre 3 euros par Wc pour les panneaux solaires ;
  • No administrative formalities are required to install solar kits;
  • Budgetary flexibility: you can use the funds saved on the installation to choose a larger kit or invest in a storage battery;
  • Quick and easy installation: the pre-configured kits are easy to install, even for beginners and people with no particular DIY experience, thanks in particular to the customer service ;
  • Guides d’accompagnement : le site Oscaro Power propose des guides étape par étape pour faciliter l’installation.

The disadvantages

  • Pas d’aides de l’État : l’installation en « auto-installation » vous rend inéligible aux aides financières de l’État, réservées aux installations par des professionnels RGE. Vous pouvez toutefois bénéficier de la TVA réduite à 10 % sur les kits d’une puissance inférieure ou égale à 3 kWc. A noter : l’absence d’aides de l’État est contrebalancée par les économies sur l’installateur RGE, as the brand explains here ;
  • Accurate sizing: inadequate sizing can lead to overproduction (loss of profitability) or underproduction (limited savings and loss of comfort). Make sure you size your system correctly to maximize the benefits. A professional can be justified in this respect.

What are the alternatives to Oscaro Power?


DualSun is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of photovoltaic and hybrid solar panels. It is positioned as an interesting alternative to Oscaro Power, in particular because it offers hybrid panels, combining photovoltaic electricity production and domestic hot water (DHW). 

This technology optimizes roof space and improves the profitability of the installation... which may justify its higher price.

You can consult our opinion on Dualsun solar panels for the hometo find out as much as you can 😉

What other alternatives are there?

It all depends on your budget. If you're willing to put in the money, we can only recommend the American SunPower, the reference in this field. DualSun and LG Solar are serious alternatives. And Ikea has also been on the scene for some time, challenging the big boys with its power.

Sunpower Photovoltaic Panel Reviews

Ikea opinion on the furniture giant's solar panels

Opinions on Oscaro Power: summary 

A notre avis, les panneaux solaires Oscaro Power sont une option intéressante pour ceux qui recherchent des kits solaires préconfigurés et adaptables à diverses configurations. Leur évolutivité permet d’ajouter des panneaux et des batteries en fonction des besoins. 

Bien qu’il soit parfaitement possible d’installer soi-même le système photovoltaïque, gardez en tête que vous impliquez votre responsabilité dans la gestion du chantier, l’installation correcte du kit et la maintenance. L’installation en solo peut également rendre difficile la revente de surplus d’électricité sur le réseau public et vous ne pourrez pas bénéficier des aides de l’État pour financer les travaux. 

Cependant, Oscaro Power jouit d’excellents retours de la part de ses clients, ce qui confirme la qualité de ses produits et de son service client.

Reda T.

Reda holds a PhD in finance and specializes in renewable energy economics. He combines financial expertise with an interest in sustainability, writing not only on the financing of green projects, but also on more general topics and frequently asked questions in this field.