Resetting a Daikin heat pump: How to do it?

Resetting a Daikin heat pump: How to do it?

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If you have an older generation Daikin or a new generation R32 such as the Altherma 3, in either case you may need to reset a fault, or reset the control to take into account the new settings you have entered.

Here's how to do it depending on your situation:

Restart / reset Daikin heat pump after value change.

All you have to do is:

Go to the user profile with the left wheel

Enter the code 5678 for advanced user, then validate

Return to the Operation menu

Stop Heating + Storage Tank

Go to Installer Settings

Go to the configuration wizard

Validate that some parameters will be reset by default, with OK

Choice of language

Choice of date + time

Move with the left wheel and modify the values with the right wheel if necessary

Confirm OK when finished.

The system restarts and takes your changes into account.

Reset a Daikin heat pump fault

When the LED is red and a symbol is flashing :

Press the left navigation button once

Select "Default": You will see the message and the error code

More details by pressing the question mark

To reset this fault, press enter + left button + choose Reset

Go back to the home page with the middle button

If the symbol no longer flashes, the fault has been reset, otherwise it is better to call in an installer.

You may have just cleaned the air conditioning filter and need to reset

In this case the handling is simple: you have to reset the filter symbol to start again. Case of a remote control type BRC1E52A7.

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