How much does the Daikin 16kW heat pump consume?

Are you thinking about buying a heat pump and wondering how much a Daikin heat pump (Altherma 3H HT) with a 16 kW heating capacity really consumes in the end? Let's talk about this model for the example, but you adapt it to your own.

In this article we will detail the power consumption of this very popular heat pump. Right away the short answer to the question:

A Daikin 16kW heat pump consumes :

  • With underfloor heating (35°C): 4.8 times less than standard electric heating
  • With radiators (55°C): 3.63 times less than a standard electric heater

Let's say you used to consume 25000kWh of electric heating per year. With a Daikin heat pump, you will consume between 5197kWh and 6887kWh per year depending on your floor distribution or radiators.

If you were to consume 2200 liters of fuel oil per year for your heating, this is equivalent to about 22000kWh of electricity, so your estimated electricity consumption with the Daikin 16 heat pump will be between 4583kWh and 6060kWh per year.

But how much does it cost? Then just multiply by the price per kWh.

In France, it's around €0.18 in 2022 (e.g. 5197*0.18 = €935/year and €78/month), but in other countries like Switzerland, it hurts (By the way, in 2022 => increase of 0.06 CHF per kWh in Switzerland, bringing the electricity kWh to 0.27CHF, OUPS => 5197*0.27 = 1403CHF/year). Well, it's still not as much as in Denmark, which will soon be at €0.4 per kWh (? => 5197*0.4 = €2078/year or €173/month). I'm showing you the graph just out of curiosity 😉

Price elec kWh 2022 in € source : https://fr.globalpetrolprices.com/electricity_prices/

How do I calculate the energy consumption of a Daikin heat pump?

Like all outdoor air-to-water heat pumps, the Daikin heat pump, and in particular the Altherma 3 H HT (High Temperature) model, uses a refrigeration circuit to extract calories from the outside air. This circuit is made up of 4 components, one of which is the electricity-consuming element responsible for the bill: the compressor.

In the case of the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT 16 we are dealing with an R32 scroll compressor with dual gas and liquid injection.

This compressor consumes different amounts of energy depending on whether it is asked to work harder or harder. For example, if you ask it to heat water to 35°C when it's 7°C outside, it will work less than if you ask it to produce water at 35°C when it's -7°C outside, so it will consume less.

To calculate how much it will consume, we'll use the heat pump's SCOP data. This is the seasonal coefficient of performance (certified by HP Keymark...a European certification body which certifies that the product and calculation correspond to European standards). The SCOP is 4.81 at 35°C for the example, and is calculated according to average European climate temperature data accepted by HP Keymark, i.e. EN 16147, which considers an average temperature of 7°C over the year.

You must therefore take your annual consumption to heat you to 35°C (underfloor heating), either from your thermal balance if it exists or if the house is new, or from your experience with your old electric or fossil fuel heating system (see invoice). Then divide this consumption by the SCOP of the machine.

If you want to make a pessimistic calculation, take your annual consumption and divide by the COP 7/60 for example, here 2.62. (case radiators).

What not to do Take the nominal power of the heat pump, like 16 kW, and divide by the COP at a given temperature => totally useless, since the nominal power is not at all what represents your real consumption, and the COP is only valid for a given period (for a given outside temperature and hot water temperature)... the only way to have a more or less representative consumption is to use the theoretical data from the Bilan thermique or your experience from the previous year.

In fact, you can't calculate the power consumed by a Daikin 16 heat pump from a data sheet, but must base your calculations on actual data representative of your specific home. Elements that influence consumption include:

  • The volume to be heated in your home in m3
  • How well insulated is your home?
  • Which climate? Rather harsh or temperate (you may find slightly higher or lower values in practice, depending on whether you're in the Alps in Italy or Switzerland, or on the Côte d'Azur in France, for example. The average value considered by the standard corresponds fairly well to a standard European climate...not on top of a mountain, that's for sure.
  • You have radiators or floor heating
  • Whether or not the heat pump makes hot water (and for how many people)

My Daikin 16kW heat pump uses too much electricity

If you have the impression that your Daikin heat pump consumes too much energy, there may be several reasons: It is incorrectly sized for your home.

It uses too often an electric resistance as backup (9kW on this model)

Wrong heating curve

You've set a temperature worthy of the Caribbean! (or your 15-year-old daughter has come to take a look at the regulation? while your back is turned)

My Daikin heat pump uses very little electricity.

And you're not cold? Great, then you've found a good installer and your heat pump is correctly sized and installed. Send us your testimonials and a few photos by e-mail and we'll be happy to publish them on the site for posterity.

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