Why invest in a photovoltaic greenhouse?

Solar energy is becoming more and more accessible, especially due to the ever more affordable prices of solar panels and the technological evolution that allows higher and higher yields. But most investors are limited by a roof surface.

If you are fortunate enough to be in the agricultural field, and have extensive farmland, an investment in a photovoltaic greenhouse is relevant and we will see why.

Let's first recall what a photovoltaic greenhouse is and then we will see the arguments in favor of an investment of this kind, among which :

  • A brand image improved
  • A surplus electricity production
  • All the advantages of greenhouse cultivation traditional
  • Possibilities of funding
  • No management thanks to the delegation

What is a photovoltaic greenhouse?

Greenhouse cultivation is a method of cultivation that straddles the line between indoor and outdoor cultivation. Sometimes referred to as Greenhouseit is a mode of culture which allows to protect from weather conditions while maintaining exposure to the sun's rays. It also allows toincrease yields of the crops because the periods are extended even in the coldest months.

Solar panels on a greenhouse roof can be used to exploit large roof areas for mass production of electricityand thus resell it.
The solar panels are integrated into the roof structure of the greenhouse, and not added as on the roofs of houses usually.

Reasons to invest in a solar photovoltaic greenhouse

An improved brand image

As a farmer, the love for Nature and all that it produces is natural. It therefore seems logical to turn to the inexhaustible source of energy that solar energy represents. Using your space to produce green energy is a selling point for your products to environmentally conscious consumers.

Your brand image is improved in the long term. You become an actor of the energy transition.

Local power generation

You become a small local power producer and partly ensure the supply of the actors of your zone. You will acquire a strategic position in your region, which makes you an actor unavoidable and always gives you more visibility.

Of course, you can resell the electricity you produce, which provides you with a additional income to your classic activities, or as we will see later just delegate the operation and receive a rent.

All the advantages of greenhouse cultivation

As briefly discussed, greenhouse growing allows you to grow varieties that you might not be able to offer in your area. Indeed, the greenhouse allows you to mastering the perfect climate for what you want to grow. The yields are also improved since you are growing on a longer period.

Funding opportunities

The investment is certainly relevant, but important. The advantage with solar energy and in particular with solar greenhouses is that actors of the sector propose you win-win financing solutions on the long term. Companies specialized in photovoltaic greenhouses can help you finance the installation of the solar greenhouse to 100%, and take care of its exploitationand even take charge of its maintenance. You will find more information on this site

No management on your part

You can continue your activities as usual and invest in the development of your farm. In fact, you can to delegate entirely the exploitation of the solar greenhouse according to an emphyteutic lease which traditionally lasts at least 18 years and up to 99 years. At the end of the lease the farm business becomes owner of the greenhouse and the panels.

Thanks to the principle of the solar greenhouse in emphyteusis, you have a way to generate revenue of your unexploited surfaces, other than cultivation. And moreover you can cultivate under greenhouse with high efficiency. We also talk about free solar greenhouse, since for you the cost of installation and maintenance is transparent, fully paid for by the investor or the company offering the deal.

What to grow in a solar greenhouse?

The French people's favorite vegetables and fruits are welcome to be grown in a photovoltaic greenhouse. The potato, tomato and cucumberrespectively The 1st, 2nd and 8th most consumed vegetables by the French are very well adapted to the PV greenhouse culture.

For example, an area of approximately 1 hectare would allow the installation of approximately 5000 panels of 200-230 watts peak, that is 1 good Megawatt peak, which is equivalent to the consumption of approximately 350 to 400 householdsA small village all the same!

At a time of changing mores and legislation, we hear more and more about CBD and a possible authorization of its cultivation in France. While currently hemp farmers must destroy the flowers from their crops, if the law were to evolve in the direction of hemp, investment in a solar greenhouse would make sense both for reasons of discretion of the crop, as much as for reasons of increased yields and diversification of crops.

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